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Campaign Tasks Week 7: How to grind your players into spending gems

Let’s take a look at some of these tasks this time around, shall we?

  1. 6 dungeon battles FIRST in line for silver tasks. So, no way to be done in one day. Unless you spend 100 gems.
  2. 3 Delves at level 80+ is right after that. You cannot get to level 110 on the tuesday event, unless you spend gems. Or again, spend 100 gems. And there is a fair number of people who can only do 50 or 500 on factions since they have finished every delve. This should be congratulated, not punished.
  3. Win an explore run in Karakoth (E7+). Next week E10. Week after that E12. What the hell was wrong with E5? You do know that campaign tasks are SUPPOSED to be small, right?
  4. Tasks that cost you resources continue. I will post exactly how much doing the campaign has cost during week 10. It’s already at the point where the free pass players are getting screwed.

It also bugs me that we get a task for summoning, something that’s generally worthless on a team you’re actively playing.
Except of course if you create a bizarre faction where troops blow themselves up.
So of course the day AFTER the event where all our troops suicide do we get a task for summoning.


Yeah, the fact that it’s getting worse each week bugs me, and makes me worried not only about what Week 10 will look like, but if I’m slowly being Gulag’ed into thinking it’s acceptable (even if I don’t like it).


they got me on the hook for 250 gems this time. Can we just skip the shenanigans and just give a button to skip everything for 500 Gems? Sounds like a win-win scenario at this point?


I just now completed task 56, (kill-a-gnome) because I didn’t find any in AB last week, and didn’t have time to do five (5) explore runs in Shentang while all the other events were going on…

New delve is only at 120. I did retain Paragon. And find time to make rambling, incoherent posts, both in forums and guild chat.

But, I’m tired of using vault keys during non-gnome events. My treasure hoard is not as impressive as my Orc Horde. (and some are quick to point out, my Orc Horde isn’t that impressive to begin with)

It be like that sometimes. Add to that, recruiting for new members while blocking multiple troll accounts in global chat…


The beatings will continue until morale improves.


Welcome to 5.0 design!!! :skull:

I wonder if it even worth to keep going at it to be honest. There is at least one task I absolutely hate, Arena, and on top of that Delves are not exactly fun but at least doable since I don’t have all of them maxed out. But for those who have…


Yeah I’m really reaching that point of “let’s see if they announce improvements before the next campaign starts or I’m out.”


No way to be done in one day, yes. But you’re supposed to have a week to complete your tasks, where’s the rush? Can’t surely be unlocking a couple of skill points one day in advance (skill points that will hardly make any difference anyways).

That same number of people will be more than capable of completing those 3 level 500 delves in less than 20 minutes. The only inconvenience is maybe sacrificing 3 attempts at a pure faction clear.

What’s wrong with E12? There are teams (requiring only epic troops) capable of completing an E12 run in 10 minutes. Isn’t that small enough? Moreover, smallness is subjective, and you should correlate the effort needed to complete a task to a week timeframe. Actually, my opinion is quite the opposite, I find the current tasks to be a joke, you hardly need more than 90 minutes per week to complete all of them.

This is the only point I find agreeable, free pass rewards should really be toned up a bit.

Do not mistake me, I too am concerned with the direction the game has begun to take in the recent months, but in my opinion the main issue here is not the certainly more aggressive monetization, but the fact that it has become too darn easy and cheap in time (boring tasks and world event medals, I’m looking at you).


I’m with Nemesis here. The only tasks I have an issue with are the ones that force you to spend resources (summoning stones, keys of all types). I much prefer the others since all they take is a bit of time and effort. So what if some of them requires a bit of a challenge? Even the high level delve task is pretty much nothing to people who have already maxed most delves.

Did the devs actually say that the campaign was supposed to be easily doable by new or low level players?

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When the stats bonus unlock in right away it’s no longer reasonable to expect people to wait until the end of the week to finish the rewards. Players need to be able to finish the tasks on day one to compete in guild wars with the bonuses. Also, if you complete week 10 on sunday you get no stat bonus.

I would also argue that there will be a good amount of newer players who bought the elite pass and have no realistic way of completing a high level explore run. Doesn’t affect me I guess but still worth considering imo.

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Weeks 7 and 8 give +2 Magic each, so I’ve been thinking about not being too concerned with the weeks after that (for the Free Pass).

Evrn considering GWs I still find hard to see what real difference can a couple of stat points do, except for magic maybe, but your argument about unlock timing is sound enough. Having the bonus unlock at the beginning of the subsequent week (and stay valid through it) looks like it could be a quick fix.

The pass has always been clearly stated to be retroactive, if you are a newer player and unsure about the progress you can make in the campaign, the clever (almost obvious) way to proceed would be to wait for the final weeks before buying it. I think the devs have been open and transparent enough about this point.


It’s a game. Play it or not - your call.

There’s a campaign you may want to do, or maybe not. You gain some stats, which may be useful if you can get it. The stats are not permanent though.
End game to early/mid game stat difference? - 30-40 magic. What is this 2-4 magic to them? Just another stat.
The rest of your time may be better spent grinding souls, gold and traitstones to build up kingdom and power level - permanent stat boosts.
If you’re a late game player and care about 2 magic on Monday Tuesday instead of Sunday, you’re in a crowd of about several dozens? Two hundred maybe?

If you feel burnt out by the [individual] campaign, step away. Just skip it. Contribute to the [guild] weekly event though to pull your weight.
If you feel it’s PTW with Kurandara (1) it’s the best value for [real] money EVER offered by the game. USD 10 for a guaranteed Mythic. (2) You’ll survive as you always have with your current troops for events, GW, PvP, Explore etc.

Everything else is just the green-eyed monster invading your mind, telling you that just because the game is offering something, you HAVE TO DO IT so as not to FALL BEHIND OTHERS. It’s a fallacious argument, driven entirely by envy if you are not prepared to spend as much time as the next person.

It is a campaign with WEEKLY chapters. Invest 20 minutes a day or something. Or leave it alone and go match your treasure maps or explore somewhere.

I’m doing the campaign because

  • I can. The tasks are doable for my troops and stats
  • I :heart: it, it’s something to do and a break from the monotonous hours of trophy grinding. There’s variety in the tasks
  • The stats are nice and worth several hoard levels. Going to try some harder factions nearer week 10

So nice to see some much-needed positivity on this forum, especially about this topic.

While I think that the Free Pass is a joke and only exists so people won’t complain as much about the game feeling p2w, and am not fond of some tasks (summoning stones, arena, treasure map, etc), I do like that it gives me more to do and forces me to use teams I wouldn’t normally use.

Really, if they improved the Free Pass to where it’s actually worth your time to do, I’d feel pretty good about Campaigns, even with the tasks I dislike. The main error in my mind is how blatantly obvious it is that Campaign is a paid feature.


Jesus christ… I haven’t spent ANY gems on skipping tasks. They are dreadfully easy to complete. Oh no, a WEEK LONG EVENT takes a minimum of 2 days to complete? What will we do? Better complain about it.


use a sunbird team and do quick explores, i finished that task in under 3 minutes

Everything that is released/withdrawn in GoW will affect different players differently: e.g. some guildies love PvP, but dread Campaign: they are now finding themselves losing left and right in PvP, because the stat boost that may be insignificant to End Players is actually a big deal for certain groups of players. So now their enjoyment is affected, unless they do the grind that some of us can choose to step away from.

Many of us have at some point or another told others ‘how to’ enjoy the game (just skip this, just don’t face L&D, just stop caring about GvG…), but that mainly gives the developer fodder to eventually claim that ‘players like the features’ while not really helping those we are giving the advice to.

Another clear (and ongoing) example is that of players who enjoy being ‘forced’ to use teams they wouldn’t normally use: the blanket restrictions affect everyone (some positively, some negatively) whereas the implementation could give enough flexibility for most players to choose which restrictions they enjoy, and which grinds they wish to skip.

GoW has moved to the ‘pay to reduce grind’ model for (at least) a couple of years now, so those of us who are newer to the game may have a different outlook on what the game is vs what it could be, based on what it used to be.

Surely a player expressing their dissatisfaction with an element of the game deserves the same space as a player expressing their satisfaction with the same element, without having to be told that ‘the way they are feeling is wrong’?
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


The Campaign Tasks have really made Mondays feel like chore day.


This is really the crux of it for me. The campaign has cost Event Keys every week, and occasionally Gem Keys as well (such as this week).

Free players: Trade 2 Event & 5 Gem Keys (or 80 Gems) for 1260 Souls, 10 White Pet Food, 10 Runic Magic Traitstones, and 5 Minor Magic Traitstones

There is literally nothing in this list worth 80 Gems.

Battlepa$$ players: Trade 2 Event & 5 Gem Keys (or 80 Gems) for all of that plus 40 Gold Keys, 16 Glory Keys, 6 Gem Keys, 4 Event Keys, a custom Portrait, and 4 Epic Troops

You get back everything you spent doing Tasks, plus a lot more on top.

To be clear, I’m FINE with the idea of battlepa$$ buyers getting extra. They’re spending real money. However, non-buyers should at least be able to recover what they feed into the weekly resource bleed (you know, so they feel REWARDED) in order to unlock Artifact levels.

This, and it should have been marketed as such.

Yes, and people are looking at the perceived value instead of realizing what their behavior is encouraging. This is intended, and I would expect every battlepa$$ to do this from now on.

505/IP2: “This is a sweet deal! Look at this good deal! Holy crap this is a GREAT deal! No, there are no upcoming bug fixes, no localization fixes, no balancing, no change to Life & Death, no removing extra clicks from Explores, no misc. QOL…but LOOK AT THIS GOOD DEAL! BUY NOW! DID YOU BUY IT YET???”

Players: “But what about…”

505/IP2: (Interrupting) “Just ignore all the stuff we refuse to prioritize so we can put in more monetization and then reward us for doing it. Thanks, we love your money you.”

And some people actually think that people who are refusing to buy the pa$$ are refusing exclusively because of the price. It’s cute, really.