Bug: Incorrect reward for Pharos-Ra world event battle [NOT A BUG, OUR BAD]


I played one Pharos-Ra world event battle. I was expecting to receive 8 Seals of Power (as per event scoring post), but received 8 Sarcophagi instead. That’s 40 points instead of 120 :sob:
The guild scoreboard confirm it, I only have 4 Seals of Power from an earlier Ankhnum battle.


Same here. Only received 8 Sarcophapi and not 8 Seals of Power from a level 10 Pharos-Ra fight

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Can confirm Pharos drops sarcophagi not seals

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Yep same here. Any chance of getting some sigils back please Devs? Or at least some gems covering the first two tiers in the shop!


This bug is going to reduce the average score to 200/280, roughly 30% less than intended. Please, please don’t just wave this off as another “sucks to be you”. We’ve just had an unusually expensive world event that required a massive buy-in from the whole guild to unlock all rewards. The proper approach to handle this one is to reduce the unlock thresholds by the 30% we are missing out on.


The thing is that the map - while pseudo-randomly generated with “equal chance to appear” if we believe the devs - is pretty much locked into a certain progression.
Based on this progression, players are expected to hit scores (especially this week with no random 1.18x stuff) within a very tight range at each shop tier bought.
Then the point levels for rewards 1-12 are set, and pushed live.

If we accept that this is simply a typo issue, it means your 30% argument doesn’t hold water. You could argue there are edge cases where you chose Pharos-Ra over Ankhnum, but having done 23 battles I’m already pretty sure the pseudo-scripted map-reveals will show little player agency to affect the outcome.

The sequence in which battles show up is fixed and identical for all players. Even without knowing the sequence it’s possibly to calculate a very close approximation regarding how many points players will on, the community has been doing that every week so far. We still see utterly crazy fluctuations in how many shop tiers need to be bought on average to unlock all rewards, from no purchases required to multiple tier 7 purchases. This doesn’t look like the planning process you are expecting is happening at all.

I believe those weekly events are supposed to cost roughly the same each week. There’s a strong indicator for this, the rewards are also the same each week. With Pharos-Ra only contributing a third of the announced points this event will require buy-in above the established average. So even if some official posting tries to paint this as typo in the announcement there should better be an explanation why we are suddenly experiencing such an entirely unannounced price hike.

Which one? This one - which is a Tier 2, or the previous one?
Is your post about this event, or the last one?
In one of my other posts, I have already shown the tiers required for campaign 2 overall to be below campaign 1. Even with the singular Tier 4, the overall cost ends up below campaign 1 (I stand to be corrected).

I think you’re riding a hyperbole, there is no event that requires multiple tier 7 purchases.

I’m not saying the planning is faultless, or even done by very capable people (I don’t claim otherwise either), but some one/team does go through the motions of setting reward thresholds that are different every week. And my point is that (I fully believe) this process is based on Pharos-Ra giving out Sarcophagi not Seals.

To rephrase, my point is that the only error here is a misprint, it’s a tiny molehill.

Unfortunately one of the world events did. In the aftermath the community even offered to do the calculations for the devs, where to set reward thresholds based on intended average shop tier purchases. The offer wasn’t picked up.

That feels a lot like desperately clinging on to fancy speculation. Looking at this reasonably, what the devs would need to do is to tell us what the expected buy-in is to complete world events as a guild. That’s no trade secret, quite the contrary, any company maintaining a basic relationship with their community would have handed that out first thing, to allow guilds to plan ahead. With that information we could really tell whether the error is a misprint or a misconfiguration. Which is probably why we are never going to get it, a confirmed misconfiguration that costs players premium currency would be kind of hard to hand-wave away, and fixing or compensating isn’t something this company is known to excel in. And yes, that very last part is fancy speculation from my side, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. :smile:

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Please fix or clarify this. I beat him twice before I realized I received sarcophagi instead of seals as the website states.

At this point, I don’t expect them to change the battle rewards, it would be too much effort to fix the scores for players who already played.

If anything, they might change the points required for rewards (that’s easier to do), but the lore for the event would match the other possibility, that the official scoring post is just incorrect and the rewards are as they were intended to be.

Either way, @Saltypatra official work on the subject would be nice :slight_smile:

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Mistaken wording like this has happened several times, and there haven’t been many world events…

I don’t know of many people who like the world events in general, let alone when the scoring is consistently screwed up by misinformation. I understand people make mistakes, but with as many people who are coming to the conclusion that the devs don’t care, the repeated sloppiness of world events is another straw on the camel’s back.

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Great! I already used all my sigils!!! I did them without looking to get it over with.

It sure would help if you devs gave a shit about your own game and clarify the scoring or admit you messed up. Either way, radio silence as usual isn’t helping anyone.


Hello everyone, just ran this by the devs and those speculating that there was a typo are correct. I’ll be fixing this everywhere to reflect the correct scoring.

Instead of:

  • Pharos-Ra: 8 Seals of Power

the correct scoring is:

  • Pharos-Ra: 8 Sarcophagi

I apologise for the inconvenience, and am grateful that you brought this to our attention. I didn’t reply to this yesterday as I returned from holiday. I followed this up as soon as I saw it, but I’m sorry for the delay.


Thank you for the confirmation :slight_smile:


At least we’re getting scoring notes in the first place that are (usually) correct.

When these were first introduced, we had none of that, and probably precisely because devs knew they’d be raked over the coals if ever their notes were wrong.

I don’t like the misleading patch notes any more than anyone else. But let’s have a civil, measured response when mistakes are made to ensure devs aren’t incentivized to take the path of least resistance in the future.


thanks for the update, Salty. My guild might be confused about the mythic battle getting less points (at least that’s what it looks like right now), but we’re all grateful for the response. At least now we can move forward.

Thank you for the response Salty :slight_smile:

So it means picking the legendary battle is more valuable than the mythic, right?
Does it even matter with the way the opponents appear?
I mean the one I battle will be the one that changes after I won, the others on the map remain the same anyway.

Play as you like … an awkward statement.
You can say that when you know you are talking to decent players knowing the game well.

But as long as I hear players picking the blue colored enemies over others because they like blue (and that really happened) or others just make picks because they like/dislike certain troops to fight, Others don’t care and just pick randomly. It’s not working or at least not very well :smiley:

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