Can we get an audio file on any new troops moving forward?

Look, I’m not a grammar nazi; I’m also not a sack of potatoes. These new troop names are killing me! These new stryx or how I pronounce them, ( stREE ) are pretty sweet! My clan just cannot find a consensus on how to pronounce them hehe :joy:

We don’t even need an audio file, a pronunciation text would do! Like sylvanorama (spell check) not only do I have to check his name every time I type it but it’s literally impossible for me to pronounce him… English wasn’t my first language from birth and neither was fantasy names. Most people call him salad :green_salad: dragon . I call him broccoli monster.

You don’t even have to do this on the app itself! The forums will do. Or the official gems of war website. So in summation , I love using my broccoli monster with emperor cotton candy and Christ-e- snacks with obsession dragon. I just don’t like pronouncing them :sweat_smile:


I generally go with STRix (rhymes with sticks) as it’s a variation spelling of Strix ( which is pronouced strɪks (IPA)


How is any regular person supposed to know that! Audio files would be a nice touch. What do you think @Saltypatra?:drooling_face:

Audio files are unfortunately a bit out of our scope, but I can see about putting together a pronunciation guide on the forums. :slight_smile:

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I’m not saying it’s an obvious solution, was just helping with the “consensus” issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Audio files/pronunciation guide would be cool!

EDIT: Guess it’s a pronunciation guide that’s more likely it seems.

Hey beggars can’t be choosers. A simple text will do and would go a long way for most!

If they could meet me half way with pronunciations maybe I can make a post on how to say them :+1:t4:

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@Saltypatra’s next video could be just her running through the entire deck of troops saying each name… :stuck_out_tongue:

But jokes aside, with my background in English-speaking fantasy literature and studying Latin in my youth, it’s fairly easy to help you with the intended pronunciation:

Stryx is derived from the Latin genus for some owls, and so is pronounced the same way: striks

Sylvanimora is Latin for “delay of the woods”: sil-van-ee-mohr-ah

Emperor Khorvash is presumably standard fantasy name pronunciation: kohr-vash

Feel free to post any other names you have trouble with and I’m happy to have a go. Either I’m right or one of the devs might come past and correct me - win-win! :smiley:


Oh noooo! That would be mortifying! No one wants to hear my accent trip over troop names.

Also, you’re written pronunciation of those troops is on point @actreal!

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As an addendum, I note that for the monsters directly derived from mythology, you can generally find them in Wiktionary, for example:

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I’m not surprised because last PAX Australia, Sirrian, Nimhain and I had a chat about how to pronounce a bunch of troop names since @Tacet so famously mispronounces them on his otherwise excellent YouTube channel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok act real I’ll take you up on that offer. Give me a sec

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Or you could do them all in a heavy Aussie drawl! :smiley:

Abynissia . Aural . Cythyryxyx. Necryza are the ones that pop up in my head

Sylvanimora - SIL-VOE


I would be more impressed if you could do that in a Louisiana accent salts :grin:

I could try. It would be awful.

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I know. I applaud your effort anyway!



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Anytime someone meets us in person or online, we’re happy to pronounce troops names.