[Changes incoming] New Journey reward thresholds possibly set too high

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I was expecting the threshold for the new Journey rewards 13 - 16 to be set somewhat less brutal for guilds to complete.

This may take a bit of explaining.

Let’s take a look at Invasion first. It’s not considered a guild friendly event, because scoring doesn’t scale with effort. Battles get progressively harder (due to towers increasing in level), points gained for each tower still remain the same. This makes it difficult to compensate lower scores of other guild members, it’s an expensive uphill battle with little return. Reward thresholds take this into account:

Reward 12: 4100 towers
Reward 13: 2500 towers
Reward 14: 1000 towers
Reward 15: 1000 towers
Reward 16: 1000 towers

It takes a lot of effort, but at least the new rewards don’t require as much of a grind as the old reward 12. There’s been a bit of rebalancing during the Invasion week, somewhat lowering the thresholds. The same pattern still applies though, effort peaks at reward 12.

Now, Journey. This is worse for guilds than Invasion. Scoring doesn’t scale with level, it doesn’t even stay constant like Invasion, it tapers off the further you get. Reason is that players get an increasing points penalty based on turns taken, battles against the increasingly tougher opponents quite naturally take longer. This makes it even more difficult to compensate lower scores of other guild members, it’s not just an expensive uphill battle with little return, players also get to push a boulder along that miraculously grows in size with each step they take. Current reward thresholds really rub this in:

Reward 12: 40000 miles
Reward 13: 50000 miles
Reward 14: 40000 miles
Reward 15: 40000 miles
Reward 16: 40000 miles

Could you please check thresholds for rewards 13 - 16 and bring them more in line with how Invasion is structured? Something like 40000 miles for reward 13, 25000 miles for rewards 14 - 16 would already make this a lot better experience.

Edit: Thinking about this some more, I believe the score multiplier from the Journey captain may not have been taken into account properly when setting the thresholds. The full multiplier (x3) is only available after buying shop tier 6 (or spending two ascension orbs). A whole guild all just buying shop tier 5 is currently unable to complete the event due to the lower multiplier, even though they technically fight enough battles.


Thank you for this bug report. Appreciate all your other work aswell! Hopefully the reward stages get adjusted as of now the requirements are way too high.


oh, THIS one has reward thresholds too high? everyone set outta the invasion and raid boss and skip ToD, or what? lol… theyre all set about 120-130% higher, more than doubled. hell, spend a little gems, and just abuse the bs baby dragon hack like everyone else who cant build teams and struggles with the higher level fights :joy: best of luck!!

Theres a difference between higher and too high, im sure you know that already.

Wasn’t invasion also adjusted after it was reported? :thinking:


There is a clear difference between invasion / raid and journey.

Invasion / raid troop now has 2x score compared to before and thus the change in reward requirement is fair.

Journey troop has no score change compared to before, and there shouldn’t be any change in reward requirement.

I can’t believe people can’t see such a simple thing and are even comparing this two things.


For those who might have the data at hand – because I most certainly do not – a question:

Have the (estimated) requirements for completing all of the “old” reward stages changed/increased for Journey as well? That is, the rewards through the Books of Deeds, but not the new tiers that include most of the Shiny rewards? Or has the “jump” from the old requirements (Tier II? Tier III?) to the new requirements (I believe Tier IV or V is the estimate from my Guild Leader) entirely a necessity of the extra effort to close four additional prize portals?

I also have a vague recall that we used to receive three (3) Books of Deeds from clearing all Journey rewards, but that we’re only getting two (2) out of this one. But that might be middle-aged memory failing me.

Yes to first one.
We needed 5834 points per person to get reward 12 - according to Garybot, T3; now we need 6500 to get reward 12. To get to reward 16, we now need 12167 points - according to Garybot, T5, I’m not sure about what would be needed to reach 12 only… a few more battles, that’s certain, so likely not everyone would get there with T3. That’s over double the old score for all rewards, with no extra help / score boost. I understand more effort for more rewards, but for double the effort - the rewards are meh.

No to the second one.
2 books of deeds in the previous Journeys.


So journey is worse now after the update.

We’re going to need a response in the next few hours if there’s going to be any fix before this week is over…



I’m not holding my breath given how long it has been out for with no comment of even investigating. No doubt wil just get a 50 gem compensation despite how much more than that you have to spend.

Working as intended…

Its Friday, practically Saturday in AUS, they’re officially (unofficialy) off the clock

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Actually, it’s just around midnight in Australia, so they still have a whole Friday left to ignore this thread.


It remains the last day of hope

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I really don’t like complaining on forums. It’s lame and tiresome, but it just feels like they are trying to drive players away at this point. I get that they want people to spend real money to complete events now. Only so many people will go for that, and only for so long. I can’t imagine that this is an uber popular game that is constantly gaining a steady stream of new players who don’t know any better. The rest of us are getting the shaft. It’s a shame. I still have fun with the game itself, I love my guild and our players…but every event being a gem sink slog is getting old.


I’ve got my eyeballs on this. Will have an actual answer before end of today I’m hoping


Hi all,

After considering your feedback we’re currently implementing a change to make the score requirement for Reward Stages 13-16 around 20%~ lower than they currently are.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.


Awesome! now can we get similar changes to ALL tiers of ToD, if journey is getting lowered a bit, then ToD is the only one where the tiers feel completely out of reach unless you have FULL guild participation. And i mean up to tier 12, im fine with not having the manpower to reach 13+, but my guild BARELY got tier 10, and thats ridiculous.

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20% for stages 13-16? We will still need over 11k points per person in a 30-people guild to complete everything. That’s still T5 per person in a 30-people guild, and that’s assuming they all play in an optimal way - and not all people do, ever! This reduction will still not be enough or fair. For an event where scoring isn’t scaled, but quite the opposite, the player is punished the higher they go and the more sigils they have to play! I’ve bought T6 and this late in the week - I’ve been seeing lower than max scores quite often over the past two days, because it takes two skull hits of the enemy for my troops to start dying at this point.

Journey needs to change more than just 20% for last four rewards for it to be fair, and to justify the nearly doubled effort compared to pre-7.0 for rewards that aren’t worth double the effort. Please.


What about rewards up to T12?
If you look a couple of posts above, it seems we need about 20k points more per full guild, but there is nothing extra in rewards to warrant such increase. (One shiny key is a piece of useless junk, if that’s what caused this.)