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Bug with Eternal Flame on PS4

It’s just me or others have problems whit this weapon to ?

When i use his power the game just freez and i can’t access the PlayStation menu and when i try shut down the game manually it doesn’t work. I must shut down the PS4 and that is a big problem because it is not good for the system.

My best and favorite team is :

Serpent (my only full traits)
Hero whit Eternal Flame
Jarl Firemantle (my only lvl 19)
Ice Witch

I like play whit this team but since the update 1.08 i can’t not, please fix it.

I don’t know what you’ve done but since an hour is worst !!!
Yesterday it happened a few time but now is everytime …

(pfff ça ne donne pas envie de jouer)

I suppose i need to find an other game until is repaired.

Have the same problem on the Xbox one

I have a lot of weapons crashing the game, especially with new effects and new troops in opposite team. Eternal flame crashes my game if the hero is frozen when using it.

Try using:

Serpent (can be slot1)
Celestial Dragon/Knight coronet

If you have those troops. That doesn’t seem to crash at all. Gives lots of souls and is pretty easy to win with.

I have Celestial and Knight but just level 1 and without traits…

It was my only strong team :disappointed:

I actually made a post about this last week but it was removed as spam.

And yes it crashes my game all the time too.

I have since 7 months a diplome as IT Manager (my speciality is JAVA develloppement), i know what they should do to fix it, WORK…
Because i still search a job (in Belgium is hard to find) i have a loot of time, so if they try to remove my “disapointed” post i can create my forum to complain about all this bugs.
I’ve already paid +/- hundred euros for this game so i’m realy “disapointed”.


After a few tests i know now for sure when the bug appears :

If the ennemis are the same units, for example if there are 4 same units i can’t use the weapon. If there are 2 same units but also anothers it can work, but i must kill one of the same units first.

The problem is the : Burn (or do somthing else but only new powers) to a RANDOM ennemi

The system can’t make a difference between the same units … HOW SLOPPY WORK

Now we can all use for example 4 Rock Worms in our army and so the new powers are useless …

It’s my last post i don’t play anymore until is fix.

Nice find. Makes sense. I wasnt trying to incite anything in reagards to my comment about my post being removed (though im aggrivated by it). Hopefully they fix this, and even better, maybe youre findings will help them to fix it!

Good investigation! We’ll check this out on our end. If indeed the problem lies in fighting multiple identical enemies, it should be a straight-forward fix.


They really don’t try to remove posts. An automatic spam filter could have hit the one post, but they work to fix issues.

I know the console team is different than the mobile team, but I have to believe the console team works every bit as hard to eliminate these bugs.

I know I feel the patch cycle for bugs is a bit slow, and it can be infuriating.

Nice bug report!

I hope so, if i’m so “disapointed” is because i like verry much this game.

Do you guys have any video captures of these issues happening?

I couldn’t find it, but there is an issue on mobile too that has happened when an opponent has 4 of the same troops. When one of the skull damage effects trigger it sometimes hits all 4 troops. Like the Envenom Trait on Giant Spider.

I don’t know if that is related to this bug, but it similar.

We have tried to find something related to fighting multiple troops of the same type - but that doesn’t seem to cause the issue for us.

We’re still looking, but if there is a bug with weapons, it doesn’t seem to be as simple as “cause status effect on a troop that exists in multiples.”

Quest in Zaejin, 4 Black Beast, my freeze (3 time i try) from this morning was there. Yesterday was in PVP whit gobelins but just 3 same units, the first one was different.

So try do this quest whit my team, if it works for you so i’m just the unlucky one.

Hero whit Eternal Flame
Jarl Firemantle
Ice Witch

I think is possible that there are 2 or 3 diffrent problems :

1 : whit 4 same units
2 : a team whit the black beast and the power "devour an ally"
3: possibly whit a team of the same race/kingdom (but not all)

I will try find details and report them

I find a nother one just now. Always whit my team, first challenge on Stormheim.
But this time I’ve been lucky, the game freez just 2 seconds and after i can send an error rapport whit video.

I don’t like work for free but lucky you I realy like this game. There a little gift for you :

I try 6 time this battle, and is just with this sequence of stones that appears the bug.

I create this facebook acoumpt just for you, if i find others bugs i will send you a link.

Your effort is appreciated, but that link doesn’t work.

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