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Centaur of Gravity

I am aware of all that, but 4 more gems of each colour spawned will make a huge difference and make them just as idiotic. Remember how terrible Trolls could be before they got their 3(initially 4…one more already made a huge difference there and needed an immediate nerf) extra gems? Noone used them ever…now they are basically failproof on average boards and are everywhere.

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Good point. Knight class is so useless I forgot it existed long ago.


I just got Broken Spire troops buying Raid shop tiers… thought it was Sword’s Edge week.

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Yeah, same, all Broken Spire on Sword’s Edge week.



Oh dear! This confirms that my usual practice of never doing anything right after reset is definitely the right way to approach this game. Why did I break that rule this morning?


Looking into it. :slight_smile:


This cost me 250 gems?



New gem sink meta.


so this week…

Lamia :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: Marilith is even worse. Oh my. One cast and it fills almost everything.
Edit 2: Scale Guard starts 6/8 mana and in the late 400s is a one shot kill. …

Found the quality money sink too, with such a great title :stuck_out_tongue:



I was gonna ask if we know if the Broken Spire troops have been rooted out yet.

But it doesn’t matter because the extra kingdom troops are functionally worthless in these packs. Le sigh.

(Oh and it does seem to be fixed, by the way.)

Even IF* x5 is a little OP, having a couple of teams consisting entirely of 4 Swords Edge troops (the ONLY way the weapon would work is to set your Hero to Knight) in PvP for once would be an interesting change. I can understand some players desire for lack of rotating verity, but I personally like change.

*I seriously doubt it. 10 Gems of two colors (using very specific troops) is vastly different than double +3 of a single color (using any troops you want) any way it’s examined.

My point is simple. The developers spent too much time and effort on the Event Weapons and probably one or two battles going through the actual Event with them. They are all completely wasted effort in their present condition.

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If those Sword Edge teams would work the same way as all the other gem-vomoting teams that conquered this game by blindly casting on unprepared boards for almost guaranteed extraturns and profit from too strong 4-match traits and other extraturn synergies, then no that would not be an interesting change at all.

I am not saying ‘Don’t make better Event weapons’ ,i am saying ‘Don’t make more braindead gem-shitters please’ , how about making some new interesting mechanics for these Event weapons, or even go back to more basic concepts and actually make them good.

If i just want to mindlessly shit gems on the board without the effort of preparing the board and still have a 90% chance of success, i already have all the tools for that no need for more of them.


While I don’t agree that gem creators are half as good as @Gouki says they are, I do agree “making more of them” isn’t really helping things.

For a long time, the only “puzzle” aspect of this game has been using a spreadsheet to figure out which Mythic I want to buy next without wasting a lot of time. The PvP teams I have are successful, but as I start to enter the “endgame” phase I’ve noticed every damn team that represents success is at least 1-2 exploders and/or gem generators.

The reason for this is free turns, and I’ve said for a long time I wish we had a mode with no free turns. That’d put the “puzzle” back in “puzzle quest”, which is where this game came from. Yes, it’d kill a lot of strategies, that’s the point: finding new strategies that work in a world where your reward for generating 100 mana is not being able to spend 80 of it.

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Agreed he is completely overselling the very specific criteria to use a single particular Event Weapon by a mile, “if” it were buffed. One of the reasons most exploders and creators are great is they can also be used on almost any team (ie Gorgotha)

I agree with both of you that gem creation was not the best choice. HOWERVER, I do not want to wait 11-18 MONTHS (or more) for the developers to adjust all Event weapons with a minor rework. So I am looking at something they can adjust with a simple data download across all of them. Unfortunately that probably means adjusting the ratio and numbers.

I just think they never actually tested them in a full run of a single Event, Because if anyone did try would immediate see that are trash once you get past minions.

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Is Champion of Anu in event chests? Can someone confirm?

You are right that i may be overestimating a hero weapon that spawns 10 gems each of two colours, it may still have a bad success rate, but if that was to be the case you would still be unhappy with the weapon, right?
For you to actually use the weapon it has to be as good as other notorious Gem vomiters, whether or not your proposed buff already achieves that or falls short is besides the point, cause if it does fall short you’d want the boost rate go further up until it matches the competition or you’d not use the weapon at all.

I am definitely not overselling the notorious gem vomiters we have now though. Most of my GW Teams are of the spam and/or explode variant with avg winrates of far above 90% without any thought or board preparation.
Hell Yasmine’s Chosen basically is my Gw team on three of the 6 days, supported by a Troll here and there. Most of the teams i encounter in GW or PvP use gem vomiting “strategies”. The most dominant PvP defense uses two of 'em one of which just got an insignificant nerf by popular demand that will not tackle the real underlying problem as usual.
I don’t think it is even possible to overestimate the impact overtuned gem spammers have on the game right now.

I heard they will release mini sirrian and mini salty pets

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I realize I probably could have posted this here, but wanted the discussion to be more specifically focused on the +5 glory in PvP by using Vanguard troop than the general week’s events.

Hopefully the cross-post for feedback is OK!

  • Derek

Haha it seems we skipped the 5x and went directly to x6 if i read the patch notes correctly. That was fast.