Best Served Cold


New Ultra-Rare Troop: Icespire Shaman

The Icespire Shaman will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: Change in the Weather

There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Arcturion, Ice Troll, Frostfire Troll, The Frostfire King, Borealis, and Ullor. This event has 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1 – The first 2 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 2 – The first 4 battles are the only available battles to play, and have an equal chance of appearing. Players will need to win 15 battles here to progress to the next phase.
  • Phase 3 – All 6 battles are now available with an equal chance of appearing. This phase continues until the end of the event.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Arcturion: 4 Lanterns
  • Ice Troll: 5 Lanterns
  • Frostfire Troll: 6 Lanterns
  • The Frostfire King: 7 Lanterns
  • Borealis: 8 Lanterns
  • Ullor: 10 Lanterns

Each Lantern is worth 5 points. The battles will drop a variable number of Lanterns (on average about 1.18x the base amount).

New Heroic Gem: Freeze Gem

For the next week, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles, the Freeze Gem.


Freeze Gems can be matched with Blue Gems for Blue Mana, and when matched, they will freeze a random Enemy.

Freeze Gems will occasionally (but rarely) drop like regular Gems during the next 7 days.


Boosted for one week, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about Cursed Gnomes


Our vengeance on bugs?

With all due respect, that just means we’ll see one freeze gem every 300+ battles :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:


No more different kinda gems, please!! I can’t even remember what the game used to be before lyca started all this. Now it doesn’t make much difference what moves I make, because the special gems will do some random stuff while some troops throw in more weird things every turn. Just add autoplay to the game, decisions weight less and less in this gem mess… I might be the only one, but it’s hard to remember what some gems even do, many times I just randomly match them feeling stupid.


It smacks of the end of Gems of War, with all these gems people will get more and more fed up and decide to quit the game!
The devs are shooting themselves in the foot!

@Devs: So can’t you see that people are fed up with all these changes ?? It brings more frustration than anything else !!!

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Personally I’d be happy with a pause and consolidation on heroic gems. I think the basic idea is good, though much prefer troops creating them (allows for strategy) than random drops (more randomness favours the AI in high level play). But we have a lot of gems that are created only by one or a small number of troops (eg flame gems, uber skulls, cursed gems). A pause on new ones while increasing the number of troops using existing ones seems like a good idea to me

On the plus side, none of the other heroic gems have been as intensely annoying as lycanthropy gems. They tend to range more in the spectrum of novelty to minor nuisance. I know people quit the game because of lycanthropy - I haven’t heard of people quitting over subsequent heroic gems


That’s true, it’s like they wanted to start with the bad news :joy:

Lycanthrophie, gemmes héroïques, gemmes enflammées, gemmes corrompues, gemmes élémentaires, gemmes étoilées et j en oublie…
Pourquoi ne pas gérer tous les beugs actuels au lieu de faire de la nouveauté . Incompréhensible !!!



Infinity Plus Two has repeatedly been found to sell loot boxes missing the best items or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. They always deny this at first, deliberately spread misinformation and ultimately refuse to communicate further once enough proof has been presented. Avoid spending money on this event, you may receive something inferior to what you paid for, their support will just ignore and close your compensation request.

For the most recent case of faulty loot boxes and how they were handled, see this thread and this summary .


Thank god the stupid kingdom pass is finally over.


Don’t worry, the need for monetization is strong, it’ll be back.

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I was playing lvl500 delve for campaign.
Last enemy froze with the new gem.
Now the game is “Frozen”!
Congrats on the “New gem= New Bug” consistency
I think you need to wait for the “freeze gem animation” to end before casting the spell.


Priority order from fights of the first day.
54 Fights - 1 player

DAY1 Priority order: AVG.
1 Ullor 12,5
2 Borealis 8,8
3 Frostfire King 8,1
4 Frostfire Troll 6,0
5 Ice Troll 5,9
6 Arcturion 4,0

Best served Cold. You sum your game up ironically each and every release. Cursed gnomes are completely cold. Well they are not even ‘served’ after 100’s of battles. And talk about cold, there is still no genuine AW compensation , complete cold, cold service by you there. Yes, everything served up to the players currently is served cold. But of course, everything is 'working as intended," like the game we loved and respected - now served as cold bugs.

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And if you want to use the Titan class and only use Giants…


(There are 17 giants in Stormheim – 15 of them are some combination of non-Blue, non-Mage, non-Generator. Perfect!)

NEW CHALLENGE… see how long it takes you until you’re forced to fight Arcturion for the first time.

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