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Campaign Ending: Phoenix Stone

“You” doed not refer to anybody in particular, it’s a generalized “you” for entities stepping on the same rakes time and time again when all it takes is few minutes of work to end up with ten content customers and one angry comment instead of other way round - one content customer and ten angry comments.

Sometimes you can’t help wondering if they actually prefer latter case to be the default.

I never said I don’t play the game. I stated I don’t play the campaign. I simply say if you don’t like that aspect of the game then don’t bother with it.

What I find funny is the people who continue to bother with the campaign or any aspect of the game for that matter even though they constantly whine about it and even pay for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy that aspect then by all means pay for it and play it. But if your going to be dumb enough to pay for something you don’t want or even like then it’s a you problem not a developer problem. If you don’t like the campaign then don’t pay for it. Simple as that. Developers would notice if there’s money missing but they would laugh their butts off at the guys that paid for it consistently and yet whine about it. I would. I say vote with your wallet. It’s obvious complaining here isn’t working for those guys so just stop playing the game and I can guarantee the developers will notice.


Y’all ignoring the message!

The campaign is ending! Best news ever … wait what do you mean there’s another one afterwards FML.


If RNG is dictating the tasks, it should be relatively simple to code in some logic that prevents both the Adventure Board and Dungeon tasks (and any other tasks requiring multiple days) from appearing during the same week. I don’t mind one of them appearing in a given week, but when both appear in the same week it can be really easy to accidentally lock yourself out of completing the campaign tasks and fall behind unless you pay crystals. Especially when it happens during the last week of the campaign and you cannot catch up the following week. I doubt most of the player base is looking at the full campaign task list at the start of each week, so many players will inevitably fall a day or two behind because they completed a Dungeon/Adventure Board before the campaign task appeared.

I know this will sound unbelievable to most of the forum regulars, but let’s say someone on this last campaign week fell behind and is trying to catch up from, say, week 7. It’s literally impossible for them to complete all the tasks unless they pay crystals to skip a few Adventure Board or Dungeon tasks.


Their goal is to do as little as possible manually and just have a game running automatically on pure RNG for the most part.


We always think that, but somehow it feels like it takes deliberate action to create a pile of garbage as bad as this week …

So, devs, which is it? Negligence and reliance on a terrible system, or you did this to us on purpose? :thinking:

PLUS: I’m actually amazing at treasure maps and have never had a problem with their inclusion… So however poorly I am feeling about the campaigns - I know everyone else is feeling worse, great! (I do think treasure maps need to be fixed still. Not the point here.)


It’s not hard to code that:
If (week_of_campain == 10) then

so RNG might pick up tasks at random, but tasks themselves might be coded to take different values depending from campaign week… (especialy that we see that for delves and explore, where level inceases as weeks go by)


If we must keep the time gated tasks, they should be the very first one in any given week. I have to look up tasks every Monday to check if I need to delay playing something because of a time gate. If it was the first, that would help.

It also means we couldn’t have two time gated tasks like we do now with adventure board and dungeon.

Overall though, time gated tasks should just be removed. Paying to speed up is fine, but the free track should then have to grind. Twiddling thumbs waiting is not that.


Which would beg the question why they should intentionally include bigger timer gates in the one single week you are absolutely required to complete all tasks in order to not miss out. It’s also not hard to code in progression based metrics, like including the most awkward tasks in case a global gem threshold from task skip fees hasn’t been passed.

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I’m a little doubtful about the whole “rng” tasks. There’s gotta be some things limiting the possible outcomes. Eg. hopefully there’s something that would prevent “3 day AB task” + “delve task” combos (this would mean delve task wouldn’t be active until Wed, imagine the outrage there). Assuming that’s there, shouldn’t be too hard to add “don’t do multiple time dependent tasks in same task group” to it.

That said, considering that campaigns are pretty central to the game these days, seems pretty ridiculous not to have a human at least look the tasks over before going live and re-rolling them if there’s something bad in them. And if that DOES happen, then you can’t use RNG as an excuse here.


why wont 505 put a human to look after stuffs like this??
leaving everything up to RNG in my opinion is a bit disrespectful to players …


I’m fine with RNG as long as it’s smart RNG, or at least that the options that RNG can choose from have been thought out.


I like the part where I’m only getting 4 days (if I don’t pay gems to skip) to enjoy the Week 10 Artifact bonus before it all gets set back to 0.

I refuse to pay gems to skip, so thanks for limiting my bonus time. Buying the campaign pass did nothing to improve that quality of life.


Well, I waited 4 days to get it but Quetzalma sucks.

  • Terrible damage with no way of increasing her magic
  • Almost half the damage of beetrix and yet isn’t true damage.
  • High mana cost so hard to loop even with a yellow storm.
  • Costly to start as the only troop that can boost its starting mana either blocks 2 colours or is completely blocked
  • Poor synergy with other suncrest troops
  • Weak mythic trait that has little benefit to the player except for trolling others with defence teams
  • Extremely weak to status effects

Total waste of a mythic, such a shame. This should be the yellow version of Phoenicia but the damage is just so poor. Why not double the damage to start with and double again with a yellow storm? Or destroy instead of remove gems? Or give it a decent passive 3rd trait?


I thought she may have good loop potential but create 10 gems just doesn’t seem to be enough. Very hit and miss.

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  • Quetzalma is a Divine Stryx, so she can start at 40% mana with Divine Ishbaala. Phoenicia is Elemental and can start at 50% with The Maraji Queen.
  • The Maraji Queen only converts green gems to doomskulls. Divine Ishbaala converts Red to Skulls but also Green to Yellow and then enchants 2 random allies.
  • Phoenicia requires a Firestorm for her damage to be sufficient. Without the Firestorm, her damage is only boosted by Red Gems and Burning Enemies, at 1:1, and burning enemies isn’t something she easily does (only 50% chance to burn ONE random enemy at start of her turn, a terrible trait). The red gems boost is nice, usually there will be 10-15 gems on board, but with a firestorm that’s 20-30 more damage.
  • That said, most people use the Sunspear (Raksha) class to generate the Firestorm, because Stormcaller (Stryx) makes a Lightstorm every turn.
  • Quetzalma benefits immensely from Lightstorm, because she removes gems, then creates gems, and new gems fall if the number of gems removed is greater than the number she’s creating. If you remove 15 gems, then create 10 yellow gems, 5 more gems are going to fall. With a Lightstorm, you’ll have more yellow gems fall, on average, than other colors.
  • Looping is absolutely possible. Yes, she has a slightly higher mana cost. But after you cast Phoenicia, the board is how you left it, which means if you left a 4 or 5 match up, it’s going to be there. Now, this isn’t a problem when you are killing the enemy team with one cast. However, if you’re using Phoenicia in a battle that requires multiple casts (high level delves or events), then Phoenicia suffers from the fact that you want red gems on the board (for the boosted damage), but you also don’t want to leave 4/5 matches for the opponent. Quetzalma doesn’t have that problem. When you use her cast, if there’s a 4+ match leftover, you’re going to get an extra turn, and she’ll be half-full or full depending on how many matches you’ve made after removing gems.

Overall, I think they are completely different troops and comparing them is really silly. Phoenicia is a Firestorm one-shot troop. Quetzalma is a Lightstorm looping troop.


I could have phrased it better but I just meant Q should work with a lightstorm as well as P works with a red one.

I know Ish can give Q a fast start, I mentioned it in my notes because they both use two of the same colours.

Do you have a good Quetzalma team you can share to prove me wrong that this is a trash tier mythic?

Edit: Even if you get her to loop a few times the damage done is just laughably bad, and that’s WITH the 20% event boost

The best comparison for Quetzalma is being a slightly better Yasmine’s Chosen, with no entangles.

Because of Scatter damage, Yasmine has basically fallen off of viability. Quetzalma is in the same boat, but doesn’t have the entangle utility Yasmine has.


Scatter damage is always going to be worse than “all enemies” damage, but that’s because scatter damage gets better the fewer targets there are. Here’s my Phoenicia team:


So it’s going to do (66+16)*2 damage to all enemies. That’s 164 damage, times four, for 656 total damage. That’s A LOT of damage. But if I have only two enemies, then it’s 328 damage. That’s still a lot, absolutely. 160ish single target damage is huge, but it’s reliant on a lot of things for Phoenicia. It takes a couple turns to fill her mana back up (that’s what Flammifer is for though). Let me try to whip together a Divine team.


I’m going to remove all the brown gems, because it will leave me with a really good board position afterward. That will give me (77+30)=107 scatter damage, or 26 per target. Phoenicia does over SIX TIMES that amount per target. Here’s the current board before I cast:

Right after I cast:

Let’s use Divine Ishbaala:

Okay, now let’s remove purple:

Okay, Divine Ishbaala again:

Let’s get rid of blue gems this time…

Okay, another Divine Ishbaala cast:

And another one:

And now we’ll remove brown gems:

Okay, I think you get the idea…

The looping is crazy easy.


Well I’m glad someone’s enjoying it at least