Bounty weekend swapped for Vault weekend

I play competitively normally do my testing of teams each week against pvp. Maybe it’s a you thing lol

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I wasn’t the one complaining, just the one explaining.

PvP is not the same as GWs.

I love how everyone is offended and says they’re playing competitively while simultaneously only take 10 minutes for GWs.

That’s obviously not the type of competitive play anyone who invests more than 10 minutes is talking about.

I made 57k in bracket 5 last week and wouldn’t compare myself to the competitive players in my alliance.

Maybe you don’t like the word. How about “heavily invested”?

They spend lots of their game time on GWs which is why it’s stressful for them. Personal preference.

I’m only explaining what types of players may find it tough to have vault during GWs. I’m not saying you need to play like that.


People probably don’t like the suggestion they are not helping their guilds unless they take GW super seriously. Some people don’t play GW at all / don’t understand it/don’t have the required troops /get stressed out by it, and still help their guilds in other ways. There are many ways to be helpful - you don’t have to be helpful in every single conceivable way, even if that involves stress/lack of enjoyment. Personally, I think everyone should play guild wars - but with no pressure to win - the pressure is what makes people end up avoiding it altogether - it should be seen as fun, you win - cool - you loose - no biggy - it’s still points.

This is why I will never join one of those mega serious guilds. I contribute massively to my current guild - probably considerably more than an average player in a fandabbydoozy guild - but a game is a game, and I do not want to feel compelled to do so, let alone be under extreme pressure to win GW battles, play a certain amount and invest my resources where and when told to do so. I’d rather progress slowly and have freedom.

I test teams in PvP constantly - it’s a very effective way of gauging the success/failure of teams in general. I watch YT videos of GW and I’m not under the impression the top guilds have opposing teams that are significantly different in their composition from what you find in PvP, but maybe I’m just stupid. I couldn’t even test specific stuff in my PvP defence like some of you apparently do if I wanted to, as I don’t have the troops/weapons.


I dont play GW because i feel its the worst with the cheating computer. I know im like literally the only person that hates GW and everyone else thinks its the bestest ever gee willikers. (I have been blocked in game for saying i hate GW😂)

I havw never had the game cheat so hard than during GW.

Looped by a green book while not using any green troops. I mean 4 troops killed in a row in 1 turn.

Double empowered unbreakable alignment. Corners with alternating matching colors. How do you break alignment when the corner is a rainbow of death?

Gems that i just removed being replaced by skyfall (falling from the top, off the board) gems of the exact same color.

Computer getting an extra turn while frozen as if Freeze isnt a thing.

Centuragon 10% chance literally always works at the base % against me during GW, no Wildcards present. Is this impossible? No, but i have gotten devoured by Centuragon with no exception every time i see it in GW since its release.

5 starting boards with 2-3 gems of the color of the day. Again, not impossible but 5 fights in a row seems odd for a random mechanic.

I hate GW and refuse to do it, the rewards are absolutely pointless and again like pvp, offer nothing for player advancement (XP?..sure…) and again i’m not interested in fighting the same book team 5x a day, 1 week a month.

That said i hope everyone who likes GW has fun but lets not pretend its a fresh game mode.


It can be frustrating, but as long as people see it as nothing more than fun, it doesn’t actually matter if you lose, and the abysmal rewards suggest to me that we are meant to see it as fun, not the equivalent of some kind of final exams that nightmarishly reoccur every 3 weeks.

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Agreed! I’m super happy to be in a top 100 guild in GW that doesn’t give a crap whether you win or lose, so long as you try. My battles don’t take long. I try to improve and update my teams from time to time but I don’t worry about it too much.

Kudos to those who work really hard at it and deserve top 10 spots. That kind of pressure isn’t my thing in a game like this though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well thats my point, its not fun when the computer cheats. Its not fun when i get 1 turn and i watch while the computer loops with no end in sight or i do get 1 final turn while frozen/entangled/silenced.

On the other hand its not fun using a team designed to just loop over and over and over again. I’ve been told giving up your turn even once in GW is asking for a loss.

I understand this isnt everyone’s opinion and im in the extremely small minority but GW is in no way fun (for me) and no one treats it as such considering the extreme lengths some players go to such as spending so much time on it they cant do anything else in game.

I’ll shutup now though, sorry if i offended anyone, was not my intention. Cheers


I doubt you offended anyone, or that you are in a minority. I reckon most people don’t play GW - it’s only in the really competitive guilds where it’s a requirement that everyone does. In mine, only a handful do it. No one likes being stuck with a looping opponent, having the entire team drop from deathmark or devour while it never works the other way round, etc. You just have to take it all with a hefty pinch of salt. I do get why it might be impossible to find funny, though.


I never said that. However, people have attacked and made fun of people who spend more than 10 minutes daily on GWs.

Saying that people who are very competitive spend more time on GWs isn’t an attack on people.

My personal opinion: Everyone should play GWs as they see fit in a guild that matches their idea of GWs - from not playing at all over using one team for all, from using colored teams to being super serious about it and testing every team a gazillion times and taking 30 minutes per fight.

And no one should be attacked for their way of playing GWs.

Every style is valid.

PvP is not the same as GWs because the defense teams are different. At least in brackets 10 and up they are.

It’s a good way to test if teams have a generally good flow, but setting up training battles with typical defenses is usually a more accurate measure.

Guild mates (or others if they post in an open/global chat channel so you can access their profile) can set up those defenses for you. I’ve did that all the time, both asking for someone to set a team and setting up teams for others.

No, you aren’t stupid. It may be different in different brackets. I can’t recall anything below bracket 10 - too long ago. :sweat_smile:

TL;DR: No way of playing GWs is wrong as long as it fits you and your guild.


Yeah, GWs AI is terrible at points. But I’m always surprised how well some players can turn around even the worst boards.

First time I watched a really good player do GWs I was baffled. I would have lost all those matches.

I’ve become better but I wouldn’t think I’m a top player at all.

You’re for sure not the only player who hates GWs.

That should also really not be controversial.

Me and others enjoying it doesn’t mean everyone has to.

I have a guild mate who really enjoys treasure hunt. So. Yeah. :sweat_smile: :joy:

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I don’t know how you meant that, but it suggests people who don’t spend ages on specific GW battles are not helpful, to me.

BTW, like I mentioned, I watch videos of GW, so I have seen the opposition teams higher tier guilds come up with. PvP is still the closest way to test a team against other player’s defences if you have limited troops and weapons at your disposal - which is probably the majority of players.

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If you keep on reading things into my posts that I never said, there is nothing I can do to stop you. I said multiple times now that I don’t care how anyone plays GWs, that you just need to find a guild that matches your style and all is fine - and you still read things into my posts.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s you - but I think you’re not taking in what I’m saying and are maybe assuming too much.

Maybe just ask what someone meant. Written communication lacks a lot of nuance, things like am I talking neutrally, am I sounding friendly, am I smiling, is my face angry… Things like that. So some things may get misinterpreted.

The following “yous” don’t mean you specifically but just “someone”. I tend do use “you” instead of “if someone is in a competitive guild” (I’m working on that).

If you’re in a competitive guild and can’t be bothered to use even correctly colored teams that get posted for everyone to just copy, with a fully fledged out account, then yes, you aren’t helpful to that specific guild.

If you’re not trying to work with what you have and maybe letting others help you build a team, and your guild is competitive, you’re not helpful.

If you’re in a guild that doesn’t care about GWs all that much, none of this matters.

Not everyone needs to take a long time to play their battles, but those who do obviously need more time - which is what started the discussion, people saying “GWs takes a long time” and others saying “haha, no it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong”.

Some people are super fast in analyzing boards and figuring out what’s going to happen. They see ETs in seconds. Others take a long time. Doesn’t mean one has a better result then the other or is better for their guild.

By helping their guilds I meant things like

  • sharing your teams with others
  • streaming
  • giving advice on how to play GWs to less experienced players
  • offering to set defenses to test

Note: You don’t have to do these things to be helpful to your guild, but if you do these things, any of them, they take up time.

No one who doesn’t do these things is a bad person, player, anything like it.

They just spend less time on these types of things so GWs takes less time for them - unless they spend lots of time on their own battles.

The only thing I really don’t like is players who are in a competitive guild and don’t try their best instead of finding one that matches their style. That’s not fair to the other players.

Other than that, no issues with any playstyle/player.

So now it’s back to you meaning you personally. :sweat_smile:

If you have any more questions or things I may have written in a way that sounded like I was attacking you or anyone else, please ask.

BTW, like I mentioned, others can set up test teams for you if you’d like that. And there are many players who love to do such things and to share knowledge.

Watching videos is a good way to learn but it may be difficult to build a well working teams for people who miss essential troops. It’s absolutely not impossible, and like I said, there are many people who enjoy helping others figure out the types of things.

But, for a hopefully last time, no one is bad for not letting GWs take up that much of their game time - just find a guild that’s matching the style of play.


So, since the bounty artwork still isn’t fixed, is this being postponed again or what?

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They can replace it with a Vault event, since there are no issues with the graphics there? :smiley:


So about that…


You really swapped the events for such a good reason. Thanks for fixing the graph…oh,wait!


By looking at this thread, I’d like to ask if the abrupt event change with the vault event swap last week was just (once more) shenanigans without competence in properly dealing with the long known situation.
Clearly it didn’t “fix” much.


To be fair, uninstalling and installing the game again, then downloading all assets, fixed the issue for me.

But I shouldn’t have to do something like that to get all graphics.

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Obviously the one week delay did absolutely nothing useful to fix the visual issues. The new troop has the same stupid placeholder pitchfork image for their spell, and their facial image doesn’t load at all. Just like the last bounty troop, Axe Beak. Or Beltane. Or First Claw Maahes. At least The Bane of Mercy got a spell image now, if not a face.

Guess the devs just took that week off. Oh wait, they’ve been mailing it for months now, why should I expect anything different?


Yeah… Uninstall, install again might help you as well. But we shouldn’t have to do that.

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