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Catch T'em All Crew , Recruting Open

Welcome to the Catch T’em All Crew page.

This is a new guild looking for people that are still leveling up and upgrading kingdoms. Im level 185 and powering kingdoms but doing some task in the guild.

There or no hard reguests:
We try for everyone to donate 5000 min and guild wars and every seal and tropy you get is welcome.

This will change if the guild grows and players are growing.

Add me on psn and send me the invite code than i will add you to the comunity on PS4 to.

Still looking for new players. Be active bit not that you need to be hardcore also newbie’s are welcome.

1 day left fo a new week im the only one in my guild but have enough gold to infest so newbie’s or higher levels feel free to leave invite code and join.

Won all my guild wars this week 5/0