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Bulette Time

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bulette-time/

Happy New Year everyone!

New Rare Troop: Bulette

I found tracks, but much to my sorrow
They were not ones I ever would follow
'Cause to fight a Bulette
It’s Urskayan Roulette
When he bites, there’s a chance he might swallow

The Bulette is only available from the Glory Tab of the shop this week. He will be appearing in eligible chests (mainly Gold & Glory chests) in a few weeks.

New Common Troop: Hyena

There once was an Elf named Eldina
Who was trying to tame a Hyena
But he laughed when she tried
Called his friends to his side
And they had Elven take-out for dinner

The Hyena is only available from the Glory Tab of the shop this week. He will be appearing in eligible chests (mainly Gold chests) in a few weeks.

New Legendary Troop: Chief Stronghorn

The mightiest Bull ever born
Was know for his brains AND his brawn
When his folks named him Keith,
He just changed that to Chief,
And appended the surname Stronghorn.

Chief Stronghorn will ONLY be available in Event Chests for this week, and will appear in all other eligible chests (mainly Glory, Gem, and VIP chests) a short time later.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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1st! Happy New Years!

Happy new year everyone!!!


Hope 2018 brings everyone great joy and a multitude of blessings!!!

Much love to the GoW Forum Community! :heart:

Enjoy tonight but don’t enjoy soooo much that you forget to set your GW defenses and level your Sentinels!!!



Wow, posted by the devs on German midnight!:laughing: Happy New Year and lots of lucky chest and Arcane drops for everyone!
Enjoy the real-life particles outside, everyone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They sure are flashy right now!

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Ketras gonna be happy with his buddy.


Does a short time later mean it is no longer a 4 week wait?


I just now noticed that this is the first time (since I play the game, at least) that all Glory-event troops will be in gold chests. And I also already have Ketras, so I wonder if it wouldn’t be better for me to skip this event entirely and save my pitiful amount of Glory. Well, maybe buy one of the troops for Glory for the completion, but yeah… Stronghorn will likely drop sooner or later as well and I don’t really feel like wasting my event keys on a week where I can’t get a new mythic from event chests. :thinking: Seems really odd, wonder if such weeks will happen more often? But I’m glad for not having to spend much Glory.

2018 is not starting very well for me…
Just as usual.

Depending of how much keys, and glory, you have i think you should still aim for a single copy of Stronghorn. He seems like a good addition for Blue and Brown builds. No need to pair him with other Tauros at all. He does his job from any position in your team disabling enemy compositions.
In any case you have a whole week to make a decision. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would like to test him with bul’tauros it might be interesting

Bul’tauros is a Centaur, but i believe you can manage a good team with Sunweaver and probably Minogor during next week’s event.

I needed 153 event keys to get Scylla… I have 121 saved up right now. RNG is not my friend, so I’m a bit too scared, I think.

You’ll have a few more keys as the week goes, so you can take time and appreciate feedback about him before you decide. No pressure, just don’t discard the possibility already.

(I also needed a lot of keys for Scylla, 124 and got two copies.)

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True enough, but I still feel like it would be a waste of event keys to use them at all if there’s no mythic I need involved. I mean that totally unrelated to Stronghorn - who seems like a good troop to support Khorvash, actually, to get mana drain on that pesky enemy backline - but in general. Mythics are what’s hard to come by; legendaries almost always drop sooner or later from a chest.

At the very least, maybe keeping the keys for Bright Forest, which will be in two weeks or so, to get Titania, seems more reasonable if I’m going for a legendary with event keys. But honestly, at this rate, I rather save them for a mythic I really want. I know the event sheet isn’t showing anything super-exciting in this regard right now, but yeah… quite frankly? I somewhat bank on a Sword’s Edge week sooner or later - preferably when Knight of Anu is out, so that I can aim for that guy and Ysabelle. I have needs for six more Ysabelles and am willing to sacrifice a lot for that.

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The chance of getting a mythic from event keys if pretty low anyways. If you want those 9-star kingdoms, better start spending.

yeah. i heard the chance for mythic from event keys is lower than from gem keys. using to get specific legend is great though. using gem or glory keys are no sure fire way since it is hard to get the specific legend you are missing since the legend pool is not small.

1 Legendary comes every 42 Event keys. But Wild Plains has another Legendary, Hydra, so Stronghorn will be every 84 keys. With 84 Event keys you have 64% chance to pull him.

Nope, its the same chance to get a mythic from either. Event keys are just much rarer, more expensive than gem keys if you run out, and much worse at pulling mythics relative to their cost than VIP keys. The chance is so low from either that it is not worth it to use event keys exclusively for mythics, because chances are you’ll have enough copies of everything in the kingdom to fully ascend it several times over before pulling even one.

Keith looks decent, but many people will have to decide here whether or not they want to try to hunt this legendary (and end up getting a bunch of stuff they might already have at mythic) or get a decent amount of stuff from the next kingdom release. Hes going to be potentially very expensive with two others in the pool. Since I don’t have a mythic Sekhma or Claw Dancer (lol) yet, I’m inclined to at least try and cut into my Glory stash later for more event keys if I need to. For the rare/common, I’ll buy light and just delay my next opening of gold keys until they are on the drop pool if the next kingdom is before February. If the next kingdom is after February, they’ll both be mythic when I attempt to mythic those commons and rares regardless.

Yeah, that… is not high enough of a chance to entice me. Thanks for letting me know! (Also happy birthday!:hugs:)

The devs said in the Q&A that Bright Forest will be early to mid January.

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Hm, I was thinking of Pridelands instead of Wild Plains. So, hunting Chief Mini-Ketras has a chance to pull actual Ketras and there is only one other legendary in the pool right now. I already have two Ketras, but if you don’t have Ketras, the non-zero chance to pull him while hunting for his legendary counterpart might be worth the attempt, at least for 100 keys or so.