Can we tone it down in here?

These forums have become flooded with complaints. Most of the complaints are from the same people, probably less than 5% of people on the forums. So many people play this game…what one person likes the next person hates. No matter what the devs do, someone will be upset. It is nice to be able to give feedback but it seems like most feedback is just toxic complaining at this point. “They got something I didn’t. I wanted to get this, not that. You’re trying to cheat us.”

The rest of the people that come here to get some news or learn some tips are drowning in the flood of worthless BS.

Maybe the moderators should make a “whiner” badge. If people earn this badge their posts will be pushed to the bottom.


Thank you for these constructive suggestions. :slight_smile:
Unlike other topics this one contains interesting news and useful tips. :+1:
I hope this thread will receive feedback from many diverse people.

I do sincerely hope that most of this forum will become filled with fun, tips and well deserved praise.

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Someone creates a thread to complain about people with complaints. :upside_down_face:

How droll.


Hi, and welcome to the internet. The answer to your question is no, unfortunately. Since the “devs” don’t actually play the game, and make decisions based on profit before any consideration of what is fun for the people who do play, the only way to ensure a quality game is to point out the flaws in what they do.


So what about constructive criticism?


I understand that you dont like that some of us were complaining about the latest update. In the past I tried to write to the devs directly with a ticket and the only answer I got was: Write at the forums So where I can make some complaints if not here or with a ticket? If I am (and many others) are not happy with something about an update, I dont know how to adress it to someone who is responsible. And if you dont like the complaints, just dont read them.


Or… You could just practice self control and ignore the “complaint threads”.
If people want actual info they can easily find it. The forums are a representation of the game. If a lot of folks are unhappy with the current build then the forums will represent that. Dismissing and belittling those who voice their complaints will produce nothing but more negativity.
People who vent are much more likely to stick around and play the game (and possibly pay to play).
Those who say nothing usually just get frustrated and quit. The issue with players quitting, is they immediately fall behind if they ever decide to return to the game once the issues they have are solved. Which credit to the devs, most issues get solved eventually. But the devs will never solve any issue unless they are given the feedback from the community.
Every single player has a right to voice what they like or don’t like about the game in a respectful manner.

Just like you have the right to make a post that’s 100% click bait in nature just to get attention even though you know it’s going to get way more negative attention than positive. :grinning:

Btw… If I may speak for everyone that complained about Epic Tasks… .“You’re welcome”…
They still suck… But they sure as hell suck a lot less had no one said anything about them.:man_shrugging:




I’ve tried many a time, many a thread
Asking people to relax and take it into a perspective of how much it actually matters, whether straight up or by humor
But no one can step outside of their little obsessive box, they just turn their anguish onto u
As u will see throughout this thread in 3…2…1…

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To address an issue brought up by the OP …

The rest of the people that come here to get some news or learn some tips

You can filter your forum feed by clicking on the Official News category.
I remember there’s definitely a more permanent way to filter out specific categories but that’s more suited for zoning 10% rather than 95%. And after looking for a few minutes I decided to stop given …

are drowning in the flood of worthless BS.

… I feel you aren’t being as constructive as the people you are criticizing. That’s my response without breaking rules. May you be among the first to get the “whiner badge” you suggest.


Minecraft is a good game for those who like to hang out with the most constructive players.


Too much chirping around here Lol

To be fair, or for some perspective – most of the ‘tips’ on these forums come from the very people you’d like to give a ‘whiner’ badge to. They’re the ones that are most involved and invested in the game.

Good luck trying to find those tips if they’re all pushed to the bottom :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

That being said, I think it’s good for you to be able to express this view – my reflection is that I think it needs a bit more understanding and nuance.

Maybe you could turn this into a Feature Request for more advanced search and filtering options for the forums? It definitely can be difficult to read through the entirety of the more hotly contested Official News posts (but then again, all the ‘news’ or info you need is at the top).


The Tracking Button is also helpful in muting those threads you no longer wish to follow.

Just thought I’d add my buck three eighty. Two cents doesn’t go as far these days.


Be the change you want to see


You were right. It is funny that many of the 5% I was talking about showed up here to “turn their anguish,” just like you said.

Take it easy, tiger.

You don’t build a positive environment by shouting, “Everyone stop complaining!” You build a positive environment by writing heartfelt posts about things you like. What I see in the OP is you’re sad that other people aren’t writing happy content for you and, well, I like to get paid to write if it’s not what I’m feeling.

I’m not going to say there aren’t good things to write about GoW, but ultimately the way to get more positive forums will involve people deciding to write more about what they like than what they don’t. That’s really difficult when the game’s constantly changing. I could write a post about my favorite thing right now and find out 3 months from now it’s being changed, forever, into something I hate. We already know Arena is due for a revamp within the next year, and that happens to be my favorite mode, so guess what I’ll probably be upset about soon?

You don’t get change if you ask for it, you have to make it. Show us there’s plenty of positive discussion to be had by starting the topics.


With respect, ETS are only better for those who will nail them every week; totally as a consequence of the rework following revelation from the community of a strategy to kerb the gold sink. Previously, middle guilds who complete 1 or 2 LTs could have hit epic red for keys. Following rework, they lose out. Rewards are distributed everywhere and the ‘idea’ allowing us to target tasks has been blown out the water. We got to remember how tough it is in lower guilds and look at the game as a whole. The rework benefits you, me and other multi LT guilds. But it negatively impacts progressing guilds, in all resource terms.

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Yeah I saw that conspiracy theory. “They buffed the rewards because people said to ignore them.”
Debating whether or not that’s actually the case would be a futile practice.
What shouldn’t even be up for debate is how the rewards from Epic Tasks are better now than they originally were prior to community feedback.
But considering the individual that I’m replying to. You’re literally up for any debate… regardless of whether or not the subject should be up for debate.
Considering I manage 5 guilds of various activities. I don’t need to remember anything about various levels. I have daily interactions with them. So please “remember” not to assume to know anything more than what your own perception on a matter is. Merry Christmas. :grinning: