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Can we have a Red "Clean to all" troop?

Deathmark has a more robust counter which is “Clean to all” with no possibility anymore that the cleaner die in the 1st turn (you still need to have it ready to cast…).

But sadly there is no Red troop who has this effect…
Could we have one? :slight_smile:

Just to remind the other cleaners by colors:
Blue: Apothecary/Mercy/The Devoted/Sheggra’s Heart (weapon)
Purple: Herdmaster
Brown: Sheggra’s Heart (weapon)
Yellow: Herdmaster/The Devoted/Staff of St. Astra (weapon)
Green: Apothecary/Mercy
Red: none snif snif


Certain colors have certain strengths and weaknesses and while weak in that regards there is plenty of other warded and impervious troops you could deploy. I don’t like the thought of every color having a deep board of every trait just for the sake of guild wars.


Second @Gilgamesh.

It isn’t warranted.

Can you provide examples?
Troops can have multiple colors so I don’t see why Red/Other-color troop should not be able to “Cleanse to all”…

Yes but you have so limited options to find a good and safe team… A “Cleanse to all” troop gives the opportunity to play with whatever 3 other troops of your choice.

My point was/is that devs added the 1-turn immunity in DM because mainly of DH (so DM on all) and it’s only great if you can cast a “Cleanse to all” troop. I just don’t see why only during Red day, we cannot use this counter to open a new possibiliy to safely win our battles during this day. Just remind this post showing that players think that Red is the weakest color (only 100 votes):

With all these Mab everywhere could we have a Red Cleanse all, please?

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Cleanse them with fire!!!