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Best delve to use to farm?

I heard City of thieves is one of the best, but are there better farming delves these days?

Check @Nullings topic:

look for delves that have a lot of treasure rooms… and a lot of IV / V rooms.

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The real answer to this question is “Which one can you do quickest for good rewards?”

I’d like to be able to do City of Thieves, but I’ve got it at Level 500, so that’s a non-starter!

So, instead, I just picked whatever was the latest faction (it happened to be Duergaroth) and do my farming in that one and making sure I only take the middle x1 Delve that keeps it at a low level so I can blitz through the battles as quickly as possible.


You can always do it at lvl 50 and if my memory is good that’s what most people do, while farming ?
(i’m not farming any so…)

Yes, for half the rewards… :frowning:


Any ones with Phoenicia with a fire storm.

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As far as I’m concerned, there hasn’t been a better farming faction since City of Thieves. If you have the option to use that one, I recommend it.

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I’m with the crowd here: City of Thieves is probably the best one.

When I was running City of Thieves trying to do a faction team run at Level 500, I temporariliy switched my farming delve to Mirrored Halls. So that’s a pretty fair alternative.

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I heard Silver Necropolis and Mirrored Halls are good ones to farm with too, but I still haven’t done those delves yet. I’m going to try my teams in each and see what I think is the fastest before leveling them.