Buff dokkalfar by letting him summon bone dragons


Its the only fair way to balance him.


YES +1000 to this.

Buff Dokkalfar at all costs.


How about 50% chance to summon a bone dragon, and 50% chance to summon a bone dragon with full mana? It’s only fair


50% chance to summon a Bone Dragon, 50% chance to summon two Bone Dragons, 50% chance to summon Drone Baggins, the robotic version of Bilbo.


Jesus so much win


New trait: When you match 4 or 5 gems, summon a Bone Dragon.


Since not everyone has a Bone Dragon, I propose a Bone Dragon banner. It’s effect: On all matches, create 64 skulls.

It’s only fair.


Split damage also scale off of magic, i love summoning spider tanks.