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Bring Back Guild Wars Every Week

Why dont coming back Guild Wars Every Week? Many players left the Game, because they are bored 2 weeks without Guild Wars, i dont understand the developers, why they make the Game so unattractive for many players


I would find every 2 weeks a good balance. One of the other modes can be deleted for my part because they are in fact duplicates. Gives everyone a week rest to reset for the next guild wars :slight_smile:


Guild Wars still needs some fixes. Red day is battle against dwarves day for example. Moving to a less frequent schedule was a temporary fix but the issues of staleness still very much exist.


Sentence by fragment:

Why don’t coming back Guild Wars Every Week?

Because this is the design, and players asked for it. But let’s get more meta:

Every change makes someone not happy. So if you don’t change, the people who aren’t happy with “how it is” are complaining. When you change, they stop complaining and the people who were happy with “how it is” start complaining. And there are a handful of miserable souls who get their jollies complaining either way because it provides them with a feeling of validation. In short, no matter what the devs do (and “nothing” is an action), players are going to get fed up and quit the game.

Players complained GW was boring and they needed other things to do. So new things to do were created. Now the players who liked GW want it back, and the people who don’t like the new modes want it back. Restoring it means the people who don’t like GW and like the new modes will make threads instead of the ones we currently get.

Many players left the Game, because they are bored 2 weeks without Guild Wars

It’s an F2P game. “Players leave” is part of it. The devs know exactly how many people left, and if it was significant they would’ve done something about it. But the goal is, really, “more players are joining and spending than are leaving”. F2P economics are not “subscription” or “up-front” economics.

I don’t understand the developers

You and me both.

why they make the Game so unattractive for many players

See the above points. The game is always unattractive for many players. I don’t like Overwatch. Fortnite is unattractive to me. I also don’t like Final Fantasy VII, and a handful of other super popular games. If they were changed in a way that made me like them, it’s certain the people who do like them would hate them.

But one of the nice things about those games is they released and they’re done. If someone wants to change them, the result is a new game and the old one is still available. F2P games are never done. They always change. So if you like one, it’s guaranteed they are going to change it until you don’t. If they keep shifting around “who likes the game”, they’re bound to get more money.


Man, I thought we were cool. Then you go and say something like that…


Bringing Guild Wars back to a weekly event would make the game unattractive for many players.

What they’ve done is found a balance in which they are trying to please everyone to some degree, as oppose to make some very happy while alienating the rest.


If they would come up with a true raid event I would be fine with the rotation as it is. What they are calling a raid event is not a raid in any way shape or form. We are stuck with 2 boring clones of each other raid and invasion.


Eh, it’s like wines and beers. You can say “this is a good IPA” even if you personally hate IPAs.

I inherently don’t trust any “most influential games” or even “best games” list that doesn’t include it. You can see FF VII all over the storytelling in games that came after it. But it was the first and it has some big flaws. I didn’t get to play it in context, and by the time I could get around to playing it we were well into the PS2 era. By that time there were loads of other sprawling RPGs to play, and the graphics/mechanics of FF VII didn’t age well.

The trinity of games I’d prefer to replay and I do think aged fairly well are Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger. I can sit down and play either of those 3 for weeks. But FF VII was the start of a new way to present RPGs, and these three were more like the pinnacle of their 2D presentation. The current RPG I like, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, couldn’t exist if FF VII hadn’t started pecking at mechanics and figuring out what did/didn’t work. Actually there are a lot of similarities between XC2 mechanics and FF XV.

Final Fantasy is a really experimental franchise, they like to do something with a completely different feel every time. But I wanted more stuff like Final Fantasy VI. I think that’s why in the past few years I’ve been more drawn to the Dragon Quest series: it’s ‘stable’ in the sense that they tend to make every game feel like it’s using the same engine. I’d love to give FF VII a chance one day, but it’s going to have to be in the context of “something with a GameShark” because I don’t even really enjoy the grinding in FF VI anymore.

And it’d have to be on Switch. Part of the reason I can even entertain a 100-hour RPG like XC2 is because Switch lets me play on the go, or let my wife watch TV while I play, and it doesn’t complain if I need to stop in the middle of a cutscene. Constraints like that are why I’ve been playing hundreds of hours of GoW.

Nooo, I never want to go back to GW every week. It was so tedious.

With that being said though, I am open to new/different game modes. Personally, I like Raids/Invasion, but it would be nice to get something different since they are very similar game modes.


I never want to have guild wars back every week. I hate that mode of play more than any of the others.

@Slypenslyde do you think you might give FFVII another try when the remake comes out? If t ever comes out, that is.


I dunno. I don’t have a PS4 and at this moment don’t really plan on buying one or expect Square to grace Switch with a Final Fantasy title, so that’s a big problem. But also from what I understand, it isn’t a remake so much as an episodic retelling of the story?

The story of the game is something I know and think is pretty decent. But a JRPG is kind of like a book that makes you do chores to turn the page. The materia system’s just a new kind of XP, the sidegames have better modern equivalents, etc. If I’m going to dump a lot of hours into tedium to get a story at this point, I’d rather it be a new story.

In context the game was great. The materia system was a new idea and a better implementation of the Esper system from FF VI. Chocobo racing was fun as heck at the time. The music, the graphics, everything felt so big and amazing. But I feel the same way about Ocarina of Time, a game from roughly the same timeframe. It was the cream of the crop in its context. I played it through a dozen times. Now it feels like a chore, the concept of “a Zelda game” has been streamlined over 2 decades. Still plenty of game design lessons to learn from it, but it’s sort of better to learn from modern games that’ve already digested those lessons.

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GW every other week with Raid and Invasion once a month. Raid and invasion takes time away from trophy requirements. They really need trophies added to these events.


They can’t because the pet gnomes are tied in with the trophies.

Edit. But for some reason they can keep pet gnomes out of guild wars.

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Because they don’t listen to the players?
Because they do as they please?
Or perhaps they are just plane stupid?



Many of the forumers above have already explained why GW isn’t every week, but I’m also happy to chime in. Players were getting fatigued playing Guild Wars every week. As such, we introduced new methods of play such as Invasions, Bounties, etc.

We didn’t see a significant decrease (let alone one at all) when we made this decision. Some players were very happy, whilst others weren’t, which is natural considering how large our playerbase is. At this point in time we are happy with our rotation of events, but it could change in the future.


I personally would like to see guild wars running every other week. It would be a healthy balance between guild wars and the other events such as the raids and invasions.

Hoping it happens someday.


players were burnt out on gw so we introduced 3 more ways to burn them out.they are not repetitive at all and are different because they have different names.


Listening to some players will always mean they won’t listen to others.

Well, any company must have goals and it means they must follow their original schedule.



I know, I know, I’m trying to get my fill of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before I move on!