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Can we get a rebalance for the original unused hero classes?

Many of the original hero classes that were released as the first classes introduced into Gems of War have gotten very little usage since their release. Many of them are only used to get 250 wins, then never touched again.

With the addition of the two most recent hero classes, many of the other hero classes are left in a much weaker state. It isn’t that the new hero classes are too strong; the older ones are simply too weak.

Here are some possible rebalance changes to some of the older hero classes. As of currently, none of them have been touched since their release over a year ago.


  • Replace Fire Heart with Big

A giant class should be larger in size.

  • Increase attack gained per skull from 3 to 6

Now that multiple skulls triggering traits multiple times is no longer an issue, his ability should be upscaled accordingly. Courage already does 8 attack and 8 life to ALL allies per skull regardless of position. Warlord currently only does 3 attack for self only if in FIRST position. His trait was also made back when attack gains use to break through entangle, now it does not.


  • Change +2 armor per turn to “+2 armor to all knights per turn”

This is exactly what Queen Ysabelle does, except this would trigger for knights instead of humans. This would of course stack with her to give all knights/humans on the team +4 armor per turn.


  • Change +5 armor gain to “give all allied beasts barrier at the start of battle”

The +5 armor she currently gives to all allies rarely serves any purpose and has no synergy with any beast nor Maugrim Woods troop in the game.


  • Increase heal per turn from 2 to 3

HP heal, unlike HP gain, only triggers when an ally is missing HP. This means every troop with a +1 to all stats per turn to all of a certain colored ally is better at keeping troops alive than Priest. This would also put it on par with the Troll healing capability.


  • Increase magic gain from a 50% to gain 1 magic to a 100% to gain 1 magic

This would allow it to be on par with the “gain 1 to all stats” traits.

  • Increase base magic from +5 to +6

This would once again make the Sorcerer class the highest magic using cast in the game. Currently, this role now belongs to Bard. This would also make the Sorcerer class the only class with a base magic above 5.

  • If possible, make sorcerer class the only class to be able to have its magic bonus regardless of the color of weapon it uses.

The hero would still be pure purple in regard to its mana bonus and traitstones, but as a true magical user it would be able to use all colored weapons while still retaining its full bonus. This bonus would NOT stack with multi colored weapons, but would apply his standard magic value regardless of weapon.


  • Replace Undead Bond with Necromancy (50% soul gain)

The NECROMANCER should probably have NECROMANCY.

  • Increase soul gain on extra turns from 1 to 3

Now that extra turn traits don’t trigger multiple times, his trait should be upscaled accordingly.

That is about everything. If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

These changes are proposed with the hopes of revitalizing the viability of the underused original hero classes.

@Saltypatra @Ozball @Sirrian @Nimhain


This is a good idea only if the gem cost for switching classes was removed or each team slot could use a different class.

I think this one should have a new necromany trait with a 100% soul bonus or at least 75%.


What class is this? Do you mean Warrior?


This game has so much rework potential when it comes to troops/classes that the game might still be with us in 2043.


Warlord I assume. Later on when still taking about that class he said warlord


Yeah, I meant Warlord. Autocorrect >.<


+1 to this in principle. I might do slightly different tweaks, but wholely agree a lot of tweaks are needed.

One change I would make is rework the ‘perks’ page. Rather than choosing one of the three bonuses, we should get them all, cumulatively, just unlocked at say 25, 50 and 100 battles. Heroes get such little use anyway, a few more stat gains won’t hurt - and having to pick a stat gain over the ‘hero counts as troop type X’ makes the synergies from creating teams of type X harder to work.


Wow! 100% in agreement @Tacet ! Most Excellent ideas and suggestions, my Friend. I sincerely hope Devs implement your suggestions immediately! Would make HEROS viable and sooooo much more fun to play. :sunglasses:



I feel like they should either completely ditch the perk system for something else, or expand it a lot further.

Classes need further diversification within their own progression. 2 people using 2 of the same class while using 2 of the same weapon, BUT both of them using a different perk, is still the SAME BUILD.

I would love to see a system in place where the perk system is so diverse that 2 people using the same class and same weapon would still have 2 drastically different heros.

There are many things can be done for this, or possibly even a complete overhaul.

Sitting within the format, one thing that could be done is have 15 perks that slowly unlock over time with the choice of 3 with the ability to have the next perk choice available at 30, 500, and 1000 wins with the hero class. It would allow for dual typing hero, specializing the stats, and allowing hero classes to not simply look like mirrors of each other.

They did this well in Puzzle Quest 1. While 2 people using the same class would have a similar build, their stat focus could be drastically different dependent on what they wanted to build towards.


I support this 100%! Well done @Tacet brudda!


Yes Tacet. Thank you mate.

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These all seam like great ideas, in the future I hope that they come to pass

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With the new classes being so awesome, I agree that they can’t leave the old classes as is. There’s basically no reason to run the Sorcerer anymore, now that the Bard is here, and the Sorcerer used to be one of the few playable classes.


Well said Tacet !!!

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Hero classes aren’t endless, revamping old ones would give more choice and variation. Do we really need a Bard/Dragonthing meta in our play, added to the handful of troops we face at every step?

This said, I’m looking forward to a Goblin Hero. I demand he can hit twice; or give all Goblins an extra turn. Or both.

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Love the ideas - even the simple fix of the 25 point difference between fully traited Mythic Hero and a regular Mythic would be nice to fix.

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“Gain an extra turn on 3 gem matches.”


At the very least.

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I think I would be happier if it’s something like “Gain Enchanted status at the start of each turn.” Basically a permanent Enchanted effect on the Hero. This would really be the only reason I would give Bard up for a Sorcerer…


For the necromancer due to the number of troops that give souls via spells (Wight, pharos ra and the dragon soul as 3 examples) i feel it would be better to redesign its last trait to either a summon undead troop under certain conditions or boost undead troops. The summon undead trait could be summon random undead on enemy death (50 % chance). The boost undead could be all allied undead gain 1 life for every 20 souls collected each turn. I feel that both of these abilities give the illusion of an endless undead army while a battle goes on, however ensuring balance should be a priority.