Casual PvP Leaderboard

Since the Faction Event requires no skill. Just time and gems ($). I think it’s time to impliment a Casual Leaderboard since relatively the same skill set is required in cPvP. Time+speed.

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But that might mess up all my defense wins…


How do you figure it requires NO skill, or are you trying to make a point that I am missing?

Beating all but one level 20 room in the current faction event doesn’t require any skill.
If you can win an Explore match on Normal. Then you can succeed in a level 20 delve.

I don’t see how it effects anyone else, anyone can go all the way lv 500, and I won’t mind one bit… it shouldn’t bother anyone else, if I choose to do much lower, for time and conveniences sake.

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I did used a little skill to make a team to have all battles even faster than usual, but that’s for a given enviroment where i knew my team would have it’s order scrambled in some battles and keeping the Delve Level at its lowest.

Honest, i went to level 30 by mistake:

Ignoring all the long discussions about the meaning of skill vs investiment of time and gems one fact remains: There are problems with the implementation of Delves and the Leaderboards in such events.

The player below me is probably completely fatigued by playing all these battles at level 280, and he/she still is losing to me… Now, would he/she consider spending MORE GEMS to have MORE BATTLES that would take LONGER while i could spend the same amount of gems, play easier battles and still keep my advantage…

Well, that’s some food for thought.


All the events have P2W leaderboards. Faction events are following that same model. The only difference I see is that an early game player could buy their way to top in this event. I assume it is by design.


And Have a chance at great rewards, for their investment. Seem fair.

I thank everyone that supports the game, and I’m glad people do. It’s what allows the devs to give us such great content.

All do yes absolutely, this particular one is extreme though with not advancing at all only meaning being mildly less efficient with your gem purchases while saving you literal tons of time.


My problem with this design is how it can “spring a trap” for the players, because a lot of information is “missing” as in, some of us figured this out in the forums and gamed the system in our favor. I don’t think an “early game player” has the same chances to use the same amount of gems like i did unless this is all aimed towards heavy sales of gems to feed this system.

Not saying you are wrong, but it’s a very odd direction in my opinion…

(Can we now follow in the direction of buffing Wild Plains’ troops? I think this is way more important…)

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And i fully agree with designs that are suited to allow profits to keep the game successfull and healthy, but due some details in the Delves there are some… non-intuitive… choices that have a heavy impact in the experience.

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Run away exists in normal delves, and you can also skip rooms… Everyone should know you get to keep your chest, if you can’t beat the boss.

But the basic expectation of players that aren’t ‘spoiled’ by forum knowledge is that finishing off the levels of a game rewards you with better stuff and scores when here it actually makes competing in the leaderboard impossible against someone that stays at low levels.

I get you are in full Dev protection mode right now, and the Devs are absolutely allowed to reward whatever they feel like, it is still very clearly against the common sense of competition.

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I did tier 6 worth of purchases. Currently on level 160. I may have sigils left at reset because I run out of time. And I have A LOT of time on my hands. There’s no way someone that is beating the boss on every delve can compete with someone who is taking 5 minutes to do (level 20) a delve that is taking others 30-60 minutes to complete.
The scoring system is completely out of wack.


Right. I’m sure they don’t hence the “pay” to win aspect. When I was early game and guildless (I was too naive about the game to know I “needed” to be in a guild), I would have been one of the people that would have bought gems to get a couple of tiers. In other F2P games, I’m used to spending real money on resources. So, I came to this game with the same mindset.

Of course, my mindset is different now that I’m endgame and have a ton of resources. However, it is easy to imagine early game players paying into this mode because for only tier 2, they can finish this mode and get all the reward stages. They don’t have that hope in Raid or Invasion unless they were lucky enough to have an active guild take a chance on them.


I’m a little skeptical because there are factors as troop availability, kingdom bonus and experience in general to be considered…

Surely an Endgamer could finish with Tier 2 and some Valtavens maybe, but in some earlier stages and upscaling the stats of all enemies each time the boss is defeated i’m not sure if this was all accounted during the Beta, or if the devs even discussed their plans in some extent with you and others. (But considering that sharing such information is portantially dangerous i assume they didn’t.)

In early game and mid game, I could have beat delve 20. Beating delve 20 is all that was required.

The devs aren’t daft. They have years of gaming experience. They were well aware that they designed that mode with the ability to farm just delve 20. They could easily have designed it in a way that you earned 0 event points for replaying a delve level.


Wow, would you want that?

It doesn’t matter what I want. I’m really neutral about all this. If they changed it to give 0 points for replays, I just wouldn’t buy many tiers because I have a life and wouldn’t be able to play literally all day. I hate to waste sigils. For me, it is a time efficiency issue when it comes to the time needed to clear delve 200, for example, while dealing with the fact you have 9 more delves to clear at even higher levels. And, all this is to be done in 24 hours. :rofl:

The only point that I have been trying to make is that the way the faction is designed was intentional not incompetence. It isn’t the least bit shocking. It’s completely in line with all the other gem sink leaderboards.


I overbought, I was too excited this morning… I’ll be more careful this weekend… I’m staying up to use all my sigils, because I refuse to waste them. I guess this has been a learning experience.

I never even cared about LB, I just wanted to boost my faction.

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