Campaign Begins: Leonine Crown

…also legendary tasks.

But I don’t disagree with the overall thrust of the post.

I just wish the communication was clearer, and sooner. Like, it would have been nice for people who would have wanted to buy the Sun instead of chase it with Vault Keys to know when it was still available to be bought that this would be the case…


Now this I can agree with.

Also to add my final words on this, the people who complain the most (maybe?) are the endgamers who have everything and want to maintain that state of having everything permanently (without any further work/change).

I am not new, but not an end gamer by any means - I have 14 months invested in the game.
I do not have GW troops anywhere near mythic. (Yet people want fewer GW…)
I do not have Doom troops anywhere near mythic, and given the new timeframe (66 weeks per cycle), it will take even longer to get to mythic (without blue orbs) than Tarot card troops (maybe? haven’t compared odds)…

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Or… They are guild Leaders complaining for the players like you who you don’t have everything. And really nothing the devs do effect “the complainers themselves personally” and they are trying to look out for others.

Because weirdly enough. GoW only survives (and is enjoyable) if a large number of players of different activities and different stages of the game play. And not just soley “end gamers”.

GoW changes literally with every patch. To say end gamers fear change is simply silly.

so, you are only playing 14 months now?
and comparing things like doom and GW troops with new legendary vault troops?
and it sounds as you like it that way…i have no words for it.
are there still ways nowadays to get a lot of GW and doom troops? yes
so compare that please with new vault troops HoR, the sun, the emperor and the moon and their actual drop rates.
and then tell me about new players coming to this game after campaign 5 or 6 for example and i mean paying players…they will also have to pay to get the missing vault troops.

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