Campaign Glitch Announcement

not going to lie i think that was fair seeing nothing was lost only gained. so we got what we paid for again.

It’s almost the equivalent of giving Elite+ Pass buyers a free upgrade from Elite → Elite+ (the items the extra $15 gets you) for the next round of Campaign.

The only thing I can think is missing is the time advantage Elite+ Pass buyers get, i.e. getting access to some of the rewards and artifact skill bonuses a bit earlier – but maybe since they’ve received the extra rewards now rather than later (having to wait for next Campaign), that makes up for it?

Definitely better consideration than usual – I guess they’ve paid attention to the fact it’s their biggest spenders who were affected, and acted accordingly…

Other than the early access for troops and weapons in the pass, there is a single major clan orb and a single major wisdom orb that come with Elite+ Really doesn’t amount to a big difference to me,

That’s also not what everyone else got as a plus so this is actually more fair. Plus people got extra what they paid for that everyone else got for free because of the glitch.

They were not affected. Just the whiners felt slighted. We got exactly what was promised. But Jimmy got it for free. We are victims.

What happened to the 50 gems ruins the economy?


This probably has nothing to do with the lunar calendar & extra pet. The campaign glitch happened before the daily reset on Wednesday - about 15-20 minutes before. Lunar calendar appeared exactly at reset.

This is what I think happened. A dev was testing a change out and forgot he/she was pointing to prod. That is why developers should not have access to prod.

And now you won’t stop whining.

Guess the irony is lost on you.

Pointing it truth. Not a whine. I am not asking for something for nothing.


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