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Be a player, not a customer?


Maybe I am a bit slow, I rarly go to the Global Chat, but what is this all about, Ive seen 2-3 people wearing a nick as this the latest days? Do these few people REALLY think so highly of themseleves that they think starting a such childish movement will spread like fire on dried grass? And they do also think that devs and us buyers care about them? They better go to the doctors soon and have a full check with their egos, it’s clearly broken.


You damn right, I care enough to make this thread about it!


Well you did make a post about it…


It’s about making your name so long, the text on the PvP screens is either truncated so you can’t see the whole name (and thus make a report) or shrunk so small the same thing is accomplished.


Yeah as I spoilered in the bottom of the post :wink:
Good catch, Goodwll! :wink:


Or it could be about having such a huge ego that you really needs to get it all out in one nick name.

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In short… No.

But it’s better than saying or doing nothing about a game we care about.

Your protest against our protest is noted though. :us:


It is not a protest, Goodwill. :rofl: I just want to thank you for all the laughs, it’s fascinating and pure fun for many of us to watch. I hope you will continue with it. :slight_smile:

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I have spent money on this game and I intend to spend more this week. I don’t protest with my name, I do it with my wallet.


I think they are still being customers even by playing the game and not purchasing anything at all.

They are supporting the game still and a true protest would be to quit.


Protesting by playing a game is sort of like buying a season pass so you can protest at Sea World for “cheaper”. To some extent, “number of active players” affects how marketable a game is to investors and/or advertising partners. The loudest statement you can make is to not log into the game for a noticeable amount of time.

Of course, the game’s competitive hooks are designed to punish you greatly for your insolence, that’s part of why they’re there.


It’s my last protest before “a true protest” is needed. I’ve spent way too much money to just quit the game so easily.

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So you are a customer then?

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And here I was looking for the cult sign up sheet :joy:


Was* a customer

What vip are you? I am vip 6 and I bet everyone in this thread is vip.

I think it’s ok to support the game up to a certain point because some of the benefits they give you are rather helpful.

Even though I haven’t touched a vip chest in over 2 months.


Are you still playing the game?

Lol… Yes… Therefore I’m being just a player now.

Perhaps this will help answer any further questions.


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Domt you see? By playing the game you actually are a customer

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Pointless to protest,the game went to the true gacha route with the hope that they can get a fraction of the profit that other gacha games like Granblue Fantasy and Fate GO get.Difference is that Gow Mythic droprates are so low,that no other gacha game come close to that,so until they try to make the rates similar to the world most profitable mobile games,nothing will change for them either.Still no top 200 on the worldwide mobile market(or IOS,Android,USA only etc) after all these years,putting pure p2w boring gamemodes are not enough.


I see that numbers are tracked by the publisher.
As in… User base and revenue.
My “protest” is intended to decrease the revenue to show that the recent changes aren’t lucrative.
But I have no interest in lowering the “user base” quite the opposite as a GM of 3 guilds.