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Bounty Weekend - Bonebound Dredge

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/bounty-weekend-bonebound-dredge/

New Bounty Troop: Bonebound Dredge The Bonebound Dredge from Dhrak-Zum, is this weekend’s Bounty Captain. The Bonebound Dredge will be available in the Bounty Shop, and will appear in Gold, Glory and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

I wish they would make this a good troop, or even useable. Having a 0 doomskull base creation is just pointless. Even if I destroy a column with 3 green gems, that’s only 6 Doomskulls. Backfire city


Don’t forget it’s only a rare troop. It can’t be too good.

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Why can’t it be made to be useable at least? Actually, why can’t it be made good?

There’s already a lot of strong Rare troops, especially on the mana generating side. Good isn’t asking for much.

Rarity being a limiter for troop power doesn’t make much sense anymore when Epics are basically the dumping grounds for shovelware troops and there’s a bunch of Legendaries worse than Rares.


Number of troops currently available in the game:
Number of unique troops on defense available in the most repeated battle this weekend:
download - 2020-11-20T063549.787

Now that Apple has reduced the amount it’ll garnish from the app store. Can infinity plus 2 afford some contracts with designers who are less lazy? Maybe 1/4 less lazy in fact?

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Out of curiosity, why did Bonebound Dredge gain magic when I leveled it? As far as I can tell its spell is completely unrelated to its magic stat?


Sister Superior and Thrall.

For their tier and cost…

Dude, a 100% digital product is hella difficult to work on remotely.



I liked Bounty better when it saved my team from the last event.

Yeah, yeah, search “nty”. Extra clicks. I don’t buy past tier 1 anyway, so I’m not adding the new Bounty troop. No need for searches in the past.

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Special kind of trolling to give us a skull creating bounty troop, basically guaranteed to screw us, then set up the opponent with 2 skull creators and skull damage reducers.


Aka Bounty Event. 🤷

Designed to be long, boring, and anti class xp.

But offer probably the best portal rewards for the tier costs?

So hard to resist. You know, the GoW way. Lol

Yes, I imagine that this is like the ultimate troll…“let’s give them a troop that creates doomskulls, they’ll have to use to maximize points, and then let’s put not one, but TWO Glaycion on defense, with another troop that has ice armor or maybe one with a doomstorm. They make doomskulls, Glaycion gains attack, ice armor ensures that Glaycion rushes and WHAM! 4 dead troops!!” I bet that’s hilarious, from their end.


I’ll show y’all a correct/safest team to use with this week’s Bounty. He’s not useless.

Corpse Mare/Tricksters Shot/Dire Cub/Useless new bounty captain. < If you cast him at all you did it wrong.

Monk with watery (Or another that boosts blue/yellow) and purple/green banner.

Go top to bottom corpse mare into Tricksters, easy and efficient. Cast cub when full, the extra atk when it decides to proc on that 1 out of 25 casts is nice.

Most battles I was finishing with 100+ atk and 200 hps on mare. Almost no problems with troops dying or losing a battle.

I went Corpse Mare, Rift Lynx, Tigraki, Craptain.

Occasionally used Ridgeback and in the end went to Crysturtle, Lynx, Warrior and Craptain.

No problem, just didn’t cast you know who and converted to browns. Close to 1 shotting with Tw. 1 potion of power would have done it with 3 Nysha.

I didn’t enjoy the ai troops, not sure why devs want games like this.

Worse still dunno why I did it :grinning:


Ice Aegis, Pharaoh Hound, Bonebound Dredge, Ridgeback. I’ll post a vid on how it’s done.

Lord of slaughter, crysturtle, ridgebak, captain … easy mode.


Would Excavator work there instead of Ridgeback, maybe, for the Duststorm (→Doomskulls) and to fill LoS if necessary with the red gem creation? I’m sure it works nicely regardless :sweat_smile: and maybe the pre-existing Doom or Bonestorm works just fine.

I’m using Crysturtle, Urska Druid, Trickster’s Shot, captain, and feeling relaxed enough. Battles ~1 min.


I ended up using Man of Arms, Ridgeback, Bonebound Dredge, Sister Superior (Talon Banner)

Sister Superior stunned everyone’s skull reduction, then Ridgeback explosion -> Dredge’s bonestorm = some very fast kills.

Man of Arms got 10% this week, doesn’t block Ridgeback, and can self-buff.

My fastest that I paid attention to was 32 seconds and the average match was 50-60 seconds.

Only would recommended this team if you have around 60-70+ attack though.

Was nice not using Tigraki for once


It’s always easy if using the hero in the team.