Battlecrashers in a gnome event

This comes up every few months. Devs have repeatedly said the game checks for gnomes first and only rolls for Battlecrasher if no gnome. Sceptical players have repeatedly data mined this and compared to vault weekends with no Battlecrashers and always get the same result - if you take a big enough sample and actually count the gnomes, the Battlecrasher makes no difference. I know it’s hard to believe it when you are having a terrible run of luck looking for gnomes, but honestly at this point I’d consider this one as disproved as it ever can be when random numbers are in play

Every time some people post saying this is not true, yet they don’t post their numbers. Personally I believe the data miners


the imp should have ran from the 14th for the week

Please have the devs post the code. My rate is 1 verse gnome per 100. Thats a fact.

That’s an unconstructive reply, obviously they will never share proprietary code. And would you even believe them if they did post it? How would they prove it was the code they were actually using?

The base rate of verse gnomes is not the point here, it is whether it changes during a Battlecrasher event. If you have counted gnome drops across thousands of battles both in and out of Battlecrasher events (as others have) then please post your numbers, they would be interesting to see


I have not had issues before in vault event. This event is terrible on spawn rates. 1 per 100 is terrible. Battle crasher keep popping every 5. Maybe its an xbox issue.

It’s not proprietary code.

Declare nBattleCrasherSpawnRate numeric
declare nVerseGnameSpawnRate numeric

nBattleCrasherSpawnRate = .2
nVerseGnameSpawnRate = .01

if ngetbcspawn(nBattleCrasherSpawnRate )
= spawnbc()
if ngetvgspawn(nVerseGnameSpawnRate )
= spawnvg()

I better go copywrite.

I was going to reply but honestly I’d just be repeating myself about luck and random numbers so I’ll stop here


Yeah, because you have no valid defense.

I have no interest in engaging with obvious trolls. Good bye


Yes, I hate this delaying tactic with battlecrasher on vault event. I can’t use triple Ironhawks and even 2 Ironhawks can sometimes not kill this Ffff crasher quickly. I think Deafs (Devs) are starting to make this Ironhawks useless.

Roughly 900 gnome available battles over the weekend (mostly E1 explore).
43 “key” gnomes.
49 verse gnomes.
110 battlecrashers.
And just to twist the knife, I got 6 of my lowest verse. Not 12, like I should have. Without corrective RNG, the short verses will NEVER recover. It’s gotten worse every GAP.

LOL. You are what you type. Read your other replies, you are the troll. You ignore the data point stated and cannot listen to logic or reason. You act like you have the only opinion that can exist. Battle crashers have impacted the rates.

You’re not stating a data point; you’re simply repeatedly yelling “seems wrong to me” – in two threads now! – and insisting that you’re right.

FWIW, the event seemed OK to me; what felt like a normal gnome rate – albeit quite streaky at times for me, Sunday morning in particular was a real dry patch – plus a whole lot of worthless (bonus souls, meh) battlecrashers sprinkled on top. I didn’t record data though so take this as just another anecdote :slight_smile:

(And yes, as others have noted: the most annoying thing about the battlecrashers was that they were a bit too tough for the double-Ironhawk team to kill quickly.)


I said i had 1 verse gnome per 100 battles.

Be honest, that’s just an estimate isn’t it? What are the odds you would end up with exactly 1:100?

The point others are making here is that every time exact stats are recorded in prior events and even this event in large enough amounts it always works out roughly as expected.

Like this for example:


Pretty simple, I wrote down the verse count at the start of the event and during. Then go by trophies at start subtracting pet trophies, dalies, dungeons.

I overall liked the event. I much prefer a gnome event over a battlecrasher event but I know what u mean, that crasher had no part in the event

Does the battlecrasher occur during GaP?

Since at least the November vault event (although I’ve kept track of vault for as long as it’s been out, I’ve not been so specific in recording data for verses until then) in 10,000+ battles the worst I have had is 3560 battles vs 185 verses. That’s 1:21. I got 1:16 last event with battle crashers. My average over 10k battles is about 1:18/19.

I got more gnomes this event than any recorded, and nearly as many as gnomes. If battlecrashers did, effect drop rates, I’d have less gnomes.

My average is around a gnome every 9 battles and 50% of all gnomes are verses. It’s not just me, others in our alliance have all experienced within 2-5% of 50% of all gnomes being verses, and produced the raw data. I got the same data, actually better results this weekend, with battle crashers on board. The only thing they do is slow the volume of battles.

To me, I think I can say with some confidence that a gnome drops about every 1:8 -12 battles over time, depending on volume of play, despite RNG.

Verses currently drop around 45-55% of the time a gnome pops.

VK drops have gone through the floor, but we now have GaPs. They are like 1-3% of drops now.

Cursed Gnome drops are around 1:300-500 battles at best.

Cursed Gnomes when they were boosted I got 1:67 (only 1 sample so not conclusive) but the actual rate is around 0.33% now at best since the boosted rate was removed. So we had a significant boost for those 2 weeks.

And, I’d love to prove devs wrong, honestly…


Even if they dont replace they make the process overall slower so we get less kills. Same with the lag. If it aint broke dont fix it is what they say prolly…now go buy some verses :wink:


with IP2 if its broke dont fix it, if it works break it. Then ignore the player base. haha