Bone Dragon + Assassin Class = Total Destruction

Having too much fun :smiley:


Never thought of that combo. Really cool, I like it.

looks fun, im gonna try it after i get assasin traited :grin:

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That’s me too. No traits on assassino.

Looks fun, I might end up trying that

Assassin is underrated as a class, that third trait can esvicerate an enemy team in no time.

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I traited Archer and love it. Now I’m wishing I had done the same with Assassino.

I’ve tried both; personally I prefer Archer due to Fast. Assassin’s other traits are weak. The 10% vs. 15% is reasonably balanced though in my view.


I just don’t find myself using Fast. In fact, I don’t find myself using the Hero’s spell at all. I usually use the Spider Totem just in case I need to mana drain a Death or Bone Dragon but even then, it’s pretty much spam skulls. Matches are over without ever really needing Fast.

EDIT: The appeal to me of the Assassino, particularly when paired with Bone Dragon, over Archer is that Archer targets the first target with both skulls and his insta-kill trait. The Assassino can kill the first AND last troop potentially with one BD cast.

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It is helpful with a few teams, but generally yes, both Assassin and Archer are there for the third trait. Fast is pretty much universally better than Venomous, though.

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Yep, I absolutely agree. Emphasis on the word “universally”.

Thanks for suggesting this team. :smiley_cat: I haven’t had such fun with the Assassin class in awhile.

GRR. Still farming trait stones. :sweat:

No problem :smile:

I think it’s more that Courage x2 with Bone Dragon, and a choice of lead troop is so OP, why even bother with Assassin.

Once we get the next set of troop balancing, I’m hoping we will see some more variety.


They may seem reasonably balanced but so far I’m thoroughly disappointed. I see Archer’s 3rd trait about once a match. So far, I’m seeing Assassin’s go off maybe once in every 5 matches. I’ve even deliberately built up skulls using like Sheggra or KoS just to see if I could get it to proc and I’m getting a whole lot of nada.

The Assassin trait has a utility that Archer doesn’t - it can specifically neutralize Death or Bone Dragon in that 4th slot, which is where nearly everybody puts them. :thumbsup:

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Also, if Assassin fires and kills Bone Dragon, you also don’t have to worry about the eventuality of Frozen on hit. That being said, I see Bone Dragon in all 4 slots these days. Basically, most of the variety involves the order of the 4 troops and not their identities. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s 2 x Courage, Bone Dragon, and Famine pretty much all the time. Occasionally I will see Wraith instead of one Courage and in those instances, Wraith is always in slot #1 for obvious reasons.

I almost always see Bone Dragon in slot #1 or #4 for some reason. Slot 1 is too easy. Slot 4 just got a lot easier for me. :wink:

By the way, I also have noticed that people almost always put Kerberos and Kraken in the 4th slot as well, if they’re using them. The more I use this lineup, the more effective it seems.

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