Why at mythic is a hero 25 points less

So I thought when my Fully traited Hero reached Mythic I would have the same point value for the team that I do for ANY other fully traited mythic 4 troop team.

However there is a 25 point difference (as in less than a 4 common to mythic fully traited troop team).

This doesn’t seem right.

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Unfortunately hero’s are the one thing we never really looked into when it came to team power. I think it was assumed that it took into account the level of the class the hero was currently assigned to, but as hero levels operate differently to troop levels (maxing out at 10 instead of 20) it’s possible the formula messes up on the final rarity calculation.

My guess is that it’s still counting it as a legendary even though (I assume) your hero is at level 10. Each rarity tier beyond common gives 25 points to team power.

A (totally) random guess might be due to rounding, and when the hero’s level 10 is compared to a troops, it comes out at 19 instead of 20, hence giving you a team power score for a legendary rather than a mythic.

Also worth pointing out that I think your hero level actually won’t play into this at all. It is more likely to be your class level (since that’s what traits are tied to). Each hero level gives you mastery, which is factored in separately (around 3 points per level). I’m not sure how the skill points work for leveling up, but I’m going to guess they give 40 points like other skill point bonuses (guild and kingdom ones)

Hero is fully classed Level 20, Mythic (501 Level) (I’ve checked out Assassin, Knight, Divine (my favorite) and the same thing.

And yes Hero level does play into the total, since every time my hero went up a level it increased the overall team points

So somewhere there is a missed calculation happening.

I would really like to stay playing with my Hero that I have worked very hard to build up. Since I really like my Divine team. But if having her on my team is going to cost me 25 points or more, maybe it’s time to put my hero to the side and just focus on the other troops.

I think I’m not fully awake… I don’t know why I thought hero classes capped at 10 @.@ must have been thinking of kingdoms or something.

Also I’ve just checked on mine, and it seems to be the same 25 point less from the hero. (regardless of weapon used). The screenshots below need a bit of explaining. Currently I don’t have Pharos-Ra at 3 traits (need a couple more Arcane Skulls). So 250 extra needs to be added to the team with him in it to account for that. This means the Pharos-Ra team has a team score of 7566, while the hero’s is only 7541 (level 20 mechanist with 3 traits)

@Nimhain or @Sirrian is this a bug? or are hero’s power score in a team calculated slightly differently?

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Here’s the break down for team for me right now; Using the same mythic fully traited

1 Mythic 4518
2 Mythic 5793 (1275)
3 Mythic 7068 (1275)
4 Mythic 8343 (1275) (just went up another level)

1 Hero 4493
2 Mythic 5768 (1275)
3 Mythic 7043 (1275)
4 Mythic 8318 (1275)

@Nimhain or @Sirrian - is this a bug? It seems to be.

I’ve never pay attention to my team score calculation before but this is interesting. I just found out myself too that my hero worth 25 point less.

1 Mythic 5843
2 Mythic 7118 (1275)
3 Mythic 8393 (1275)
4 Mythic 9668 (1275)

Now if I change 1 troop to hero, my total score is 9643 or 25 point less. Does the calculation for hero is different or something?


Now that the servers are settled down - can we get an answer to this question please @Nimhain @Sirrian.

I just want to understand why Hero is always going to be less than a Troop in points?


At what level does your troop actually get the mythic border colour? I’m level 918 and mine’s still orange despite having almost all my kingdoms to at least 5*, (Blackhawk, dragon’s claw, glacial peaks, Leonis and drifting sands are all currently 2*) and I don’t understand this either.
PS4 version.
My fully traited and levelled hero classes include archer, sorcerer and mechanist.

AFAIK it only depends on your level, but I was sure you become Mythic at 500. Either I remember it wrong, it’s different on consoles or (most likely) it was changed with raising of the level cap. Anyway you’re Mythic above level 1000 for sure, at least on Mobile/PC.

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Seems like something we should fix! I’ll add it to the bug list.


Thank you for the response. At least now I know that Hero will be equal to the other Mythics at some point :slight_smile: I like playing my hero

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I’d like to know what level your hero becomes mythic on console. I always thought it was 500, but I’m still a legendary even though I just passed it.

Level 1000

It’s 500 on PC/Mobile. I’m not even at 1000 and my Hero is mythic(Still 25 points difference but…)

It has only been 6 months, give the devs a break!


Update since the new release of 4.2.5. 02 1/14/2019

Same group Level 1135

1 Mythic - 6457

1 Mythic Hero with Mythic weapon / Class 20 level 100 Tree) - 6432


But what’s changes is the delta of adding troops has gone down from 1275 to 875 to a team