Campaign Begins: The Adanian Reactor

New Campaign Begins

A brand new Campaign begins today. Sparkgrinder has invited you to view his latest creation…

New Heroic Gem: Bomb Gems

During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles, the Bomb Gem.

Bomb Gems cannot be matched with other Gems, and must be destroyed either with spells that target them or by explosions (such as ones from a spell effect or Doomskull). When destroyed Bomb Gems will explode, destroying the Gems in a large area around themselves.

Bomb Gems will occasionally (but rarely) drop like regular Gems during The Adanian Reactor Campaign. Some Troops and Weapons will also be able to create them.

Once the Campaign is over, they will no longer fall randomly though the Troops and Weapons that create them, will continue to function.

Please Note: There is a known issue where spells that remove Gems will cause the Bomb Gem to trigger its explosion effect. Destruction effects SHOULD trigger the Bomb Gems, but removal effects should NOT. This will be fixed in the next update.

Artifact: The Adanian Reactor

During this Campaign, players can earn Stars to level this Campaign’s Artifact – The Adanian Reactor. Each new level will expand the story of the Campaign and also give Skill Point bonuses to all battles (including PvP and Guild Wars).

(These bonuses will only apply during the Campaign and are lost when the Campaign ends).

Elite Pass Rewards Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at a few of the rewards that will be available from the Elite Pass reward track.


When the campaign ends, players can still earn unique rewards in the following ways:

  • The Sparkinator – She will start appearing in chests 3-4 weeks after the Campaign ends.
  • Shock Hammer – This weapon will be craftable from the Soulforge the next time during their Kingdom’s event after the Campaign ends.
  • Portraits, Emojis and Titles – Like Social Collectibles from Events, these will become available to purchase from Gems about 3 months after the Campaign ends.
  • Steam Kitty – As this pet is cosmetic, it will only be available during special Pet Rescues after the Campaign ends.

New Tarot Card: The Chariot

The Tarot card for this Campaign will be The Chariot.


What the hell is “large area” supposed to mean?! How about having the common decency to actually give us the details we need?


To those that are interested, here are the skill ups from this campaign’s artifact. We have the typical +4 Magic, but it happens earlier on this time. Have fun!

Campaign 9 Artifact Skill Ups (Mar 28 - Jun 05, 2022) 
Level 1 -   +5 Shield
Level 2 -   +5 Shield
Level 3 -   +3 Attack
Level 4 -   +2 Magic
Level 5 -   +2 Magic
Level 6 -   +5 Life
Level 7 -   +5 Life
Level 8 -   +3 Attack
Level 9 -   +5 Shield
Level 10 -  +3 Attack
TOTALS: +10 Life; +9 Attack; +15 Shield; +4 Magic


That seriously looks like the worst Mythic I’ve ever seen.


Here’s another troop that steals Armor:


Not only does Gloom Leaf steal armor, but it steals 5 attack as well. AND Gloom Leaf is impervious AND it reflects 50% of skull damage.

What does “The Sparkinator” have for traits?


A bunch of trash. It creates bomb gems and then explodes ONE gem (which undoubtedly sets off a chain reaction and basically explodes the entire board). Here are some other mythics and legendary troops that explode the board MUCH BETTER:



Burning Oni:




Infernus, The WorldBreaker, Carnex, Divinia, Gorgotha, etc. etc.

The problem with troops that steal armor is eventually there is NO MORE ARMOR TO STEAL. Once all the enemy armor is gone (which is usually in like 2-3 casts, especially if you’re doing damage to the enemies at the same time with other troops, in this case), the only thing The Sparkinator does is explode the board. Meanwhile, he has a paltry 25% spell and skull damage reduction. He only gains armor from matching red gems when he can’t steal it.



The more I think about it the more I agree…I mean it is not even close to being the worst, but with the inability to get the new hoard mythic keeping me from having a complete set anyway, this is the first campaign since I started that I have no desire to even buy…

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Fallen Valdis looks like she will be relinquishing her long held crown of ‘really not that great’


the only way to even make this worth it is to explode a larger number of gems, or explode a random bomb gem…and even then it would just be ok. As is it will be one of those 50/50 give the other team a win or not.

If I was designing Sparkinator…

AI Malfunction:

Create a mix of 22 Doomskulls and Bomb Gems. Then destroy a random row and column. There’s a 25% chance to stun or freeze myself.

Electrified Plating: Add 50% of Armor to Skull Damage

Salvage Parts: Steal 5 Armor from all enemies when I deal Skull damage.

Firewall: Give 8 Armor to all mechs when matching Red Gems.



Al Malfunction:
Steal half of enemy’s Attack and Armor from all Enemies. Create 10 Bomb Gems. Then explode 3 random Gems.

Stoneskin: Reduce damage from Skulls by 50%.

Spell Block: Reduce damage from Spells by 50%

Manufacture: 75% chance to summon a random Mech when an enemy dies.

I especially waited for the AI Sparkinator in the World Event to cast its spell once, and guess what, big surprise, the explode ONE gem doesn’t start a chain explosion but leaves me a turn to explode the board.

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So I assume it’s common practice for you to ‘award’ the wrong color pet food in your campaigns?
I sound like a broken record posting the same message every 11 weeks.

Unfortunately the Devs are scared of making anything that’s any good, like the boost ratio issue on the incoming Mythic this week. The troop is so forgettable, I can’t be bothered to look up what it is called again.

It’s been this way for too long. Bar the odd exception, Arcturion/Baldr/Centuragon/Durgan Ironfall (more niche), to some extent Piscea, we have to go back a while for stuff of value.

Also, since Elementalist, if you haven’t got plenty of Impervious options, it’s a moot point anyway.

Maybe we get a class that cleanses and then blesses on 4/5 gems…

Like if a mythic was decent in a campaign, surely more people would plunge to get it sooner by getting out the ol wallet…


Bomb Gems cannot be matched with other Gems, and must be destroyed either with spells that target them or by explosions (such as ones from a spell effect or Doomskull). When destroyed Bomb Gems will explode, destroying the Gems in a large area around themselves.
Luther says: it will explode the gems around it???
sure you know that explode around is only half mana gaining than destroy.
what is right?

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As a big fan of Mechs I am rather disappointed in the new Mech Mythic. Bombs are a cool idea but seem pointless when other cards can simply explode everything without the risk of your opponent having a chance to set bombs off for you. Perhaps make The Sprakinator have more gems explode? Make Bombs do scatter dmg or something on explosion? Overall hopefully y’all patch him up! Really wanna use him! Firewall trait should really give all mechs armor!

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And here it comes… I did not know before now. I was hoping to finally see an above lowebee Mythic for once…

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Bomb gems are lame, have some imagination. Make them do some damage to the troops based on color exploded and let them give 100 mana instead of the normal 50%.

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Just messing around with Gaards avatar …not even going to get into row team since we all know she is better than 95 percent of the mythics …so sticking with another mythic…Gaards…sitting unbuffed doing 75 damage per enemy…one single cast of urskaya and he hits for 180 plus per enemy…and with that he two shots in 30 seconds explore 12. How can they justify this horrible new mythic coming Friday and it’s 10 to 1 boost ratio? Because it pushes first enemy to back? Just make it a legendary and call it good.

My proposed tweaks for Sparkinator, no pun intended.

AI Malfunction

  • Create 10 Bomb Gems and convert all Purple Gems into Doomskulls and either give all allies [Magic+3] to a random skill or steal [Magic+3] from a random skill from all enemies.


  • Reduce damage from skulls by 25%


  • Gain 2 Armor from a 4 or 5 Gem match.


  • 75% chance to summon a random mech when an enemy dies.
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Too bad I can’t get all those extra things for this campaign (weapon, pet, mythic) - no Elite Pass. All “thanks” to Google Pay.

“The Chariot is now available in the vault”
Thanks for the in-game info.