Can someone explain how invasion is supposed to be fun?

Hey everyone,

So is anyone actually enjoying invasion, seems pretty ridiculous to me to at the moment. Just fighting over powered towers using the completely under powered troops they provide and after losing round after round with fully traited and leveled troops it occurred to me “isnt this supposed to be fun”?

I meant they AI gives itself unbelievable drops, skull hits almost every turn and matches that amazingly drop from above almost like…gee the AI knew it was there already.

No one likes to feel cheated. just sayin. how bout making game modes that are attainable.


It lets you be creative! After all we have:

Guild wars - Limits my choices to a color
Raid - Limits my choices to a given kingdom
Invasions - Limits my choices to a given type
Bounty - Limits my choices if I want a good reward, cause I gotta use a few troops to get score.

Every new mini-game is a limitation from what we had before! because they can’t figure out something like a 10x10 board or who knows what is possible with a match-3 game. And when they do introduce something, it’s full of bugs. Can you imagine how things are going to be once the dreaded realtime pvp comes? Geez.

Enjoy level 144 towers (are you serious that I am fighting 4 towers), and use your imagination!

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I enjoy Invasion mode. Nice variety versus taking on the same three defence teams all week in pvp. Yes as the sheer stats grow, the risk of losing very quickly to unity rng skull drops or cascades gets very real. I don’t mind.


Burning not working, same entangle, mana drain, so a lot cards are useless. Fun as hell.
Even tower killer Ironbark has entangle in spell, while it’s not working on towers. I’m curious who and how get this spell idea…


It’s fun because of all the Phat loots! err… wait…

It isn’t fun. Neither is the raid. I even made a thread about looking for a guild to join because I do not wish to play the modes anymore.

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Sorry, I hate to be a debbie downer and i enjoy that the devs (publishers?) are trying to give us new content, but I have to also join the chorus of individuals that do not like these new modes at all.

PERHAPS one of them, but having 3 modes that are cookie cutter replicas of each other is just mind numbing. Heck, to be fair I don’t even want one, but one of them I could live with, knowing that it would be another 3 weeks before I have to see it again. 3, it’s always just right around the corner…


The idea behind Invasions is sound, and represents something fun. “Build a team with some limitations to take on a foe that is going to get harder as time passes.”

There’s a plethora of problems with the implementation, though, so the only way you’re going to have fun is if you expect to lose. A lot. Or if you have a fairly high-end team. Here’s some things to consider.

  • Every Invasion/Raid Boss is going to be “easiest” if you have the entirety of the troops from the kingdom. This includes the mythics.
  • It gets harder every round. You’re supposed to start losing at some point. This is inevitable.
  • It takes an entire guild to reach the high-end rewards.

It is written in six-foot-tall block letters that this mode is for 30-person guilds to field late-game players to get the most out of it. For the leaderboard challenge, it is screaming “this is for people who spend money”. You have to make peace with these things to have fun in the mode.

Once you make peace with that, let go of the concept of “finishing”. This mode is about pushing yourself and seeing how far you can get. Like an infinite runner, you know it’s going to end in failure. You can fiddle with this in Raid Boss encounters by intentionally losing to stop the level from getting higher. In Invasion, you really just try to go as far as you can.

It’s not the most fun, yes, but you get paid for your efforts. Don’t buy extra sigils if you don’t like it. Then you don’t have to participate so much.


This is my biggest problem with that particular mode. Eliminating all status effects from the get go, makes the team building aspect pretty pointless in this mode. No individual strategies or tactics on top of already limiting the troop type makes for insanely boring gameplay that is just about dishing out blanket damage.
The idiotic stats on the towers in later levels then just makes for boring one dimensional gameplay for even longer periods of time…yawn.


For me the problem can be summed up as ener^H^H^H^H sigils.

Go ahead, limit the troops I can use. Lock the top rewards behind insanely difficult battles. Monetize by providing bonus stats that will allow me a fighting chance at winning some of those later fights.

But let me keep trying, damn it.


If the new modes were free to play and not pay to play, what leader boards would be higher?

My bet is that pvp would still take the win there.


I think it should go on a 4 week rotation:
Gw -Boss - Gw - Invasion.


If it felt more like something they wanted to add for the community, and less like a giant gem suck i think people would enjoy it more.


Just take out the two Guild Wars and you’ll have it perfect!

I’ve always been happiest when I had my whole collection to play with. That’s why we got the things … I mean, GW restricts colors but its a hell of a lot less of a restriction.


I was also thinking along those lines but the problem is they would probably fix it in form of even longer battles. So not fun. This week’s Invasion goes quite fast because of trolls, Rowanne, Sunbird, Infernus, some giants, Fire Bombs etc. Too bad the towers are immune to all status effects (who thought it’s a good idea to give “Entangle” spell effect to Ironbark is beyond me).

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Invasion and raid boss are terrible… bounty is okay and only a weekend long too

I like the new game modes (in fact, I’m always okay for new contents :slight_smile: ).
You have to read differently the board depending on the game mode. I was afraid for last week because of the poor pool of available troops but the battles were not that bad.
And the stress is nice because if you lost the battle it’s okay, you don’t make loose your guild too much points, not like GW.

I just remind that GW got some/a lot? of tweaks since its release. Hope to see the same with the new game modes :wink: . My top two are:

  • it will be cumbersome but the Boss/Tower killer should ignore the immunity of the Boss/Tower (adding a new triat or boosting the 3rd one). It will make them a little bit more useful. Moreover, these troops are somewhat a carrot so that players give gems. So a little boost will be more than welcomed.
  • give better battle rewards. Glory, trophies or seals. And more golds.

I enjoyed GW’s. I miss GW’s. Yes there are problems but the mode is better than the energy based systems that have been brought out. If I want to play a game until my fingers bleed then it should be my choice. Not the game telling me I’m not allowed to play anymore.

I don’t like Raid or Bounty because of the limitations on team building. With Raid I think the boss gets too strong too fast too. Once he and the rest of the team can one shot any of my team - fun is gone. At least invasions give better options for team building. It’s easier to build a good “type” team compared to a “kingdom” team or a team using specific troops that are only available if you spend the gems.


I’m in the bored camp. I’d be happier if invasions and raids and bounties didn’t all have the same basic premise of fighting the same guy(s) over and over as they get tougher.