Blizzard Lizard

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New Troop: Frost Lizard

All lizards are cold-blooded, but some are just more cold-blooded than others.
Often referred to as the “Children of Borealis”, they are no relation to Queen Mab’s ally, the majestic Frost Dragon. Frost Lizards, probably through some fey magic, live a life quite the opposite of most reptiles; as it grows colder they become MORE active, and as the days lengthen and the sun begins to shine, they become quite lethargic. In fact, during the long Winters, when the blizzards settle upon the northern lands, they are so active, they often breed to plague proportions!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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First in the thread

Fire Lizard’s icy brother?

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Silver Drakons cousin.


Barney’s blue dinosaur friend.


New troop be good with Queen Mab and Justice

any guesses on what the weekly event will be?

Glacial peaks + beast?

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Hopefully not beast… Hoping for elemental again… Beast would be buffing, Kerberos and Forest Guardian… :S


Winter Wolf would be huge.

31 base attack (for me) + 50% bonus = 46.
Casts mark + freeze, does double damage for each: 138 or 184 damage (if additive or multiplicative)


That look brutal :slight_smile:

Second, surely :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doh Blue/Yellow again… No chance of getting the reappearance of a friendly red/brown troop? I’m persona non grata in Grosh Nak

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On the bright side, I finished this week’s event on Wednesday. Only 13 more Arcane Lava stones to go, and I will be able to trait Elemaugrim!

Edit: hooray, it’s only 11 more! Brb, getting second trait.

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Grats! I’ve got the 2nd one, just need 6 more for the last one

@Sirrian @Saltypatra
Could you add the recently released troops and the troops of Suncrest in the arena, please?


Woooo stat-boosted Kerberos and SpiritFox all week… just exactly what was needed to improve Guild Wars…


Exactly. :frowning:

I honestly like GW a little less every week. The first week I thought it was a really nice challenge to build mono color teams for the maximum bonus, but the number of annoying defenses has grown exponentially in the last two weeks. And now I can look forward to an even worse week with only deathknight defenses or Kerberos/Forest Guardian defenses or 2 or 3 spirit foxes in a defense. Lot of fun to be had… :rolling_eyes:


ehi guys, does anyone know if there is a mythic in the event chest this week?

No mythic. Borealis and Mab in chests

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