Can we PLEASE get PC GW stats fixed?

First the difficulty was applied to GW, and once you fixed that, stats on PC are still consistently higher then on mobile.

We have been waiting for over a week now, yet you still haven’t fixed it, making GW on PC stupidly harder then on mobile.

This is this morning after both PC and mobile patch was applied:

Common guys…
This needed to be fixed a week ago!


Tagging anyone and everyone, as this really needs to be fixed…

@saltypatra @nimhain @sirrian @GoldPhoenix0

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We are still working on this, hopefully it will be fixed soon.


So that’s why I’ve been getting my ass kicked in GW…


So this bug only applies to the Event Bonuses? Or all battles in general for the PC?
What’s the issue here? I wonder why it’s taken so long to fix?
Is it a stacking issue? The bonuses are being applied as multiplicative instead of additive?

I don’t have the base values, but those stats look suspiciously like
(Base * 1.25) * 1.25
Instead of
Base + (Base*0.25) + (Base * 0.25)

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It’s not event bonuses. I check a Draak in GW on both and the stats were different.


We’ve mostly fixed this, the difference shouldn’t be as extreme now. However, it’s not quite back to normal yet and we are looking into it further.

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Fixed on test or live Salty?

FIxed on PC. Not quite there, but the difference isn’t as staggering.




It’s worse…

At this point, as a developer, I’m wondering what you guys are doing…
Is it because you’re still getting used to unity?

First, look in your design specs how it’s supposed to work.
Next, check you mobile or old PC code, and log the calculations.
Finally, look at the new code, and log your calculations there to.

This should be localized code, and fixed in a few hours tops.


It’s Friday…
I just got my ass handed to me by Orcs for the Nth times this week.
GW has never been so depressing…

So many bugs trashed my Guild Wars scores completely. I usually score in the top 3 of our guild but because of the stats bug my 4 day total is less than the 3 day totals of some of my guild mates. Khorvash killing the top troop while draining the 2nd and 3rd troops is insane. Who needs a Famine in defense when we have this shit going on? Kraken is also able to devour the 2nd troop if he kills the 3rd and 4th. Or immediately eat a summon on death troop. This doesn’t even take into account the +200% stats I didn’t know I was fighting against for the first two days or so. And then the devs decide it would be good to force it so that any gem creation troop would be much more likely to miss and just give the opponent free 4-5 matches.

And now it’s weekend in Australia… so I guess we have 3 more days of this fun stuff going on…

dude, this is nothing. Last week there was the centaur event. Put together armor ignoring with super boosted stats. was hell.

Just play GW on mobile and PvP on Pc :stuck_out_tongue: thats what i do :slight_smile:

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At least I have an excuse for all my losses the last 2 weeks. Now I just need an excuse for all my losses for the 2 weeks before that.


Agree something very odd is going on here! @Sirrian @nimhain @Saltypatra Can you explain why GW Opponents have HUGE Stat increases on PC and are much weaker on Mobile? I can see my PC and Mobile troops have slightly different stats, but for my GW opponents, its more like 15+ health and 15+ Life and 5+ Attack and Magic difference between PC GW opponents and Mobile GW opponents.