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Black and White Magic


New Ultra-Rare Troop: Pandaska Mage

The Pandaska Mage will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: Bull Blockade

There are 5 battles that players can encounter during the event: Minogor, Mongo, Pride, Chief Stronghorn, and Kurandara. The first 4 battles to appear are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

The battle against Kurandara will only appear after the player wins 4 of the other battles. However, his battle will not hang around; if you don’t fight him immediately, he vanishes! Either way, after that, all battles reset, and you’ll need to fight another 4 to spawn Kurandara again.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Minogor: 4 Tauros Hides
  • Mongo: 4 Tauros Hides
  • Pride: 4 Tauros Hides
  • Chief Stronghorn: 4 Tauros Hides
  • Kurandara: 2 Kurandara’s Wings

Tauros Hides are worth 1 point, and Kurandara’s Wings are worth 12 points. As the battles get harder against Minogor, Mongo, Pride and Chief Stronghorn, they will increase the amount of Tauros Hides given by 25%.

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So, the battles that are worth the most points, give the same rewards (2 Wings) whether the level of the opponent is 30 or 300, yes?


@Mithran or @Redi1
At which level will the Non-Mythic battles be more lucrative than the capped mythic battle?
Assuming the levels go up by 5 for each battle type. And assuming the 25% increase is seperate per battle type.

Depends if they are always 25% of base value (4).
Or 25% of raised value.
I’m betting on base value of 4. With 4 battles per battle set, it will take 4 sets (16) to get them to 8 and another 4 sets(16) to get them to 12.
Add in the 8 boss battles and that’s 40 sigils (barring ravens) to get them to the same level as the boss.
Unless my math is wrong (quite possible), or the bonus is calculated on the increasing value of the battles.

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If levels go up by 10, at level 210 you will earn 24 hides. If they go up by 15, then level 310 will earn 24 hides, both matching Kurandara’s value.

And yes I’m going with the presumption it is adding 25% of the base each level so +1 per level.

Crystal ball gazing time…

Total score required to reach Stage 12 should be around 29,000 - 31,000
Tier buy (average) per guild member: Tier 2
With the scaled scoring, 1 person can score all the points required by buying through Tier 7 x 10, which according to the last 4 World Event leaderboards, someone will inevitably reach.

Edit: The text appears to allude to being able to NOT fight Kurandara and choose another battle on the same screen, so after battle #100 (a little into Tier 5 buy), if you never choose Kurandara again, only 8 or 9 Tier 7’s would be enough.

Right now, no one know which level, as we don’t know how fast it climb, but it’s doesn’t matter. The answer is, after you fight one group for 21 times : 4 + (1*20) — So Level 220+ it is!

If I want to guess, normal Level will likely go by 15-20 more each level, While Kurandara will climb at least 25-30 level every times you beat it. 5 per each is never a thing, and it seems every events will be more aggressive with leveling up to make it harder. They’re not lying when they said the Campaign will get harder toward to end.

My record of highest level reached with Tier 6 is 730 from last week, and I’m prepared for it to get surpassed soon. Having no cap at all is quite fun. There are a limit in Raid/Invasion/ToD/Faction, but not here. Without Medals, this might be the hardest mode in the game.

Also, I’m confused about Pride being an enemy here. I don’t remember Tauros with this name, only Raksha. Then I though it might be mistyped Ferocity, which would be fun and challenging to fight with. But obviously, it’s the Daemon from Sin of Maraj, which I completely forget.

Of course, it’s the Daemon from neighboring kingdom who is behind this intrusion. Tauros are known to be prideful, so Pride might lie to them about the Wing Elves thinking they’re stupid, all muscles and no brain, so they’re now angry and go invade the mountain. Pride might also make up the fact that the Elves believed their ancestors got the wings because they feast on Red Tauros for breakfast everyday. :rofl:

Edit : Updated screenshot with more accurate data.

It might be interesting if there is no cap, would really need to hear from people at the top of the leaderboard, e.g. Destrozo from SoA who’s done 562 battles for the current World Event.

The last 2 World Events had two people topping 830 battles. Even at +10 level increase (both Tauros teams and Kurandara), if uncapped, that’s level 1,660 at 830 battles!
If we use your suggestion of +30 level increase for Kurandara, that’s level 5,000. Worth an experience even if it costs T7 x 15 (8,850 gems) to get there.

I have graphics prepared to help your guilds with the slightly odd scoring and optimal battle choice for maximum points. I’ll add them to this post at reset once I’ve released the campaign graphics but yes, I can confirm that at a specified level, the lower rarety higher level battles rewards more than 24 points where as Kurandara battles can only ever reward you with 24 points

Actually I see @TimeKnight already done the math and worked it out so I’m not spoiling anything…

  • Choose one of the lower rarety battles and level it as high as possible

  • Choose the mythic battle if it is available, If no mythic battle, go for the highest level out of the 3 rareties.

*Choose the Mythic battle unless a lower rarety battle at level 220 or greater is offered as this will reward more than the mythics maximum points of 24


Korean screenshot this week. :smiley:


It wasn’t actually anything I done there, It’s the formatting of the text when I post on my phone rather than the pc. Same thing as when it formats numbered lists and it’s totally missing the first digit of the list on phones too. It should have all been 3 bullet points but for some reason it decided I was only having two bullet points!

For your notes: the battles for the 3 lower rareties start at 10 and increase by 10. Kurandara battles increase at a different interval as they start at 10 and increase by 15


There is 2 type of cap actually; Level cap and stats cap.
I’m quite sure stats will be capped at 1K of Life/Armor/attack/magic, as I don’t think the code could handle it go higher than that. Once that point was reached, Level might be capped now as well, as if it didn’t, Level will go higher with no chance to stats at all, as it’s impossible.

At least that’s my guess. Will never have enough resource to go that high. Not that I want to grind that much. lol

That’s a very good advice! I’m about to say Level 220 might change depending on how high it can climb, then I saw your other post. :smile:

10 and 15 speed it is then. I expected more aggressive rate, but I’m not complaining. :laughing: It’s perfect to prepare my spreadsheet early, so thank you!

Although, the advice for choosing normal battle of level 220+ will likely only applied to players who bought Tier 5+, as buying lower than that might not even reach that high. but still, if one type of it appear more, it might be enough.

It’s still so weird to see rarity don’t come into play at all. At least with 4/8/12 for Ultra-Rare/Epic/Legendary, with 1/2/3 increase rate, might be more interesting.

Has any enemy troop got boss traits yet since the first world event? I don’t remember

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I don’t think so. I stopped checking after awhile.

Would be curious to see if the red border would apply, if so…

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Looking at Tacet’s videos, unless enemies gain Boss designation after a certain level, then no.


Yet… I have a feeling as Kurandara shows now, Enraged Kurandara will likely be the “big” enemy of week 10 and that is a Boss troop.

Just speculating of course.

Yeah… Why change it up during GW week.
This how you ruin new mechanics devs.
You get lazy and don’t even bother to change things up at all.

I sincerely hope no one skips this task. You’d only be encouraging the bad behavior.

Even the Mace one is a rehash of week 1 or 2.

Just lame.


29000 total => 967 each x 30

EDIT: From the leaderboard, it was observed 70 battles (T2) can score anywhere from 930-1085.

Early projections based on most pessimistic scoring scenarios:
Est. Scores by Tier bought
T0: 744 - 808
T1: 808 - 900
T2: 924 - 1020 <------- buy into this tier
T3: 1096 - 1224
T4: 1332 - 1467
T7 x 10: 37500 - 42800

Can it be found in Urskaya Explore?


I’m awaiting confirmation too, I would hope so otherwise those who don’t complete Week 6’s tasks whilst the World event is on are in real trouble. I’m directing people to the World Event to complete it but would be nice to know if Kurandara has made it in to Urskaya mythic boss battles.