[Changes incoming] New Journey reward thresholds possibly set too high

in fact, the 3 Celestial Traitstones being moved makes the early tiers literally garbage too.


Just going to list the scoring issues with Journey compared to other events:

  1. Scoring is tied to the Ascension level of the Journey troop. In Raid/Invasion, having the troop on the team is enough.

  2. Scoring is tied to possession of the 3rd trait on the Journey troop. In Raid/Invasion, having the troop on the team is enough.

  3. Damage output is scaled for the event portion of Raid/Invasion (extra damage to tower/boss). In Journey, this is not the case. Yes, the event troop now has double magic, but when I’m seeing 800+ Armor/Life combined… it’s not great.

  4. Enemies scale in stats while the points do not scale at any point. Raid/Invasion scales points at least for awhile, in comparison.

Maybe ease up on the requirements a little more? Raising the point requirements when the event scoring hasn’t changed at all isn’t great, especially when this event isn’t structured to be as new player friendly as other events.

I can’t say the idea of punishing new players in participating also punishing an entire guild in overall score is all that great either.


This. Younger / newer players, who are still collecting orbs for Zuul/Ctharr/EK simply can’t afford to spend blue orbs on one troop… true, this time it’s a troop they will likely use a lot, at least for some time, as it will loop reasonably well and help them win against higher level enemies than they would without such good looping, but still not everyone can afford the blue orb(s). Even if they have the gems to buy T4, they won’t get the max possible score anyway, they are punished from the start, because their troop isn’t ascended high enough.

The entire logic behind Journeys needs to change, so that it is actually motivating to play, instead of feeling punitive.

I already had a player in our more casual/newbie-friendly guild write “I can’t justify ascending”. And I’m not surprised, not one bit. They are 100% right. That last trait becomes useless after the event, the spell itself doesn’t depend on ascension level, so they will be able to use the troop after the event at a lower rarity than maxed.


In many regards, the structure of the event shows, that it is one made to happen every six to twelve months. Being a monthly occurrence now, there need to be more adjustments.


So. The change is live. 50k shaved off. It’s 10,500 per person now, in a 30-people guild.
Better, thank you.

However, the entire discussion about the logic of the scoring itself is also important, please don’t forget to forward this feedback to the higher-ups as well. Please and thank you.


So 10.5k tier 4 new req per member?

@Kafka please factor in that winning battles doesn’t guarantee Journey points unlike other events that are scaled around 7.0 changes. Points are deducted even when a player wins due to reasons that escape me at the moment. So even with the adjustment, it is still unbalanced amount of time, effort and gems since the increase.


Losing troops and losing turns. Luckily the journey troops after the first two have been these self-loopers, but if you’re frozen once, RIP.


Looping journey troops need to have something to keep them in check. Mr. Todd loopin’ Greenwood can use Fenix to get a lucky bless on him to get rid of freeze, for example. However…

(I just got the thought in my head that if divines get a yellow gem spawning journey troop, it would be almost unstoppable. Pair it with a Voice of Orpheus and mercy to get it rolling. Hoo boy…now THAT Would be busted…)

Yeah, I was talking about this with my guild the other day.
Yellow divine looper, divine hero + rope dart, voice, ishbaala.

Would be the nastiest defense team to fight.

It’s good that the requirements for higher Journey rewards are lowered. Fighting Matron (500 hp, 500 armor, 75% spell resist) is not fun.