Bonnie Rose Looks Weird


Especially her left hand. And her head is also small for her figure. What do you think?


Think it’s just a “bad photo” of her. We all have those days. Maybe the gun is really small and makes her other hand look bigger. Hard to tell from that angle. Need a better photo of her like…Men%20are%20supposed%20to%20shake%20hands%20like%20men%20and%20see%20_0176bd567824598a7767a28b63d5bfcc
She could also eat a Whopper or 2. No body shaming intended.


No, I meant “her” left hand. Not the left side of the artwork. The hand which she poses, grabbing her belly. The fingers supposed to get smaller to pinky finger but they all seem same length.

I do agree this must be one of her “bad picture” day.


I agree @Caglayantilsim, her left hand doesn’t match her right (looks strange).


Agreed. I actually think it looks more like they reversed her fingers, so her pinky is where her index should be. I think we had some discussion about this when she was released.


What I never understood was that the artist must have seen this while creating her, but then somehow decided to not go back and ‘repair’ her arm. But overall the art work is excellent in this game, its okay that Krystara is like RL, imperfect.


Yeah, maybe it’s just a birth defect or something. Or she had her hand cut off in a battle and a drunk sea-doctor sewed a right hand on in its place.


The hand gives me a Scary Movie vibe.



Reminded me more of this guy:


Most of the female figures in this game go for that Rob Liefeld look. (See also the Kylo Ren meme.)

Queen Titania is a nice exception.

What you’re detecting wrong about the left hand is if you measure, her left arm’s about 18 inches shorter than her right arm. A person’s fully-extended arm rests below the hips, well upon the thigh. If I tightly wrap my elbow around my breast as Bonnie Rose has done, my left hand is naturally on my right hip. Try putting your arm in the same position: touch your elbow to your breast and get your left hand on your left hip. While arching your back. You practically have to bend your elbow backwards.


“Did you hear about the pirate captain who lost her left hand in battle, and the ship’s doctor sewed the wrong one on to replace it?”
“Aye, but I hear she’s all right now”


I can hear 'Lil Johnny telling that one…


I agree @Slypenslyde, Queen Titania is a nice exception.


She actually has sensible combat armor, too.

Artists love to draw a steel bra in chestplates. All that does is naturally draw the sword to the point between them and create a seam in the metal that’s weaker than the other parts. It’s almost a literal magnet that draws swords towards the weakest point of the armor. If you look at historical armor it turns out women wear the same armor as men because a flat plate’s stronger than a curved plate, and they tend to be more concerned with not getting stabbed than accentuating their figure. :wink:

I guess you can criticize the plausibility of an open grass skirt in combat, but seeing as she’s clearly on fire and the skirt isn’t I’m going to go with “magic skirt”. (Also a healthy dose of “the genre’s called ‘fantasy’” applies to everything mentioned so far.)

We can all learn a lesson from Fire Emblem, which has a remarkable diversity in its anime waifus along both axes “body style” and “armor type” from “impractical” to “plausible”. Something for everyone :wink:

(Where’d you pull a high-quality image from? The card art cuts out the whole thing.)


@Slypenslyde, I pull them from game files. Happy to get any image you want just IM me and let me know what you want.


It’s okay, guys, I think Bonnie Rose will get better. I think she might have a big friend who donated an arm (and tail) lately, so mabe she’ll get a new one. Maybe someone will also donate a lower leg for Skadi…


Ah… let’s not reopen the Skadi art can of worms…


Very well. Who do you wanna talk about then? The Black Beast’s crippled left front paw or too thin left leg? The weird upper body of the Bastite Priestess? That the Dark Priestess has glued her hair on? That whatever is going on with Hind’s head-to-body ratio cannot be healthy? Ice WItch’s crippled hands and arms?:joy:


The warhound with nothing to pee with?


I never noticed that before!:joy:

And of course, there’s also this dude, who - different from the rest - doesn’t look crippled, but just hilarious with his oversized nose and I laugh at him all the time:
Here I made it red just for fun :grin::
I dunno, I’ve never seen a deer which had its nose wrap around to the sides of its head.:laughing: