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Black Magic Woman

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/black-magic-woman/
Meet Tal’Rae, the Dark Elven Witch-Seeker!

New Troop: Tal'Rae

Most female Dark Elves of noble birth will apprentice themselves to the Temple of Arachnaea and become Dark Maidens. A few who are gifted in magic however, follow the Witch’s Path. Humans often believe witches to be simple spellcasters and practitioners of the dark arts, but Witches of Zhul’Kari are so much more than that; from their numbers are chosen the mighty Witch-Queens who wield as much power as any King in any land.

Tal’Rae is a Witch-Seeker. Her job is to find Dark Elven children who have an aptitude for magic and bring them back to the Witches’ Enclave for training, a skill which is rare and highly-prized by her brethren. Not all children (or their parents) are willing participants in this, but Tal’Rae has never failed to bring one back - whatever it takes.

New Troop: Spider Knight

The Spider Knights are the guardians of the Temple of Arachnaea. Dark Elven society is largely matriarchal, so this is as close as any male gets to the hallowed temple ground!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Darn, I was hoping the new kingdom would be released this week!
I wonder when that will happen… next week perhaps?


Nice … i need red/blue tofinish traiting my War .
OCD demands it !


I like her. She looks like she’ll be a fun troop to use especially with Webspinner.

Yes! A new week finally and some new cards.

No stun troops is a little disappointing. Even with the recent patch Maw dominates on defense.

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Great to have two more Elves in! :wink:

Give it another week or so. They tend to do these things by theme. Zhul’Kari’s is webbing.

My money’s on one of the 8-troop kingdoms getting two Stun-related troops next week.


probably grosh nak with the orcs :slight_smile:

Ok, Sirrian

Enough is enough, my math might be a bit off but if you keep releasing 2 Troops every week and the console gets 1 per week I’m having trouble determining exactly when we are going to catch up.

Serious question: Why isn’t the Spider Knight classified as a Elf - Knight?


EDIT: corrected my double negative (but not before getting quoted)


I was wondering this too.

Because he doesn’t play well with other Knights? :wink:

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He’s a day person.


This may have changed, but at present, he’s marked as Elf-Knight. My guess is that whatever tool they use to make the images in the News post hasn’t been updated to account for dual types.

With 11 troops, Zhul’Kari will be the first kingdom you can get to 5* with 0 traits


Wonder if the Tal’Rae bundle will have red minors… always need more of those


He actually is, but we took the screenshots before we finialized the dual troop types for all enemies.


Why you do dis?
also this means that an all eld team is going to be even better that it used to be.

:newspaper: I bet you’re expecting the Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

Unfortunately, I’ve got some more important news about said report instead.

:newspaper2: “Wait, what?” -You :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

Warning: Thread derailement from here, feel free to ignore!

Short version: I’m going to be putting the Weekly Feedback Report on a (possibly indefinite) hiatus.

Long version: For those continuing to read these every week, you may have noticed a sudden dip in quality over the last month or so.

This is due to my dwindling creative motivation for this particular series. While I’ve certainly had fun with it, I’m not comfortable releasing half-butted feedback week after week.

One of the main draws for starting these reports was the humor, so while I could just leave a bunch of recommendations and some facts about the troops as a replacement, it wouldn’t feel like the same thing I started. So a hiatus until I’ve recovered some motivation for it is in order.

I’ve really appreciated all the feedback on my reporting. When someone wished there was a dislike button during a week I decided not to do a report, that really made me happy to know it was enjoyed to that extent. Thank you to everyone that liked reading my reports!

#Thanks for matching!

Sorry for the thread derailment, please go back to commenting on the legitimate news now! :sweat_smile:


I really enjoyed reading the report. It always gave me a giggle. But, I totally understand losing creative motivation.