Campaign Glitch Announcement

Since Infinity Plus Two is too busy being absent, I’ll go ahead and post the official announcement that was only visible in our more customer friendly parallel universes.

Ahoi Adventurers,

As you may have noticed, the current campaign is ending in a somewhat unusual way. Let’s be frank, it’s a mess, we aren’t going to get it cleaned up, so you might as well make and take the best out of it. There’s 20 extra rewards for Elite Pass owners, try to catch them all, this one is on us.

Elite+ Pass owners, we hear you. You paid more than Elite Pass owners, so you should receive more. Current plans are to send you all a bonus by in-game mail, there’s no need to contact Support about it. Please bear with us, we are still negotiating the details with our head accountant, Stephen Crooge. It may take a little longer, he’s hard to understand with all that sobbing.

Unfortunately no extras for F2P players this time, unless you happen to enjoy completing additional tasks just for the fun of it. We’ll be more thorough with the next bug we introduce in a couple of weeks.


Pretty much about what I expected. They were never going to ban people who pay for their passes.

Customer friendliness is an exclusive VIP level 21 bonus.



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The best part is that by the time they actually do say something along these lines, the campaign will have ended.

Silence is a response. The use of the “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” tactic…if they wait until there is no opportunity to take the rewards to announce that people can keep the extra, those too afraid to take them will miss out.

And a whole new set of angry people will grab their pitchforks, demanding compensation for “doing the right thing.” This hole keeps getting deeper.


Great, thanks for posting. Where exactly was this?

Read it carefully. It’s not real.


Bahaha. Okay, ya got me. Caught it when I was also reading work emails. I’ll leave it up for your laughs.


The equable compensation is giving Elite+ Pass buyers all the rewards from level 1010 through level 1200 again. I won’t go so far as to suggest we should receive 320 stars worth of over-L1000 rewards for those of us who were insane enough to complete the reset Campaign – it would be way too hard to figure out who did.

The alternative is refunding the difference in price of the Elite+ over the Elite Pass. I suspect that solution is much less palatable.

Giving current Elite+ Pass buyers a free Elite+ Pass for the next Campaign isn’t fair to anyone. It’s the extra price for Elite+ over Elite that’s at issue, not the basic price for Elite.

There is an official “Known Issue” for it:

Since Friday is over down under, I assume no further news about this until next week.


Elite+ Pass got everything they paid for. They should get nothing.

Other pass players should get items taken away.

Pretty simple.

This further confuses matters, because the claim that the article makes is incorrect. Elite+ rewards are not locked for Elite pass. They are only locked for those with no pass at all.

Thank you for sharing the link though :slight_smile: At least there’s something to monitor for updates

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You’d be surprised how difficult some simple things turn out to be, this one is like trying to revert entropy.


Your claim that it is simple is incorrect. If it were simple, it would’ve been done already. This is why they let a massive number of people keep up to 5000 gems in 2018, when players intentionally caused a glitch to keep getting a 50 gem gift, over-and-over, and only targeted the small number of people who took more. Even then, they gave people a chance to give them back, only punishing those who spent them.This is why they let people keep the extras that were claimed when the soul forge “one time” purchases reset. Going account by account, and removing individual items is not administratively efficient, nor “simple.”

A screw up like this would be thousands of accounts to manually change. The logic is simple, but the action is not.


If you punish players for a mistake by development, you are making it even worse, and those who were able to benefit from this mess are of the paying kind too.
And if you reverse all paid out rewards, you may still have a halfway smooth process for those, who have them stored in inventory, but if the dragonite, runes or orbs were already used again, you can bet, that there will be ten little bugs following the big one.
Not even mentioning, that again, that would piss off at least those players, who upgraded to normal premium as a result of the bug.

I guess, as has been said at the start, premium plus will receive some sort of bonus, those on premium get to keep their stuff, and the ones left out are the non-paying ones. Guess, someone has to end up worse, no matter what.

Main focus goes on not letting this happen again. I would assume, it had something to do with the lunar year calendar.


I agree. The only real change that occurred on the same day was the addition of the daily rewards to get the free copy of the pet out. Should’ve been a 7 day calendar on Monday, but put in as a5 day on Wednesday.

the fix … perpetual vault event.

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When I read that, I was wondering if a) they have fixed it so rewards can’t be claimed anymore or b) they are flat out lying in that support article.

As an Elite+ pass holder, I wasn’t upset by all of this, errors happen. But I’m getting upset now :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


i share this same thought.

shit happens but its the lies that pissing me off now

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No lies this time. The devs came through by giving the elite+ players the same rewards the elite players “earned” for free, i.e., they gave us the rewards for L1010-1200 again.