PC connection is horrendous

Ever since 3.0.5 update, PC connection is nearly unplayable for me. I’m in west coast Canada, btw.

Meanwhile, connection on my Android phone is totally fine.

Today, it took almost an hour to do 5 GW matches, with each match actually taking less than 2 mins. The rest of the hour is an endless cycle of loading and error messages.

It even takes several minutes and a few errors just to get into a menu (guild, troop, etc.).

FYI, my PC is streaming Netflix and Youtube all day with zero delays, nor does GoW crash. So definitely not a problem with my PC internet or performance.

What’s going on!

just an advice: do your battles on mobile for now!

not only you will have less problems with connections, as you say, but the main thing:

  • you wont be havign to fight too high stat enemies in the gw. currently PC enemies have wrong stats, so you are loosing double trying to do the gw on pc with your current bug

here example, of the stat difference


Yea, PC is unplayable anyway…