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Can we please get more GW

Not just no, but hell no.


@BeastNO1 As you can see, the very majority does not have your great understanding of Guild Wars. RNG loves to crush them. RNG exist for some of us and we lose a few games from time to time. Me included. I am not sure about you tho, your Godly skills might kill the RNG. You are in the minority.

To answer your question. I am a weak player that RNG likes to target, so a BIG no for more Guild Wars.

Yeah… I’ve seen players in our top GW guild (Druids Glade, brackets 1 to 2) turn around really awful boards.

Guild I’m in, DruidsAvengers (brackets 7 to 8), well… We’re not those types of wizards. :sweat_smile:

We like GW, we try to score as well as we can, but every 4 weeks is enough.

I agree we need more gw but I would say no more then every 2 weeks…Its the best part of the Game


I’d say that we need a better bracketing system or whatever… current one makes old dead guilds slowly float down from top brackets and young strong guilds are climbing for years without having any challenge on the way…

New system should prioritise active guilds → assign them by their score into brackets with 2^6 guilds, and in each bracket, something similiar to swiss tournament should be played-> winners would be those that win their days (that would also put more pressure into playing daily instead of “doing all battles on sunday” approach), their total score could be additional attribute - tiebraker for guilds with similiar number of wins/loses. Each GW, bottom and top 25% of guilds would move bracket up and down (16 guilds up and 16 guilds down).

That could make GW more dynamic and worth players time… ofc there could be guilds hoping up and down between brackets each GW → it happens.


I’m one of those weird people who miss GW every week. It literally takes 10 minutes a day and is a good measuring pole at we’re your teams, and guild are within the game. That being said I get how it can be frustrating for those who aren’t as developed. But I much prefer having a hard week of GW then playing the anticlimactic world event that currently exists! I absolutely dislike the scoring strategy and in my humble opinion it’s mindless event.

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I would be all about more guild wars if they removed empowered troops from gw completely. Or changed the empowered trait to be 90% mana start. Guild wars is a complete joke in it’s current state because of those troops.


More GW’s is the last thing we need. I’d be quite happy seeing GW’s disappear. If you don’t have full participation of the guild, they get discouraging because the scores you get from the people who do participate determine the bracket you’ll be in.

I spend a good chunk of my time in the game working on creating GW teams, both attack and defense. I’d rather spend that time doing guild events, explores, kingdom challenges I haven’t performed, and other things in the game.



No. Just no. With empowered troops and bugs, GW has become too luck based. If you get a bad starting board, or if the AI gets the first turn because of the potion gem bug, chances are your goose is cooked and there’s often nothing you can do about it.


It does feel a bit dumb trying to rise up in the ranks when many other guilds have had the change to collect points every week in the past (if I understood correctly). BUT I do also think that having more GW would give me a burnout, because it’s not easy to get guildies on the battlefield even once a month… I understand that completely, who wants to fight something, that has been dead for some time…


Last week I actually did GW for the first time in almost a year in bracket 9 or around there and it really was no fun at all. GW in bracket 1 and 2 years ago was more fun than bracket 9 is now.

I of course agree with @Phillip and @Madd_Hurricane and I have been saying it for years that empowered converters ruins GW. They take out all the fun, skill and strategy from the game. I could not stop the alignment of both converters and this was my second turn

Where is the skill or strategy when I literally can not stop both converters and they destroy my team in a single turn?

Another problem I have is the bandit/Giant Spider spam. Yes I know stun works but when you are restricted to 4 troops and a certain colour sometimes a good team can’t fit a troop just to stun. It wouldn’t be as bad if the hero wasn’t stealthy because you could take them out first to stop the summon spam.

The old GW with Mercy as the only empowered converter and getting max points just by starting the battle with 4 troops of the days colour and ending the battle with 4 troops was far better than this trash and actually had strategy and skill involved instead of the luck based rubbish we have now.

Go check out Tacets really early GW videos and tell me empowered converters hasn’t ruined GW.

I will happily take more GW even weekly if empowered troops are either banned or changed to fast for GW.


I mentioned this before in another thread but the bracket system could easily be fixed by making registering for GW a manual task rather than an automatic one. That way, only guilds who actively want to be in GW would actually be in one. There’s all sorts of other fixes that could be made to improve the ranking/bracket system but this isn’t the thread for it.

While the bracket system is broken and the rewards are gated to players in the top 200 guilds, I’m with the rest of this thread in saying that we don’t need more GW. Yes, more GW would speed up climbing/falling brackets but that wouldn’t solve the underlying problems.


So many we hear from that is bragging around and is telling that it is all about skills eh? I always laugh my ass off when such players comes by - because of great examples as this. Sometimes you are doomed skillfull players… it is as simple as that, unless you are cheating.


It’s not a great example.

The years off from the mode really shows — the Gobtruffle/Queen of Miraj combo on offense is well out-of-date, and isn’t something I’ve used in over a year in Bracket 1. In all that time on my worst week out I’ve gone 28/30 — 93% win-rate when I do poorly. And I’m just one of 30 very similar data points in my own guild — 100 very similar data points if you look at the top 3 guilds.

So, yeah — I’m not some sort of untouchable God who is just 2 Gud dUd. I’m exactly like the vast majority of the rest of the top half of bracket 1; my guild got second last week by like 300 points, and it was not because of a fluke “bad luck board,” as that affects everyone equally.

We lost because the dragons played better than we did. Respect to them.

I know this because what isn’t equal is peoples’ respective abilities at mitigating risk, cooperating with their teammates, etc… I’ve said all this before and I have no illusion it will change your mind any more than years’ worth of “they must be cheating or joking” has changed mine.

Anyway: if the player is trying to beat a dual-empowered-converter start with a 50% start, it is the player that messed up and made a poor strategic decision.

And if the two troops up top that died were your own two empowered converters, then I’d have to see the preceding board to know whether you were “doomed from the beginning” or simply failed to maintain the turn, failed to bring in the correct empowered converters, etc, because it would surprise me greatly unless that was your one loss of the entire week — as that sort of “bad luck” is entirely to be expected once out of every 30 battles or so :man_shrugging:


You said it so well I think.

My whole point is that GW s luck based with empowered converters. This is the PERFECT example because I had bad luck with the converters on that battle but I fought the same person on my next battle but had good luck with the converters making a lot of mana and extra turns for me and I destroyed that team on my second try with my same team.

I had Rope Dart to disable the top troop from doing skull damage and to strip armor to allow me to kill him quicker with Gobtruffle and skulls, The Gray King to keep the doomed weapon disabled, Gobtruffle to do damage and his gem creation to refill himself and Gray King and I had Monk class to get mana from the 4 gem matches from Gobtruffles spell and constant barrier from brown matches and Maraji was there for the fast mana start and for skull spam to finish off enemies.

The next fight I had was the same person but this time I stopped the alignment of the converters and took the mana for myself to fill TGK and disable the doomed weapon and his next converter just wasted the mana. I destroyed that team on my second try. No skill involved just 100% luck.

I have lost when I’ve had 2 empowered converters. I should have been able to cast my empowered troops and just win every battle but I actually lost so I must be bad or have the wrong converters to lose this very skill based game.

Bad luck should not be expected in a battle that requires skill and strategy. Bad luck should only be expected in battles that are luck based. You are just proving my point that this is luck based.

There are times where you literally can not stop the enemy casting their converters and getting extra turns and full mana to destroy your team before you even get a second turn. Explain to me how any skill is involved in thoses battles without the bullshit of having the wrong converters or screwing up.


You mean explain to you how to change the colors on the board so that your opponent doesn’t have these “unstoppable alignments” for their converters without suggesting you take troops that…change the colors of the opening board? You got me there — I can’t :joy:

The team you took in was slow, bottom line. You were relying on the “luck” of getting enough mana to cast gobtruffle before you passed the turn — you found that to be unreliable.

Had you used the exact same strategy without a mana-starved Gray King and two empowered converters to give you more strategic options at the start, my contention is that you would have likely won the battle.

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Yes exactly. I have done that with Drowned Sailor and Daughter of Ice and guess what it isn’t always possible to stop their alignments.

Yeah and empowered converters are so reliable.

There are 4 empowered converters that are blue and 3 of them convert away colours that Gray King uses and 3 of them converts to a colour that the enemy converts to blue.

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The truth is getting 30/0 in GW requires a little skill AND luck. To say luck determines everything is just wrong and to say it’s all about skill is also wrong. It’s a combination of both.


The problem for newer players like myself being in B1 or B2 you’re up against teams that all have +10 doomed weapons. Yet I’m still yet to play a blue or purple doom event since I started playing the game let alone fully upgrade the best doomed weapons for any colours.

You also have to deal with the simple fact that the top 5 guilds in B1 stream all their matches so they have multiple people telling the players exactly what the best moves to make are in each fight.

It’s ultra competitive and full of toxic players the higher up you get.