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Can we please get more GW

dear devs,

Can we please get a bit back of GW. I get every week was too much for some players but now the players who loved it need to wait 4 weeks to play what they like. I don’t know if I’m the only one but personally I’m playing 3 weeks minimum of the events so I can enjoy gow for one week. I hope we can at least make it every 3 weeks. I don’t know why most people prefer the events and play brainless all week the same kind of games with the same team for some orbs instead of overthinking every new defense team and adapt to it. And work together with your guild to rise in the leaderboards. Maybe implement an other reward system in Gw to keep people interested.

Grz beast


Not trying to start a whole thing, BeastNO1, but I’m totally on the opposite end of the spectrum and would be happy for them to totally remove GW altogether. I think the community is pretty mixed in feelings about it as an event. The diehard GW people like you live for that event, whereas the rest are either apathetic towards it or really dislike it.

I’m sure it’s hard to find the right balance for that kind of content, but I think the devs are probably onto a solid compromise when neither you or I get exactly what we want for GW. It splits the difference of being too often for my taste, while being not enough on your end. Roundabout way of saying I’d be surprised if they changed it much.


Would prefer we get more Tower of Doom first.


agreed, it used to be a monthly event


Actually devs, can you ignore what the OP said and give us less GWs please? More Tower of Doom would be better. Thanks


The same teams :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What do you think gws is? The same brainless, copy and paste, noodle head, 2 empowered converter teams over and over and over and over and over.

Gws is the most broken, unbalanced mode in this game.

This has to be a plant or a dev…


Guild wars is for everyone the same so not really unfair I think. If you play your games with concentration and change your teams by looking what your playing against. Everything is counterable. The only people I hear complaining about it are people who lose a couple games every time And cant accept a loss. Have fun playing all the events ( except tower of doom) where you play all games with the same team where it doesn’t care if you lose or win. Don’t mind people playing who don’t want any competitive ( either because they don’t like it or people who doesn’t understand the game so it’s 2 difficult for them ). but why take it away from people who want a little comp. now every game mode feels boring to me.

My opinion is if you don’t like gw. You are either bad in it and don’t know how to play or you are in lack of many cards so you can’t make the right teams so you can’t make the right teams.


I score over 50,000 each gws, being good at it is hardly an issue.

The reality is every bug, unbalanced troop, and blatant AI manipulation are all in shining lights.

Gws is a showcase for everything wrong with this game and the devs refusal to fix those issues.


As always opinions differ, and the opinions about GW are no exception to that rule.
Now here is my opinion:
I’m in this game from the beginning and I agree it used to be a lot of fun, when I say “used to be” that doesn’t mean I don’t like it anymore but the guild has arrived at a level there are a lot of the same teams reoccurring every time and even several times at the same day so that takes out a bit of the fun. Last GW I had to fight 4x the same team on one day so there to you can have that “boring game” BeastNO1. And it wasn’t the first time that happened, which isn’t abnormal in a guild where guildies talk to and help each other.
Also most of those teams are meta teams so the players with a lower level are finding it difficult to win fights and that in turn means they get somewhat discouraged.
Conclusion: there will always be pro’s and con’s to any part of the game, so let us agree we don’t agree all the time about everything. :wink:
Second conclusion: Making it so that every level player is happy with it is almost impossible unless you start working with some kind of handicap and then again there will be people saying that their handicap is to high or others are to low and so on …


I score 50-55k in bracket 2. I hate GW. Worst event, negative rewards outside bracket 1, tears guilds apart. And we have to do it in parallel with world events.

Not asking for it to be removed, but it’s too frequent for my liking as is.


Or you don’t like that one bad starting board can mean that you’re going to lose the fight.

Or you could find the rewards lacking for the effort you have to put in.

Or you just don’t enjoy pvp in general.

You see, I for example am really good at office stuff like typing emails and letters, that kind of thing. I still hate it.

You can’t have an opinion on other people’s feelings towards anything, sorry…


Or the third option is that IT IS NOT FUN. Last time I did GW I had a perfect week for the first 5 days but lost 2 battles on day 6 only because I couldn’t stop his empowered converter getting an axtra turn. The first 5 days with no losses was still NOT FUN. My 2 losses wasn’t because I was bad it was purely bad luck.

Wrong again. You can not use the same team for every world event. The only event you can use the same team for is tower of doom when you have the same colour event.

If you want more GW just go in to PvP and play it with your GW teams it is the exact same thing except you don’t have the extra sentinel bonuses.


Brainless? Sure you arent talking about GW?

Here is a picture of the last GW with my bracket and the one above and below. It is a joke. 2/3 of these guilds couldnt even get the minimum free defense points.

I would love to rise in the leaderboards, and we have been for TWO YEARS. We win every single time. There is nothing else I can do.

Adapt to new defense teams? Why? Sometimes they’re level five troops. What is there to adapt to?

Until the devs fix GW brackets, dont give us more GW.


I’m in a casual guild. My Guild Tyrant doesn’t require anybody to do anything (and only kicks complete inactives on a sporadic basis).

A couple-three years ago, we were as high as Bracket 6 or 7 (on PS4) and we’ve slowly drifted lower – we’re around Bracket 11 or 12 these days and usually finish somewhere in the middle of the pack in scoring, largely because of limited participation.

I don’t find Guild Wars excruciatingly difficult; I have a bunch of teams that I’ve used for quite some time and don’t change things up very often because they work. At the level my guild is at, we don’t see multiples of super-nasty defense teams, at least not often. So it’s not the spectacular challenge that those in the top brackets experience, but it’s also not low enough that we encounter dead guilds very often.

But I’m with the group that would prefer to see less Guild Wars. Because it has gotten tedious and stale as any game mode would after years of it. And because the prizes just aren’t meaningful to me anymore. I have the six troops at mythic rarity many times over, and the smattering of lesser “stuff” doesn’t really register with the income I get just from grabbing a couple of tributes per day.

I think something has to change to jar this particular game mode out of its’ rut, but frequency doesn’t seem (to me) to be that answer.


No thanks. GW is one of the more boring modes in which everyone is using the exact same defense teams over and over. It is my least favorite mode next to Arena.

I will gladly take less GW for more events that actually offer rewards to players that aren’t in Bracket #1.

Plus since the Devs can’t seem to get these new heroic gems to work correctly it only further makes GW worse. I lost multiple matches without ever getting a turn because of the current glitch with these potion gems. Nothing like the game starting, gems exploding on the board because of passive abilities on either team, a potion exploding, and then the AI getting the first turn, only to be spammed to death by a loop team that got all the 4x and 5x matches from the potion gem, all before I even get to do anything.

Frankly, I’d rather the Devs add an auto-play option so that the matches play themselves so that I don’t have to. Cause frankly, I feel I’d have the same win/loss percentage in the end.

I like Guild Wars but I like it every 4 weeks. Doing Guild Wars correctly is a lot of work. We win Wars in the guild I’m in. 2nd is frowned upon. We always take top 3. Usually top 2 but we take 1st quite a bit. Having more wars would dilute it I think and having less would make some quit game so every 4 weeks is perfect in my estimation


NO [ 10 character response required]

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many people would say same about GW - brainless week, without any challange at all… just check @Snooj topic…


Do we talk about the top brackets? :thinking:

No, no, no, na-ah, no!

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