Can someone explain me ?!

Player 1 :

335 Win - 29 Loose - 21815 Points - Ranked 95

Me :

329 Win - 22 Loose - 16 643 Points ?! - Ranked 14 836 ?!?

PS : I took a random player, I can take another example

PS 2 : I only do 3 trophy fights

Being in an higher or lower guild makes difference in how many points you get for each PVP fights


Oh … It’s badly done :frowning:


Hmmm this does seem a bit weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another example :

Marshal is not a small guild

You get less points per battle because your troops have higher stats thanks to your levelled up guild statues, kingdoms, rarity etc. The game weights your PvP point rewards based on the strength of your team (it’s not clear exactly what the formula is). Essentially, the game rewards weaker players as it is perceived to be more difficult for them to win a match.


They’re doing 3 trophy battles only. You’re not.

@awryan I only battles with 3 trophies.

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Yep. It’s crap but I ran the numbers.


So you’re probably getting been 40-60 pvp points for 3 trophies.
While they’re getting 60-70. Because your guild does legendary tasks. There’s do not.
So… @Saltypatra players who are in successful guilds are less likely to get ingots now than ones who don’t do legendary tasks. Seems like PvP needs to be rebalanced. Unless of course… You intend to put ingots in tasks to even it out.


That’s right, I earn between 40 and 60 points.

14 000 + with 330 battles … :frowning:

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This is one of the dumber and harder-to-get aspects of competitive GoW play.

The points one gets for winning a match are determined by a lot of strange factors beyond your control, and is in many ways set up to punish the people who do the best.

Although one can interpret it a different way based on this quote:

One could also restate this as, “Players who are not yet able to play in a competitive guild get more compensation, in the hopes that they can more quickly reach the level of play that will get them accepted into a guild.”

That doesn’t mean I like it, but it’s a nice thought if that’s the intent. Personally I think you should get a fixed amount of PvP points per match, since you can’t control what matchmaking throws at you.

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It does makes sense as facing easier enemies gives you less trouble and is somewhat an expected victory. Only by taking more risky challenges can give you with higher scores/rewards.

Sirrian once mentioned he finds strange that people won’t put the best teams they have on defense, and we know this is an oddity of our community to leave self-sacrificing teams to help people out…

Our PVP is a watered-down competition. We barely lose anything when defeated either in offense or defense and i think this is one reason why things doesn’t makes sense sometimes as some of us are more used to regular competitive models.


While there are many factors contributing to how hard a battle is perceived to be, I think it just boils down to “When your 3 trophy battle is about the same power as your 2 trophy battle, you are going to get less points.” You want your 3 trophy opponent to be crazy powerful. I call those opponents ‘2.2k gold’ opponents, because of the amount of gold bounty listed for them.

The ladder in this game is fully irrelevant. It’s not a PvP game, and it’s completely slanted in your favor. The matchmaking has nothing to do with rising difficulty. Gems is just a ‘feel good about how awesome I am’ game. It’s one of the reasons I like to play. The other reason is because I think I have a shot with Mab.

OK, but let’s have a thought exercise.

If I’m a level 400 player, there are a lot of players who are higher level than me. I can play vs. level 1200 players with badass mythic teams, and it makes sense I should get more points for that. Even some level 800 players also have badass mythic teams, and I get fewer points but still a lot.

If I’m a level 1300 player, there aren’t many ways to punch up. I have my stats maxed, just like everyone else at level 1300. There aren’t many people at a higher level than me. Even if I want the challenge, it’s not there. Matchmaking sure won’t be giving it to me. So no matter what I do, I get fewer points.

That means a lower-level player can get to the top of the leaderboard with fewer wins than a high-level player. Since that’s more or less a measure of time, it’s a bad deal. If a high-level player is competing with a lower-level player, and they sleep the same number of hours, there’s in theory no way for the higher-level player to outplay the lower-level player.

I wish i was winning 70 points per battle lol now my average is 35 points

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Only because the whole structure is just “sort of competitive”, the low level player still loses very few points eveytime his team is challenged and vanquished. In a true competitive scenario he would be hammered down so hard he would be able to find the underworld map not yet released.

Yeah, but 3 mythic ingots and 100 gems aren’t “sort of prizes”.

Instead of arguing back and forth about that though, my main point is “PvP is set up really dumb, there’s almost no way I’ll ever end up on a leaderboard, and even if I tried people who have played less than me are able to make more progress in less time.”

I liked how Pokemon Shuffle’s competitive tiers were set up, even if I left that game for getting greedy. The tiers were frequently updated to reflect percentages of the player populace. So as I played, the game got more popular, and the highest prize level expanded from #1 to #1-#9, etc. Newbies could pretty quickly see themselves climb out of the lowest brackets, then the competition in the middle brackets got really fierce. But the rewards in the middle brackets always made it worth the fight to try.

As-is in GoW, if I put an extra hour/day into PvP, I wouldn’t even make the lowest prize tier.

Only in theory, because they do gain more points, but it also takes longer (or should if we didn’t had “cheats” like Ubastet) to win a battle against high stacked stats that more than often CAN lead to many defeats.

The system is clearly oudated and in need of a dire review. An idea about how the devs could rework it still leaving the casual experience intact: Simply put a single tie-breaker, like 2500 points for example, and from this point every battle you win have a fixed score gain, every loss takes away nearly as much points and every defense victory also counts a lot of points. You would face people with similar scores, or close to it. Done, if people want to embark on the competition then it’s not a matter of just doing insane amounts of battles, with some substandard guild bonuses and even disregarding defense losses like we have actually.

Those arent points but trophy’s and the total a player gained since he/she started playing too, they never reset differently from the win/loss taht reset weekly.

Only way to be in that leaderboard (no real reasons tbh excepet maybe a fake epeen reason) is share account and have it be spamming pvp 24/7 (that’s why is fake :stuck_out_tongue: ).

At some point today i was 9xx (did a lot of pvp this week cuz the x 2 runes, other than the golds ofc), stopped a few hours and when i checked was already dropped at 2xxx lol.

Nvm lol are indeed points haha, well, no clue why such difference then.

Guess a you’re on some other server too seen right now with around 12k points i am around rank 1800

(first is at like 2,5k matches done lol).

The much bigger problem with how this currently works is higher lv players ALSO GET MUCH LESS GOLD in addition to less pvp points. How much gold the enemy is worth is calculated the same way as how much pvp points they’re worth. It sucks.