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Changing Classes

You can put the price from 50 gems to 0 gem. It can be done in 5 minutes…

When there was a gold fee to play PVP, and when devs decided to remove it, at first they just put the fee to 0. And a patch after they removed the fee completely.
You can do the same, but it seems you don’t want to do it or you can’t do it as it’s surely publishers who take this kind of situation.


Iccarium you hit the nail right on the head my friend. This would benefit the players so it naturally will never be changed but they will keep telling whopper lies to save face.

How hard is it to change 50 gems to 5 gems?


This is what I was going to say. I mean, seriously. The graphic that reads “50” might take slightly longer but the code for the actual cost should take seconds to change.


Buh,buh, but they have to take time to test it too.



I haven’t really seen any bugs being fixed, just new content being pushed out. What was really fixed with this last update? Status effects?
I hope you guys are working on fixing the raids and invasions for the next time they roll around.
Idk tho, still silence from the team about it all.


If they put it on 5 gems it “might” be tempting to use the option on occasion. As it is the switch for 50 gems makes me raise one finger in the direction of the screen every time I see that bullshit price. Everybody can guess which finger is it :wink: .


I ran my gw with the wrong class yesterday as I had to have a specific class on defence today. 50 gems is simply too much to waste with the various options designed to drain us of them now. I could probably handle it being 5 gems, although with them being the most valuable resource for newer players it really should be looked at.


Is it a Thumbs Up? :yum:

@Saltypatra In all seriousness the 50 Gem cost was too high years ago, BEFORE the multiple Gem reward nerfs. At this point its like charging $50 for a “complementary” basket of bread.


Personally I like there is a time period in which to change your troop for free. 50 gems really is not that high as some seem to mention. There are much higher costs in the game than 50 gems. I guess I just don’t see the issue here. And not being stubborn about it, just don’t see the issue. Free every 24 hrs covers GWs and various things a player may wish to do. If you make a mistake in picking a class (its really hard to make mistakes unless you just rush), I don’t see a issue that you have to pay for the mistake. Why? In life as well as in any game, you don’t get many do overs for free when you make a mistake. So asking for unlimited freebies to be unrealistic and unreasonable considering its current arrangement. I could however see a reduction being made in place given your level. So that way gem costs via level is always averaged and not the same across the board.

Changing class is no different to changing armor or appearance. You think maybe they should start charging gems to change those also?

Everything else in the game that costs gems we get something in return. Troops, gold/souls etc. But changing class gets us NOTHING in return.

@Fleg 1st change is free any subsequent changes before 24 hrs is 50 gems. If they gave us the same for appearance or armor, it would not affect anything. People rarely change their appearance or armor once its set. And appearance maybe they might a period down the road when they want a fresher look. I do not see someone wanting new looks and armor numerous times within 24 hours. But I guess it could happen! So my thought was if they modified the gem cost based on level then it would be good. Your 1st change every 24 hrs is still free. It doesn’t affect GW or that many things. If you could state a valid reason maybe I could see the point. I just don’t see a point. Sorry if it seems like I’m being stubborn. When I don’t see a point, I truly don’t see a point. And your retort did not afford any validity to a reason why that would make me agree. Some people will agree and some people will disagree. Its just how things go. Its nothing personal. I like to know more and the whys before I say ‘sign me up!’. And everything I know about the costs and the reasons, the time period involved etc. I don’t see it going all free. Over a potential adjustment based on level to make it easier for lowbies.

Here is a statement if anyone knows it, or if you do ‘There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch’.

And you do get a service in return for changing a class. Even if you should dismiss it. Its stated in the class via abilities. This is your reward for changing the class. Maybe not keys, or gold etc, but it is a reward nonetheless for enabling the class. So getting ‘NOTHING’ is entirely incorrect. You get a lot from classes why its such a huge topic , or even this thread would not exist.

Accept my opinion or not it is after all only my opinion. I will not force anyone to share it. If they agree they agree. If they don’t they don’t. I also do not make debates online so this will be the last post to this.

At this point I have to assume you’re just playing devil’s advocate because you love doing so. You are so far off base with every single other gamer on this topic that that must be the case so I’m done with this conversation.


Set value = 0 instead of 50, problem solved :+1:


So will you be okay for a 10-gems fee to change troops in your team?

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@turintuor For my level no, I’m over 1,000. Though a sliding scale based on level to what would be charged seems fine. I was even thinking if very low level just 5 gems. Then on up from there.

How does level have ANYTHING to do with having “spare gems” to waste??? I’ve gone up 300 ranks in less than 10 days of play time… maybe 3 or 4 weeks. It sure as hell hasn’t seen me sitting with a plethora of SPARE GEMS… Or ANY from just being a higher rank.

I have more than my share of “spare” Gems. (whatever that term means)

And there is no way I’m going to waste a single one, let alone 50 changing my class.


It would be just punishing players that buy things like Deathknight armor and those who win in GW often. People already fear gaining 200th level as it increases difficulty of PVP and lets you face DB in arena. Adding one more burden is a very bad idea.

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@Icarium81 I recently made an alt she is only level 34. In the short time I’ve played and also unguilded she is now over 150 gems (even playing Treasure Maps could earn you this 5-15 gems if you wanted to stash your current gem count, and Maps for a lowbie are very key when starting out, and do not take that much time to do). My lowbie was played for 1 day. She also gained almost 40k gold while unguilded, which I used to start a guild with her. Gems are very easy these days to come by. I could see everyones distaste for the cost if gems were harder to come by. Say like a year ago. When I started over a year ago it was a far harder climb for gems. And level does have a lot to do with it. How? A higher level player can earn gems via modes, especially PvP, at a higher rate than a mid-level or a low level. This capacity is diminished of course the lower on the tree you go. So a appropriated gem cost could be instituted. If you consider I said 5 gems as a lowbie, and 50 as a high level (which is at 1300+ right now). At your level it still would be around 10-15 gems. As a lowbie as well I do not see why you would need to switch your class sooner than 24 hours. Remember the 1st change is free. And doable every 24 hours. So if you really think about it have you been needing to switch your class sooner than every 24 hours? Wanting to switch it daily like this? Then you might see what I mean.

@miedzielski Thank you kindly for attacking the subject and not the person. As some forgot above when doing some name calling. Even if we should disagree it doesn’t make the person a bad person. I will say I do not see it as a burden. Read the reply I did to Icarium81. I feel the economy is far more giving these days than in past times. So they already reward you a bit better than when I started out. And after you read the reply I made to him. Additionally I will ask … how often do you feel to change your class? And this is pretending there is no cost for this consideration. Do you need to change it often within the 24 hour period? Considering the 1st is free. If you say to yourself … rarely do I change in 24 hours. Then you might arrive a bit where I’m coming from. There are only a few situations where I can see a player needing to change it within 24 hours. And thats if they are using the main in GW and also using the main in normal PvP. And wanting different classes for them both. Which is really the only huge point I think the other side could mention as a reason for the totally free. Which in that case they could simply seperate main class for GW and normal activity. Giving you 2 class picks to use. This way you could have a class you set up for GW. And a class you set for normal activity. Both still under the 24 hour period, and both still using the 1st one is free.