Bloodred Revenges is now The Unforgiven III and—guess what?—we’re still out for new blood! Join one of the top guild families on Xbox today :D

My brother and l resurrected a dead guild two summers ago, and we’ve been on the rise ever since; we’ve even become a part of (what will soon be) the #1 ranked guild family on Xbox!

At the start of 2019 our guild was Rank 231, Level 218 (See posts below for current rankings). We completed more than half the weekly guild tasks every week—and needed just one or two more daily players to unlock Legendary Tasks each week.

We have since found those two players, but we’re always on the lookout for more people to share in the Level 6 Guild Chests and Legendary Tasks we now unlock on a weekly basis!

Requirements are manageable, and almost everyone in our guild takes pride in exceeding them:

200,000 gold
1500 seals
125 trophies
Participation in events

If you’re a player looking to grow with us, join up!

If you want a spot in The Unforgiven or The Unforgiven II when they’re full, don’t despair! Join up, and we’ll make sure you get first crack at any spot that opens up :slight_smile:

Or if you’re an endgamer who doesn’t want the stress of huge requirements, join up!

The Guild Chat is a great place to reach out with any questions, and you can feel free to friend and/or message me here or on Discord (where I’m Magnusimus#3987) :smiley:

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I’ll be posting weekly updates posting progress reports and information regarding available openings—stay tuned! :smiley:


Rank 171
Level 371
Guild Wars Bracket 41

And with one Legendary Task already!

Full roster at the moment, but contact me Sunday to see if there’s any change!


Rank 168 (up 3)
Level 380 (up 9)
Guild Wars Bracket 24 (up 170 places, or 17 brackets!)

I can make 2-3 spots (a player’s retiring, a couple would be a better fit in U4), so contact me if you’re interested, because I’ll need to message people, send invites, and coordinate with the other Unforgiven GMs and such :smiley:


Potentially interested here for 2 spots (levels 1200 and 1300). Would love to party chat. GT: Lazy Swayze

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I don’t have a mic, but I’ll be reaching out! :smiley:

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I can party chat with anyone as long as it’s in English.

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Rank 165 (up 3)
Level 392 (up 12)
80th on the Tower of Doom leaderboard (even though only our scouts have played so far)
And we closed every task of the Invasion event!

Already this week we have only 4 tasks left before completing the guild statues, and last week everyone in the guild got a Sylvanimora AND Yao Guai, so come join in on the five or so LTs we should get this week to see if we get something else really good—there’s room for one more! :smile:


Rank 157 (up 8!)
Level 403 (up 11)
Completed all stages of the Tower of Doom and got a few Legendary Tasks.

We also have (basically) a full roster after a great recruiting week—we only have 2 people behind-pace for minimums right now, but reach out if you have any interest because those two spots might become available, and there is definitely space in The Unforgiven II!

This post is a placeholder meant to serve as my reminder that an edit will be needed later when l have access to my Xbox and can provide guild progress information :+1: [anyone want to teach me how I can put a strike-through the text of this paragraph?]


Rank 153 (up 4)
Level 414 (up 9)
Guild Wars Bracket 29

And 2 Legendary Tasks already done, with more on the way! We also killed Zuul to a bloody-enough pulp to get everyone a Major Orb of Chaos last week :sunglasses:

Not as much of a jump in Guild Wars Bracket as l expected based on the last war’s results, but still up 12 places! [which is maybe the hard-cap on amount a guild can rise? I don’t know—I can’t explain the discrepancy XD])

There is a spot in U2 at the moment, and we’re looking to promote from within from U3, so there could be a spot in either—if you’re interested, reach out! :smiley:

3 Legendary Tasks—come get ‘em while they’re hot :rofl:

And have I mentioned you’d also get to enjoy Level 6 guild chests every week? Because that’s a thing :+1:

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I’m interested!
Almost level 500, 1500 seals per week and all my kingdoms are at level 10 so all my gold goes to the guild.
My Xbox GT is: Loch Doun

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Rank 149 (up 4)
Level 429 (up 15)
Guild Wars Bracket 29 last week—we won our bracket and are rising 120 places! So we should be (around—my best guess, I promise, but I was mistaken before) Bracket 17 next week :sunglasses:

And a few Legendary Tasks this week have already been done, with more on the way—speak of the devil! The 80% progress one just got completed, and now the current LT is 10% worked-toward. Anyway—We got over a dozen Legendary Tasks last week (but we’re still hunting for that task that drops a mythic). They are now becoming a regular occurrence, with more occurring during Guild Wars week.

We currently have 2,481 towers to tumble, but rest assured we will—The Unforgiven 1, 2, and now (for the past month or two—wanted it to be consistent so that I could feel comfortable making the promise) 3 complete all events fully and get all the rewards available.

There are currently spots in U2 and U1, and we’re always looking to promote from within from U3, so there could be a spot in any of these depending on how people choose to shift around—if you’re interested, reach out! :smiley:

@Riven did, and I’m (pretty) sure @Riven’s glad for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Placeholder—slipped my mind today, but I’ll get on it later tonight to give y’all an update

and hopefully get you in to U1 or U2–there are actually a few spots at the moment :smiley:


Rank 147 (up 2)
Level 437 (up 8)
39th in the Tower of Doom leaderboard, with over half the reward portals unlocked

And some exciting news: my fiancé has left The Unforgiven III in order to commandeer a (formerly) dead guild, Les détestables!

The guild is currently Rank 144, Level 422, and as such would be a great place for any new or casual accounts for the stat boosts alone. The GM won’t be around too much (she’s just been promoted at work and is a pretty busy bee these days), but both she and I are actively attempting to get warm bodies in the roster, and our presence will grow (in the form of resources like gold and gems!) as the guild does!

In other words, Les détestables will henceforth be treated as our Sister Guild, with no requirements (but high hopes!). Members will be granted priority placement into U3 when spots open up from anyone who is interested and has a proven record of contributing to this guild’s success.

If you’re a new player looking to learn from some of the most experienced people on Xbox, join up!

If you’re already a top player and you’re just looking to take it easy for awhile, join up!

Or if you’re anywhere in-between and just want to join this awesome guild family, feel free to join up—the doors are open, and it’s never been easier to secure your spot in the Unforgiven Family :slightly_smiling_face:


Rank 144 (up 3)
Level 450 (up 13)

Les détestables is now Rank 146 and contains 4 more members than last week—join in before the spots are all gone! Remember: no requirements, but a good foot-in-the-door for one of the most successful guild families on Xbox!


Rank 143 (up 1)
Level 461 (up 11 )
Guild Wars Bracket 22 (So clearly I don’t know how the rank changes occur month-to-month; see the above posts :sweat_smile:)

And it looks like we (might) have a spot or two next week, depending on whether other Unforgiven members take them or not—if the spots end up not being available, remember that toy could always hop into Les for a bit while you wait for a spot to open up!

SPOTS AVAILABLE: Probably 2, almost definitely 1


Rank 141 (up 2)
Level 468 (up 7)
Guild Wars Bracket Position rising by 70 places. So we’ll be somewhwre between Bracket 15 and 22 next month, probably :rofl:

And Les détestables still has spots if you want to be on our waiting list—reach out if so!


Rank 137 (up 4)
Level 479 (up 11)
41st in the Tower of Doom rankings.

And Les détestables still has spots if you want to be on our waiting list or help revitalize a long-neglected guild—reach out if so!


Rank 137
Level 490 (up 11)

Full at the moment, but other Unforgiven guilds had space last I looked, and Les détestables still has spots if you want to be on our waiting list or help revitalize a long-neglected guild—reach out if so!

The Unforgiven IV can take up to 3 I think. I-III have a waiting list at the moment.

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