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Cancel Spell Button

I’m not sure why this isn’t in the game but I sometimes get trigger happy only to see something on the board I missed and have to cast anyways.


I’ll take it a step further and say, sometimes, my CAST button is pressed by a curious cat, or a dastardly dog, or a… … … :thinking:… … … :bulb: :smiley: childish child!


Or a foolish fool?



And you get deservedly punished (and so do I, quite often… :tired_face:)
It’s the oldest rule of all: touch-move.

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That’s a good point, and because of that, I understand why its NOT in the game.
But even chess, generally allows you to move a piece back so long as the finger never leaves the piece? :man_shrugging:



In chess, you cant move the piece back and grab a different one. You can change where you move the piece, but you must move the piece you first touched.


Actually you can. If you click on the troop then slide away with the mouse, it’s not cast. If you get to the ‘Cast’ screen and click away from the button, you go back. Once you click “Cast” then it’s cast.

Don’t try this at chess!

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Fair counterpoint @BOOMHEADSHOT!

@Courtaud You are correct, AND I will also share that I have had success at times, clicking on the cast button but holding it down, and then sliding it away before letting it go, sometimes keeps the game from registering the click.

To be clear, I have no problem with the game as is, but I can see a valid reason to consider this as a QoL change. :wink:

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Another nice touch would be: “I get tired of waiting for the giant “NEW TURN” or “MANA SURGE” letters to go away so I can actually get a feel for if I can cast the dang spell, maybe it should disappear faster if I set animations to 4x.”


New UI gives me yet another reason to want this …

Say I want to use some board-altering move. The UI counts gems when we select the troop, but takes it away when we go to pull the trigger.

I mean, OK, arguably this also calls for that counter to be visible in the next step as well…


I always am too cast-happy, too, and miss a lot of four-matches that way… or I am dumb and forget the troop I want to target has stealth and wish I could abort the spell then. It’s super-annoying, but yeah, my own impatience and stupidity. Still, I would love if I could just cancel the spell…

yes, yes, yes, nothing like seeing that 4 of a kind right after your cat… hits the spell button

I support this 100%

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Be kind with the giant letters, sooner or later these will be all Arial or whatever sad font the new interface is.

I’d like cancel spell button .

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Comic Sans and Papyrus or I quit.


Stay and smell the Arial!

What, animations should honor the animation speed setting? What is this madness :stuck_out_tongue:

I would settle at this point for consolidating all “mana surge” sound effects into one. On PC it is nothing to hear that sound repeating like a Gatling gun when a bunch of cascades happen. It sounds quite awful. There was a time multiple Skull-Match sounds all combined to shatter your eardrums… this is like that.

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Yes please, I would not mind this feature.

This would be another welcomed addition :+1: