Black Market - Unit Trade Offers (entertainment topic)

I’d like to trade my: Jotnar x1

for one of these: Stonehammer, Abynissia, War, Queen Aurora

Please note that this is entertainment chat, there is no actual in game feature that would make trade possible, and hacking is not an option.


I have Stonehammer and Queen Aurora (2 of the only 3 mythics I have), however, I’ve not heard good things about Jotnar. You’re gonna have to throw in some traitstones to sweeten the pot!

he is gonna be buffed, i can wait till you decide to complete your collection :stuck_out_tongue:

unless you offer both? Stonehammer and aurora? then sure name your traitstones

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Not offering both… Once I get Rainbow Link, I don’t think I’ll be able to part with it. Stonehammer on the other hand, I could probably part with.

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well, for sure ill refund all the traitstones/souls spent for stonehammer if that may convince you?

Ha! You make it sound like I have traits on my mythics. That’s classic… Nah in fact he’s level 1, no traits. About as refunded as you can get!

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ill add 2 arcane swamps! its not like he is super strong so decide before Jotnar gets buffed and someone else seals the deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Selling Peasants, 1 mythic each.


Wanna exchange one of my Rockworms for a Great Maw. Let me know!


Careful who you exchange your worm with Eika.


I’ll trade someone my…

For a…


@Verdugo cards or pgo?

This made me lololol

Keep it clean, please

Looking for Aby, Jotnar and Ele. I have multiples of almost every other mythic. Make me an offer and let’s get the deal done!

Edit: All are fully traited and willing to be welcomed into new homes.

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Ok river ill trade you a lv20 fully traited jotnar for 25M gold 20k glory and 10k gems…

1 full traited Abby X 1 Famine

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@madking if @RiverSong declines ill trade u a fully traited famine for a fully traited aby😎

Offer accepted if you add in 6 months of no memes. :smile:

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