Campaign Glitch and fair compensation

Ok lets get ahead of this mistake right away before 50 gems go out as compensation. If you don’t already know the campaign pass has messed up. If you bought the 9.99 basic pass you can now get all the rewards for the 24.99 pass. Since the team is asleep they have three options when the get to work.

1: Remove all rewards for those that did not spend 24.99. No harm no foul. This would be the best and most fair result. My worry is they have a hard time taking back rewards once some of them are already spent.

2: Let the people that took advantage of the glitch keep their rewards, but fix it so that no one else can. This one is bad. You make people that spent 24.99 mad, and people that could not take advantage of the problem mad.

3: let everyone who spent 9.99 get the full 24.99 for free. This one will only make those that spent 24.99 mad…your most active spenders, who support the team the most. It is this group, and this situation that compensation should go out unless the first option is picked.

So what should that compensation be? 200 gems just is not going to cut it. You have already established at a bare minimum 750 gems for 14.99, and if that was what was sent out to the 24.99 users that would be fair, though some would probably still complain here. So what is fair and what will be done?


Let those that profited from a 9,99 pass keep their rewards and give those that spent 24,99 a free elite+pass for the next campaign.


as i said in another post compensate the difference in value of gems.

Less than zero chance that there’s any compensation like a free elite+ pass (fair as that may be).

Any and all compensation will be in something that does not have a direct monetary value.

Depending on the number of people who took advantage (and seeing how wide open this is, there’s going to be a fair few), we’d see either 0 compensation at all and pretending that this didn’t happen or at most the 750 gems as @foxdvd mentions.

Given that every single reward in the Elite+ tier is consumable, there’s not going to be a clean way to just remove the rewards that weren’t paid for.

Maybe an additional vault event as compensation? (Tongue firmly in cheek there)

we will then get “since we are already giving an ADDITIONAL vault event, which was never going to happen (fingers crossed behind back) we cannot give any more vault events this century”

an extension to the “additional” vault would be nice however. seeing as many grinders. ie me. will have to use a slower team to combat the dragonite gnome having more health

Under normal circumstances I’d have no problem with them taking the extra rewards away (good luck, I already spent my dragonite on another dupe troop and my epic vault keys are also already used). But, considering they put no effort or energy whatsoever into rightly compensating those that were banned during the ban bug it would seem very client unfriendly to me if they would put effort and energy into taking stuff away from people. In this case it would make me mad as hell and no way I want to be involved with this company anymore if that happens.


at this point IP2 should issue everyone full refunds based on vip level for GoW and the equivelent for PQ3 shut the games down and file for bancruptcy… this is a shit show now


So what do you guys going to do if the compensation is the usual or even nothing?

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They will give no compensation.

After all we got what we pay for, amirite?

@Devs: Thank you for the delayed 2nd krinklemess compensation through expanded campaign! :partying_face::clown_face:

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That is exactly what I was think of. Anyone spent 24.99 get the next campaign Elite Pass + for free.

i don’t know too much about this, but when another mobile game i play had bugs that affected things ppl spent money on, the players got refunds from Apple or Google play.

because the carriers have TOS too, that GOW has to abide by.

this case is questionable, but ppl clearly payed 15$US for something others got for free at essentially the same time.
as i said before, ideally the aggrieved parties would get their money back or a free elite + upgrade in a subsequent campaign.

i expect this might not be practical from the developers’ pov.
otoh, ppl who buy elite + are much more likely to be whales, and those are the last folks to screw with.

someone else suggested handing out the same rewards in duplicate to elite+ players.
this also seems reasonable to me.


Since devs are continuously making errors and not learning from these errors i suggest letting players keep what they were given in game and fully refunding those that paid for campain…then firing those responsible instead of banning players who fund the game and their salaries


The duplication of all rewards for elite plus users is the best idea so far


They have a fourth option, leave everything just the way it is, without sending anybody anything. It’s a pretty safe bet this will be the option they are going to pick. The reasoning is pretty simple, nobody lost anything, everybody got what they paid for. It’s even a very player friendly solution, they are handing out free extras.

Sure, the rub here is that some players are getting more than they paid for. They are even getting something for free that others players purchased for money. That actually happens a lot in the business world, usually in some form of discount or free upgrade. If you are susceptible to Buyer’s Remorse, avoid purchasing anything that others might possible receive for less.

They could probably send out some “loyalty reward” to those who purchased the Elite+ Pass. They probably won’t.

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I agree that a fair compensation should go to those that have bought the gamepasses, IF there is an exploit possibility there - I don’t know I havn’t tried.

There are simply too many mistakes and bugs and bad excuses - #bangate being their latest huge bug/mistake before this and since #weavergate I havn’t spent any money on this game - I can’t support that.
And not spending money is the only language they understand. They don’t care about the players, there are still lots af new players coming apparently making up for all those that have already left.
It is so sad.

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Taking back everything players got from the extra tasks seems not very time-cost-effective. They may even have made some extra sales because of this as people may have seen this as a huge discount.

Taking away things players played extra for - many of which may not be aware is a bug - would anger people on top of that.

Sending the people who spent extra the rewards (again) seems to be a fair solution. Probably less of a hassle. They may require a ticket.

Also, they didn’t spend time to give the banned players what they should have gotten - and the extras don’t even cover that loss to be honest.
(Yes and orb of power is nice but not if you have more than enough of those already. The gems are worth more at that point in the game. )


Best thing is the game reset is 7am uk.
Its now 5:11 pm.

Were are the developers.
Ino its quiet in your mothers basement.
But surely one of you are awake.

Worst customer service iv ever seen, worse than an indian call centre.

It’s still night there (or early morning - I always forget where exactly they’re located). They’re probably actually still sleeping.

We have all suggested countless times the they switch reset to their office hours but nope.

Wouldn’t have helped much in this case, probably, because it happened before reset.


If there sleeping now

Then they wernt 10 hours ago

At 7am uk time.

So they were awake when it started.