Bone Dragon + Assassin Class = Total Destruction

Someone had posted a variation of this team with Forest Guardian in fourth spot and using Archer class with 3rd trait. I switched up classes and troops and gave it a shot. I liked it but found that the FG version gave a better feel for flow. I am not dissing this version just stating my playstyle likes the FG version better.

I will say that I absolutely prefer the Assassin Class’s 3rd trait to Archer’s. Only because with it you are attacking 1st slot with the skulls AND the last slot with the instant kill. Much better use of power.

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Yup, the FG team is the one I posted a week-ish ago. I’ve been using it off and on for months, though personally I prefer Archer to Assassin.


Sorry I couldn’t remember the original poster of the team. It is one of my most used teams now thanks to you @Lyya. :thumbsup:

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So just for giggles I paired assassin with Forest guardian. I noticed right off the bat that FG has a good chance to spam skulls AND keep the turn. I’ve been playing with 2xCourage as filler and it’s just sick.

Yeah, with the team I posted, once I get the turn I almost never give it up. Even Bone Dragon Freeze is only a minor issue (it means I need to set up a Green/Brown 4-match when casting FG). Even Silvanimora isn’t a big deal as Archer still manages a 15% kill rate. The only real snag is Mab.

I’ve tried your deck, and I really liked it. I played 60 matches with it and I didn’t lose a single battle against any kind of defense deck yesterday. I’ve tried using mechanist class for 35 battles, archer for 11 battles, and assassin class for the rest. I was gonna tried with warden but I didn’t do it because my warden is not traited.

My observation:

  • It’s pretty fast deck. FG’s 3rd trait and double green banner makes one surge on green match is enough for me to start rolling. And once it gets rolling, I almost never gave turn to the enemy.
  • Since I mostly don’t bother with casting hero’s spell, I can freely transforming color between Giant Spider and Green Seer. Probably only avoided transforming green-purple, until FG filled. Once FG filled, like you said, cast Giant Spider on green, and boom!
  • While archer is benefits from 15% bulls-eye chance (and this week event boost if you set it as Elf), I found mechanist class is almost unstopabble because of insulated trait. Freeze, especially BD’s frozen souls won’t stop you. Both also started with half mana, so it’s same on that aspect. The most fun is assassin class. Assassinate can be really destructive. It’s like killing two bird with one stone. I’ve also noticed one time that assassinate can proc on 2 enemies at same time. Too bad I didn’t recorded it. So I made bunch of skulls in separate places with FG, the enemy has 3 troops left and they were all gone when I casted FG.

Thanks for sharing the team @Lyya. It’s definitely going to be on my PvP rotation deck.


Yeah I’m not even using Seer and Spider and it’s still wicked.

Sorry to necro this thread but the slight buff to Keeper of Souls, IMO, removes the need for Bone Dragon. Keeper of Souls fills just as fast now and provides more skulls (several small matches instead of one big one) giving more chances for Assassin to kill the last troop.

Plus board control since he transforms vs. creates and he can summon a troop if your assassin dies.

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Any thoughts about using Archer instead of Assassin? 50% starting mana and the extra 5% chance of instant death is obviously better…at the cost of not being able to double up on usual skull damage and the possible assassinate triggering…plus troops towards the bottom are more likely to be integral to a team working, so assassin is probably targeting more valuable troops…tough call IMO.

Archer works great, probably better than Assassin in most cases. But when Assassin works, it’s deadly because you’re killing the enemy from both ends and like you said, often the most important troops are at the back of the lineup.

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That’s my feeling as well. Relative to one another, I feel Assassin and Archer are quite well-balanced, so it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.


I`ve used Archer before and to be honest, Assassin feels way better, especially with BD.
Most of the times I trigger BD is a double kill and some times a triple with the skulls remaining.
Some matches last like 30 seconds if the board is set up ok and Assassin triggers with the first BD cast.

Yep getting a double or even triple assassinate from a cheesy BD spam is why I’m currently with Team Assassin.

I’m liking the team with KoS instead of BD. Still strong and in many ways, more satisfying than just launching BD…

Well once BD finally gets his long awaited nerf I imagine KoS will become a lot more popular.

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