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Bone Dragon Gets a BUFF?

He Was mine too, until, when I was guild begging, he totally told me I could join his guild, but forgot he was in a console thread:) he did apologize pretty quick tho.


I thought I was YOUR hero?! I am disappoint.

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I’m jaded, now, all my heroes get nerfed*, @Verdugo. I’ll still be your loud mouthed sister, how’s that? *David bowie, Prince, Leon Russell, Leonard nimoy, Leonard Cohen…this year just keeps on sucking the fun out of everything.

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/me discovers she’s pretty good at thread derail.

Derailing a joke thread is fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, thanks! (I didn’t have any chuck Norris memes) maybe we should buff Sheggra while we’re at it. One of my guild minions posted a video that made my head spin. The board turned all red (adding 31), then it was all but 4 squares skulls, all to do 13 damage to a banshee. Amazingly weak. Poor guildie. (It was his Sheggra.)

Emo-tree is not amused.

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“THEY TOOK MY BARK!” My favorite line. (Incidentally, forum words police, yes. That was a complete sentence.)

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I must be one of the three people who don’t have bone dragon.:cry:


Ooooh, this is a sarcasm thread.

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I have bone dragon, but i dislike him, so i use KoS instead of him. When you take fill skulls on the board but none of them match, turn changes to your opponent, they match the skulls you made, who board matches, rage quit, get rid of bone dragon, plays KoS, problem occurs on valkyrie, me not care because it was not skulls.

This just doesn’t happen in the end-game. Here’s what happens when you get there.

To help, also, let’s define a comparison ratio: cheese :cheese: being kills per mana point spent.

As someone else said - none of my troops has less than 40-odd Armour, so Bone Dragon puts a minimum of 18-20 extra skulls on the board, and will one-shot whatever I have in front, and typically chain to kill the second troop too. Having left my third troop with no Armour. That’s 2.5 dead troops for only 14 mana. That gives a cheese ratio of 0.179 :cheese:

By contrast, the other super-kill spells / over-powered spells:

  • EK: 25 true damage to two troops, so two casts is two kills, total 28 mana: Cheese ratio is 0.071 :cheese:
  • Maw: eat one troop and let’s charitably say create enough mana to half kill another: 1.5 kills for 24 mana, ratio is 0.063 :cheese:
  • Mab: four casts will usually clear the board: 4 kills for 60 mana, ratio is 0.067 :cheese:
  • Gard: three casts will clear the board: 4 kills for 72 mana, ratio is 0.056 :cheese: (he gets a stilton-ish 0.083 :cheese: if you manage it in two casts)
  • Famine: timed right, is one kill for 20 mana, ratio is 0.05 :cheese:
  • War (yeah, havin’ a laugh), two casts will kill anything, thats 1 for 48 mana, or only 0.021 :cheese:


  • BD is the most efficient killer in end-game by a very long way
  • understanding cheese :cheese: is the key to success

you need to add “devour last troop” to the spell before it spawns skulls. skulling down alone is too slow

For what it’s worth, I got bone dragon two weeks ago, and haven’t used him yet. Too many teams to try, not enough souls or traitstones. :sob:

Thats an unfair comparison as a number of those troops have secondary uses.

Also, have you been smoking crack?

give it a rest, cheese :cheese: is cool.

id also like a :cheese: rating regarding skulls per mana including cast amount efficiency and to include kills per cast efficiency into the kill/mana :cheese: ratio…

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It’s a simplistic comparison, sure. But who cares for mana drain if the enemies are all dead. And so on. It makes a strong point why BD is greatly under-costed, and/or has a scaling mechanism that just isn’t consistent with how the game has grown in the 18 months or so since it was written.

Nope, just cheese :cheese:


I’m guessing OP is upset he doesn’t have BD yet.

Abso-frickin-lutely BRILLIANT.



This, x1000.