Challenge color troops

With the new adventure board you will occasionally get a task to kill 150 colored troops.

These can be farmed using the predetermined challenge troops.

Has anyone compiled a list of the challenges that have 4 of each of the colored troops?


Well I for one would appreciate such a list if anyone wanted to compile it. And if there are multiple options for certain colors a recommendation for easiest/quickest battle would be good (no summon on death)


Off the top of my head, in Shentang there’s a challenge called “Barrel of Monkeys” that has got to be the easiest way to kill blue/green fast.

@Slypenslyde made a tool that used to calculate the easiest way to farm certain colors in explore. Even if it’s become out-of-date (I don’t think he continuously maintains it, but I’ve tagged him so he can correct me if I’m wrong) it’s still pretty spot on.

Good luck!

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Blue: Stormheim, One Giant Party (6th) or Shentang, Barrel of Monkeys (3rd)

Brown: Drifting Sands, Mouth of the South (7th)

Green: Shentang, Barrel of Monkeys (3rd)

Purple: Karakoth, Darkest Night (6th)

Red: Adana, Mad Inventions (7th)

Couldn’t find a challenge with 4x yellow. 3x yellow in Pan’s Vale (6th and 7th), Sword’s Edge (6th), Whitehelm (4th, 6th, 7th), maybe others as well.


Just go into the Troops menu, select the colour you want, then check each Kingdom until you find the one that has the most number of troops apperar for that colour.

This is a wonderful topic that has just this information in a spreadsheet.


That spreadsheet is extremely handy. I’m tempted to crank out the data for the 7 missing kingdoms but man, lol, a lot of work.