Centaur of Gravity

I’m purposefully not answering. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want PETS… and i want PETS NOW!!! :triumph:

please :innocent:

Why do i hear the song “i don’t care! I love it” when you say that?


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Cool… except the weapon, which is rubbish… no Swords Edge hero class > creates 12 gems > misfires mostly and gives a good board to boss mode enemies with silly stats that then wipe you…


Yeah, the entire set of Hero Event weapons that the developers spent time and money to develop are ‘rubbish’ they all need a Buff to make them work well with the Event troops. I was probably too kind in my remarks above. (EDIT: and the dozen other times I’ve posted the Event Weapons need help)

_The Edged Blade (14 Green/Brown) _
Deal [Magic + 5] damage to an enemy boosted by your Sword’s Edge allies. Then create a mix of Blue and Yellow Gems for each of your Sword’s Edge allies. [4x]

  1. Boost ratio increase to [5x]
  2. Deal [Magic + Boost Ratio x3]
    OR something, anything, they are just so week to try an equip in the any weekly event.

Knight Class is from Sword’s Edge, of fairly certain.

Other points are still valid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good troops next week. Thanks.

Please not… the game is full enough with braindead gem spawners. Idiotic gemspawners like Trolls, wild explosions everywhere turning into extraturns more often than not thanks to unity in combination with too powerful game-deciding 4-match traits have dumbed down the game immensly, no need for any more of that.


You have used these Event weapons right?

  1. Event Weapons are split spawners (naturally weak).
  2. Trolls are mono spawners giving DOUBLE +3 the gems of one color (powerful).
  3. In addition the Event weapons power is DIRECTLY tied to the player using 4 specific troops from a Race or Kingdom, Trolls are not limited what so ever.

I am aware of all that, but 4 more gems of each colour spawned will make a huge difference and make them just as idiotic. Remember how terrible Trolls could be before they got their 3(initially 4…one more already made a huge difference there and needed an immediate nerf) extra gems? Noone used them ever…now they are basically failproof on average boards and are everywhere.

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Good point. Knight class is so useless I forgot it existed long ago.


I just got Broken Spire troops buying Raid shop tiers… thought it was Sword’s Edge week.

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Yeah, same, all Broken Spire on Sword’s Edge week.


Oh dear! This confirms that my usual practice of never doing anything right after reset is definitely the right way to approach this game. Why did I break that rule this morning?


Looking into it. :slight_smile:


This cost me 250 gems?


New gem sink meta.


so this week…

Lamia :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: Marilith is even worse. Oh my. One cast and it fills almost everything.
Edit 2: Scale Guard starts 6/8 mana and in the late 400s is a one shot kill. …

Found the quality money sink too, with such a great title :stuck_out_tongue: