Carnivores Dead Thread - Closed

Here’s a pic of our Den-Mother (Sume) keeping watch on our cubs.

Who are we?

We are a group of players who like to have fun playing GofW and we pride ourselves on having a family atmosphere (with sharp teeth) and turbulance is normally minimal. There is a lot of loyalty here!

We are #22 in the League and have been above #25 for many months.
Our short-term plan is to always be one of the top 25 of 8000 guilds in the league. Long-term we are already ‘drifting’ towards the top 20.

Some guilds have very high requirements for entry and there is a high risk that you may burn yourself out in their ‘trophy factories’. Hence the reason they are frequently recruiting. On the other hand, joining them is great as a short-term strategy for extremely high rewards. Our guild gets very high rewards with very loyal and supportive members and an active Guild-Master without the ‘work’ because we enjoy playing.

Join us and we will give you:

+300% Daily Gold Bonus. We are Guild Grandmaster 1. Guild Level 566.
All 6 statues are completed each week.
100% Bonus Mana Masteries on 5 statues. Brown is at 99%
A heck of a lot of Guild Rewards.
Free banter - if you want it.

Our requirements are reasonable:

We don’t care about player level: Active and hungry for rewards is good.

We require (minimum):

250K Gold per week.
A minimum of 750 Seals.
100 Trophies

Communicate - let us know you are still there.

We have our own forum for support, solving issues and team ideas.

We want you to have security while you are with us and you will not be arbitrarily booted for no reason even if you disagree with some decisions.

We are flexible. Just show us you are willing to contribute and you are willing to play and all will be fine. Our demands are reasonable but expectations are high. We have many great people.

Join the Carnivores today but only if you are a real meat-eater!

Here’s a pic of our GM having a bad day.

If you would like to join, please post your invite code or (preferably) PM me so we can have a brief chat.

Naturally, we need the right type of Carnivore :scream: (Ya gotta have legs!)

All boxes ticked.

Position filled within 2 minutes. Thanks all. :blush:

One slot available. Please PM me or put your details here. Thanks.
We need a very hungry meat-eater!

Position filled. All boxes ticked again. :kissing_closed_eyes:

We have a slot for a hungry meat-eater due to son joined father in another group. Please PM your details or put here if you are interested.

Recruitment cancelled for 24 hours.

Recruitment spamming dealt with in another thread.

Carnivores unexpectedly need another member of the pack. Due to the retirement of a long-term team player. He is sadly missed already.

Please PM me or leave details here. Thanks. ^,…,^

hi Bludax,

I’ll be happy to join your team.

My Profile:

  • Active everyday
  • lvl 241
  • easy communication
  • All team requirements will be done :slight_smile:

I’m for now in team “Heroes” but not all guy’s are motivate and the chat is not really good…
Sorry for my approximatively english… i’m French ahaha

My invitation code: WARLOCK_11

See you

Warlock is now part of the carnivore team and a very welcome addition to the carnivore pack. ^,…,^

Unexpected departure leaves a spot open for an enthusiastic Carnivore. PM me or comment here and come join the pack. Be hungry!

I am interested in your Guild. I like your policy.

I started GemsOfWar last week, so I am only Lv 93.
I will be Lv 100 in a couple of days, since I was only Lv 22 last Thursday.
I have DragonKnight armor and in VIP 5 status.

In current open Guild, I reached 1500 seals two times, and acquired 200-300 trophies.

My Invite Code is: JMJEONG

Thanks in advance

Hi @jmjeong

You are welcome. Invited but you are in a guild.

Please leave your current Guild and I will invite you again.

Thanks, I left the current guild. Please invite me.

Invite sent. Chat is not working (again)!
We will welcome you properly when chat is back.
Welcome to the pack. Nom Nom

I am happy to join your team. I will do my best to be good team member.

Our requirements have been updated and we now have places available in the pack. If you are a real Carnivore and want to join a progressive but social guild PM me or leave your details here. Thanks ^,…,^

Recruiting completed. Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Be careful with this guild.
The actual gm left some time ago and this new gm cares only about what he wants.
If you dont agree on something you will be kicked without notice.
The dude had the biggest mouth when the real gm left so he got lead, he changed everything and than starts kicking people who have been longer in this guild than him.
oh btw dont think if he chats with you in a nice way its all ok , without a word he kicks you a few hours later.
my best advice look for a guild with a gm that thinks about more than only himselff

I have no idea who you are man but you appear to be hurting very badly. PM me. Thanks.

Edited to provide a better response.

I am also a former member of this guild (invite code Hingig), and like Nit I was also unhappy when I left. To an extent, I see little benefit in having it out here and airing out this new GM’s dirty laundry, since I’m sure no one cares about this crap, and anyone else who finds that they can’t stand the guild can similarly just leave. That said, I am annoyed that he is talking to old members like this.

So I’ll just say this. If you read the GM’s own words above, and all the personal insults, and still want to join because it doesn’t set off alarm bells or you just don’t care, you should go ahead. Otherwise, notice how he actually doesn’t deny the backstabbing, and how he calls people egoistic, immature, and leeches, and maybe evaluate whether you like that kind of environment.

Entertainment over. Thanks for your interest.

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