Best/worst factions for everyday delves?

I cannot find an appropriate thread for this thing. The question is: how can we arrange factions by rewards for everyday delves?

My favorite faction is Mirrored Halls. Because a) they have 4 treasure rooms, which empower my team instead of enemies, and also b) they have “Blue/Yellow” color restriction which allows me to earn extra gold with “Thief + Bronzelock Pistol / Mistralus / Scurvy Seadog / Cedric Sparklesack, Blackhawk banner” team. There are good chances to have “Cedric’s Hideaway” room right there and have 600 gold ceiling instead of 200. I make the whole faction at level 50 - it’s easy and quick, and I get about 80 chaos shards (my primary goal in delves) for each pass. Oh, and I also developed hero classes with this team - you may take any class instead of Thief and earn 2 Champion XP for each room.

But with so many factions available I ask myself: don’t I miss something better? I know that people like spending everyday delve attempts in City of Thieves, and with Tinker Town added some may prefer this faction for chaos shards mining. So - what factions are best for chaos shards? And what are the worst?

Here is my list of factions sorted by “friendliness” for delvers:

  1. Mirrored Halls - 4 treasure rooms, at least 2 level 5 rooms, 4 at most (possible Dark King’s Hoard and Sunken Treasure), good colors for gold and soul mining.
  2. City of Thieves - 3 treasure rooms, at least 2 level 5 rooms, 4 at most (with treasures), good colors for gold and soul mining.
  3. Tinker Town - 3 treasure rooms, at least 1 level 5 room, 3 at most, good colors for gold mining.
  4. Wild Court - 3 treasure rooms, at least 1 level 5 room, 3 at most.
    5-20. Sea of Sorrow, Amanithrax, Sunken Fleet, Stonesong Eyrie, Frostfire Keeps, Werewoods, Illithia, Silver Necropolis, Dark Pits, Fang Moor, Crypt Kepeers, The Warrens, Primal Rift, The Deep Hive, Depths of Sin, Fell Roost - 1 to 3 treasure rooms, but not sure, and not many high level rooms to have decent rewards.
    '21. All-Seeing Eye - 8 rooms only, but still 1 treasure room and 1 level 5 room.
    '22. Hall of Guardians - no treasure rooms and no 5 level rooms, the least useful faction. Yes, “Yellow/Brown” allows to mine some gold here, but there are better factions for it.

I talked about making delves at level 50, but this may be slightly changed for level 500 - City of Thieves looks better because of color restriction “Blue/Purple” (if you have Zuul’Goth, try “HKI / Thrall / Zuul’Goth / Plaguelord + Doomed Glaive, Depths of Sin banner” team). Anyway, I think this list can be improved.

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Would All-Seeing Eye still rate higher than Hall of Guardians, considering ASE has only 8 rooms and has a common room as well?

I don’t farm daily delves since I’m absolutely lazy, but the few days I did, I was thankful Wild Court at Delve Level 50 was something I could one shot with Phoenicia… (Phoenicia/Maraji Queen/Leprechaun)


Yes, it’s just a bit better than Hall of Guardians, I updated the list.

Top 4 factions may compete for the 1st place, it depends on what your priorities are: chaos shards, gold, souls, speed.

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I agree with Mirrored Halls 100% for first place. For variety, some might want to rank the other factions, but I believe Rick Bobby said it best: “If you ain’t first, yer last”.

I never paid City of Thieves a second thought. Thoughts are few and far between in my brain.

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It’s clearly CoT - it lets you pick the order in which you take the rooms to maximize rewards and includes several treasure rooms.

Worst - Warrens, obviously. 2 Order flippers in room 1? C’mon.


This. Plus you can use Leprechaun which means battles last about 5 seconds.


Sorry to kinda highjack this thread but my query is related. I have the following delves to do at pure 500.

All Seeing Eye
City of thieves
Dark pits
Frostfire Keep
Lyrasza Lair
Sea of Sorow
Silver Necropolis
Sunken Fleet

All horde 100 except lyrasza (156). I don’t have any nysha but think one or 2 more be doable with campaign stat boost at this point. All are 50pc horde boost. I’ve been close with ASE but if anyone has any recommendations I would be grateful. I think lyrasza is doable cos it’s largely luck (like crypt). I tried looking in the delve tips thread but there are so many posts I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Thanks

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You can check:



Silver Necropolis, All Seeing Eye, Amanithrax, in that order.

All three would be helped by Nyshas, but the extra life and attack at this point can make tanking a more viable (survivable) option than usual.

I’ve been plugging away at Sea of Sorrows with the same thought in mind, but no success there yet.

As far as being on-topic goes: I don’t really farm for the resources themselves anymore, but I do now make it a frequent habit of parking sigils in all my completed delves so I can get really fast Class XP and not waste sigils when I don’t have time for long matches at 500. Also good for getting close to max seals right at Monday, by just beating a dozen boss fights ripe for harvesting.

In my experience, any faction that Euryali can be brought to bear is a fast one for farming. Queen Beetrix, same thing — true damage AoE. Bring something with random targeting for submerge cases, and you’re golden — Tina, Infernus, Mistralus, or any number of lower-rarity troops that are easier to fill up mana-wise.


For related question you could create another thread. This is not what I want to discuss here.

Well, let’s make a poll, who prefers what for everyday delves (no matter on what level).

  • City of Thieves
  • Mirrored Halls
  • Tinker Town
  • Wild Court
  • another faction (please specify)

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An important note: this poll was created before Eldrazhor and following factions. Maybe there will be even better variants for everyday delves.


And City of Thieves wins. Why? Because it has 2 sure V rooms and 2 IV as well. Other 3 are treasure rooms, which can be completely random: from “II II II” to “IV V V” (as long as we have 2 treasure rooms level V: “Dark King’s Hoard” and “Sunken Treasure”). So there can be maximum 4 rooms V in CoT. On the other hand, Mirrored Halls have 2 sure V rooms and 1 IV, while 4 other rooms are treasure ones and can be completely random, which gives us the range from “II II II III” to “IV IV V V”. Also 4 possible rooms V. But MH loses to CoT a bit in room level: average treasure level in MH is 13.54/4=3.385. I calculated 13.54 as an average of all treasure rooms’ combinations possible. But 3.385 is lower than 4 - one sure room level in CoT, so CoT has slightly higher chances for good final rewards.

Other factions simply either do not have such possibilities for rooms V (like Lyrasza’s Lair or Stonesong Eyrie) or have other rooms too low (like Fang Moor or Depths of Sin).

We’ll hardly see anything better than CoT, because it has to have maximum 4 rooms V and 3 rooms IV, which is rather hard for higher levels. But who knows what devs plan for the future factions…

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