Bug[?] - Griff stonefeather failed to target random enemy

Encountered on Switch v6.2 (6.3 update for this platform is delayed)

Screenshot or video capture:

Description: Under certain circumstances Griff Stonefeather can apparently fail to target a random enemy. This appears to be similar to the Druid spell bug, implying it could occur for basically any troop whose spell can (1) inflict any source of damage before (2) striking a randomly selected target.

Reproducibility: I originally noticed this during a Slayer Class Challenge event, then assembled a team to hunt it specifically, as the conditions for it are quite elusive in normal play.

The first step of Griff Stonefeather’s spell Destroys a column of interest. If this column contains Skulls (especially Doom/Uberskulls) it is possible to defeat a weakened enemy through this action alone, when that enemy is also randomly selected for the spell’s subsequent effects.

In example #1, note there is an empty slot after the first enemy. Destroying a Skull-containing column was sufficient to defeat the first enemy, and there was no visual indication that Griff Stonefeather otherwise targeted any enemy at all.

However, in example #2 where the first two enemies are in adjacent slots, even though the first enemy was weak enough that destroying a column with Skulls could kill it, the adjacent troop (Ghiralee) received 13 points from the 26 medium splash damage inflicted, verifying that the splash damage WAS processed correctly (unlike the Druid bug). So technically the spell IS functioning as normal, and it’s just the visual effects (i.e. the failure to draw an “attack line” from Griff to target) that appear bugged?